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From: =?ISO-8859-15?Q?Samuli_Sepp=E4nen?= <samuli <at> openvpn.net>
Subject: Summary of the IRC meeting (23rd Sep 2010)
Newsgroups: gmane.network.openvpn.devel
Date: Friday 24th September 2010 06:39:07 UTC (over 8 years ago)

Here's the summary of the previous community meeting.



Place: #openvpn-devel on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thursday, 23rd Sep 2010
Time: 18:00 UTC

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were on this page:


Next meeting next week, same place, same time. Your local meeting time
is easy to check from services such as


or with

$ date -u


Discussed next releases. Agreed that 4-6 weeks is a realistic estimate
for 2.2-beta4 and January for the final 2.2 release. So far there have
not been any major complaints about 2.2-beta3.

As there's plenty of time before 2.2-beta4 release, mattock will
postpone Windows building until after configuring buildbot and the
public OpenVPN test server.


Discussed Alon's build system patch:


Jamesyonan tested the patch on Windows and was able to build on both
MingGW-32 and MSVC. Provided that the patch does not break anything on
*NIX, it's got James' ACK.


Discussed buildbot email notifications and build triggers:


Agreed that having two separate mailinglists would be best:

1) openvpn-commits

A read-only, moderated list which gets all commit messages. Buildbot
will parse these messages to generate s.c. "Changes", which trigger
builds. Using an open list (e.g. #openvpn-devel) would allow malicious
people to initiate builds.

2) openvpn-builds

A read-only, moderated list which gets all Buildbot notifications about
build failures etc. Buildbot can spam a lot, especially if there are
generic build failures or a misconfiguration somewhere, so using
#openvpn-devel is not wise.


Discussed Buildbot IRC notifications briefly:


Did not reach a consensus whether using an IRC bot would be wise or not.
Decided do discuss this issue later on.


Discussed splitting various parts of OpenVPN into seperate git trees or
git submodules. Currently changing any part of OpenVPN distribution
(e.g. build scripts, easy-rsa, TAP-driver) requires increasing the
OpenVPN version number. For example, 2.1.1 - 2.1.3 are essentially the
same, with only (Windows) build system changes.

This issue had been discussed earlier in this email thread:


Agreed that splitting easy-rsa into a separate git tree makes sense.
Isolating the TAP driver (tap-win32) into a separate project is
problematic, as it's refered to in OpenVPN (e.g. tun.h). A few solutions
were proposed:

1) Use "configure --with-tap-win32" to locate the header off tree

The problem here is that normal machines wouldn't have that header
because it's not needed to run openpvn. Also, devel machines
(cross-devel especially) won't have it either, because the TAP driver
won't be installed. The header file would thus have to be downloaded

2) Place the TAP driver into a git submodule inside OpenVPN git tree

This would allow tracking TAP driver development separately from
OpenVPN. This would make sense if the development and release cycles of
these projects were different; especially if the TAP driver would see
more frequent releases than OpenVPN. This is, however, unlikely.

Agreed that the TAP driver separation issue requires more discussion.

As mentioned above, changes to the Windows build system(s) require
increasing OpenVPN version number. There are two of those currently:

1) autoconf/automake tools and mingw -based
2) python-based which uses MSVC, loc

The python-based build system is in the 'win' directory and is
responsible for building the TAP driver.

Unneeded version number incrementation could be fixed by adding a build
number to Windows releases.


Full chatlog as an attachment

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

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