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From: John Selbie <jselbie <at> hotmail.com>
Subject: Windows Live Messenger is hiring
Newsgroups: gmane.network.instant-messaging.amsn.devel
Date: Wednesday 26th September 2007 21:07:20 UTC (over 11 years ago)
Hello all, I apologize for spamming this mailling list. I'm trying to reach
as many software developers on the aMSN project as possible.  KakaRotTo
from the aMSN forums suggested posting here as well.Windows Live Messenger
at Microsoft is hiring. Specifically, we're looking for outstanding
software developers with different levels of experience and diversity in
backgrounds. Jobs are in Redmond, Washington. Resumes and CVs may be
e-mailed to [email protected] or directly back to me
([email protected] with "resume" as the subject). Below are a couple of
job descriptions we are currently hiring for. I hope to hear from a few of
you. Thank you, John Selbie Senior Development Lead - Windows Live
Req#/Job Code: 182146 Job Category: Software Development Location: WA -
Redmond Are you passionate about using your PC as a communication tool to
replace the phone? Do you enjoy using your PC to make free phone calls to
friends and family that are far away? Windows Live Messenger is looking for
an experienced software developer to take our voice and video
communications experience to the next level. We are looking to hire an
enthusiastic and seasoned developer to make innovations on the platform
code that serves as the foundation for all our voice and video features.
This person would also be responsible for building new features into
Messenger from top to bottom (UI and platform). Strong C++ programming
skills with network programming experience is required. Three or more years
of development experience on large application software projects is also
required. Experience with VOIP communication protocols (SIP,H.323, RTP),
codecs, streaming media, GUI programming and Win32 programming is strongly
preferred. Experience with DirectShow, DirectX, OpenGL, game development,
or UI programming of consumer software is a plus. A bachelors degree in
Computer Science, math, or engineering degree is strongly preferred.
Req#/Job Code: 205166 Job Category: Software Development Location: WA -
Redmond Want to work on a product that your friends and family use every
day? Want to work on a product that integrates with SMS, XBOX, games, and
social networking? Windows Live Messenger is seeking a highly motivated and
skilled SDE to come join our development team and pour passion and talent
into building the most used Instant Messaging client on the planet. As a
member of the Messenger Shell team, you will be expected to gain
expert-level knowledge in the user focused features and platforms used by
Messenger, and to drive quality and usability into those areas. You will be
expected to show technical leadership and help drive improvements in
Engineering Excellence across the entire IM development team. You will have
opportunities to work cross-team on collaborative features within Windows
Live and to drive the future of IM for all of Microsoft. A solid
understanding of client-side technologies, including Win32, C++, XML, COM
and/or ATL, is required. Strong candidates will have excellent problem
solving, design, and coding skills. Knowledge of DirectUI, graphics,
internet protocols (HTTP/SOAP) is strongly desired. At least 3 years of
experience shipping commercial products, including at least one full
product cycle, is required. A BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related
field, or equivalent technical experience, is required.
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