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From: Paul <claws <at> thewildbeast.co.uk>
Subject: Claws Mail Extra Plugins 3.7.3 unleashed!!
Newsgroups: gmane.mail.sylpheed.claws.general
Date: Friday 9th October 2009 07:08:22 UTC (over 8 years ago)
9th October 2009                       Claws Mail Extra Plugins 3.7.3

The claws-mail-extra-plugins-3.7.3 package contains 19 plugins,
including 1 new plugin: Python!

Notes for this release

* acpi Notifier 1.0.21
  Author: Colin Leroy 

  Enables mail notification via LEDs on some laptops. Options can be
  found on the 'Plugins/Acpi Notifier' page of the preferences.

  Changes: Added Indonesian and Japanese translations.
	   Updated Finnish, Italian, and Spanish translations.

* Mail Archiver 0.6.5
  Author: Michael Rasmussen 

  This plugin adds archiving features to Claws Mail.

  It enables you to select a mail folder that you want to be archived,
  and then choose a name, format and location for the archive.
  Subfolders can be included and MD5 checksums can be added for each
  file in the archive. Several archiving options are also available.

  The archive can be stored as: TAR, PAX, SHAR or CPIO

  The archive can be compressed using: GZIP/ZIP or BZIP2

  The archives can be restored with any standard tool that supports
  the chosen format and compression.

  The supported folder types are MH, IMAP, RSSyl and vCalendar.

  To activate the archiving feature go to /Tools/Create Archive

  Default options can be set in
  /Configuration/Preferences/Plugins/Mail Archiver

  Changes: Added support for compression method COMPRESS.
	   Added Indonesian and Italian translations
	   Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, French, Hungarian,
	   Japanese  and Russian translations.

* attachwarner 0.2.17
  Author: Ricardo Mones Lastra 

  Warns when the user composes a message mentioning an attachment in
  the message body but without attaching any files to the message.

  Changes: Added Indonesian and Japanese translations.
	   Updated Finnish, Italian, and Spanish translations.

* att_remover 1.0.11
  Author: Colin Leroy 

  Enables the removal of attachments from emails.
  When right-clicking a message, choose 'Remove attachments' from 
  the submenu.

  Changes: Added Czech translation.

* bsfilter 1.0.1
  Author: Colin Leroy 

  This plugin can check all messages that are received from an
  IMAP, LOCAL or POP account for spam using Bsfilter.

* cachesaver 0.10.9
  Author: Colin Leroy 

  Saves the caches every 60 seconds (or user-defined period).
  It helps avoiding the loss of metadata on crashes.

  Changes: check for compiler before setting CFLAGS

* Fancy 0.9.8

  This plugin renders HTML e-mail using the WebKit library.

  Changes: Added charset detection support.
	   Added option to use external browser by default for links.
	   Added a menu to override preferences settings.
	   Fix "search the web" menu action.
	   Added Finnish translation.
	   Fixed bug 1980, 'Use the webkit middle click paste
	   available from version 1.1.12'.
	   Fixed bug 1979, 'When selection is 0 length return NULL'.
	   Fixed a double free crash.

* fetchinfo 0.4.24
  Author: Claws Mail Team 

  Inserts headers containing some download information: UIDL, 
  Claws Mail account name, POP server, user ID and retrieval time.

* gtkhtml2_viewer 0.25
  Authors: Colin Leroy 

  Renders HTML mail using the gtkhtml2 rendering widget.
  Optional requirement: libcurl (for fetching images)

  The option, 'Do not load remote links in mails' can be found
  on the 'Plugins/GtkHtml2 Viewer' page of the preferences.

  Changes: Fix a potential leak in case of error.
	   Fix indentation (Tabs not spaces).

* mailmbox 1.14.3
  Author: DINH Vi�t Ho� 

  Handles mailboxes in mbox format.

* newmail 0.0.15
  Author: H.Merijn Brand 

  Writes a msg header summary to a log file (Default: ~/Mail/NewLog)
  on arrival of new mail *after* sorting.
* notification 0.23
  Author: Holger Berndt 

  Provides various ways to notify the user of new and unread email.  

  Currently implemented are the following modules:
	Banner:   A mail ticker
	Popup:    A popup window on mail arrival
	Command:  Executes a command line upon new mail arrival (NEW)
	LCDproc:  Display the status of new and unread messages
		  on an external LCD.
	Trayicon: Places an icon in the system tray that indicates
		  whether you have any new mail.

  More modules may follow in future releases. All modules can be
  activated or deactivated at compile and/or run time. Options can be
  found on the 'Plugins/Notification' pages of the preferences.

  Changes: Increase maximum popup time to an hour, and allow popups
	   that never time out when using libnotify.
	   Added Spanish translation.
	   Return FALSE from plugin_done() to avoid crash on unload.
	   Fix Windows build.

* perl 0.9.16
  Author: Holger Berndt 

  Intended to extend the filtering possibilities of Claws Mail.
  It provides a Perl interface to Claws Mail's filtering 
  mechanism, allowing the use of full Perl power in email filters.

  Changes: Protect against procheader_parse_header() returning NULL.

* Python 0.2
  Author: Holger Berndt 

  This plugin offers a Python scripting access to Claws Mail.

  Python code can be entered interactively into an embedded Python
  console, or stored in scripts under ~/.claws-mail/python-scripts.
  The scripts are then accessible via the menu of the main window.

  See the website for examples,

* RSSyl 0.25
  Author: Andrej Kacian 

  Allows you to read your favorite RSS newsfeeds in Claws. RSS 1.0, 
  2.0 and Atom feeds are currently supported.

  Changes: Add support for comments in Atom feeds.
	   Fix bug 1900 'Linus' atom feed does not show correcly in
	   RRSyl: missing newlines'.
	   Added Indonesian translation.
	   Updated Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,
	   Russian, and Spanish translations.	   
* SpamReport 0.3.9
  Author: Colin Leroy 

  This plugin reports spam to various places. Currently only
  spam-signal.fr is supported.

  Changes: Added support for spam nomination in Debian mailing lists.
	   Added Indonesian and Japanese translations.
    	   Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, French,
	   Hungarian Italian, and Russian translations.

* SynCE 0.7.5
  Author: Holger Berndt 

  Assists in keeping the addressbook of a Windows CE device (Pocket 
  PC/iPAQ, Smartphone etc) in sync with Claws' addressbook, with 
  respect to email addresses.

* TNEF Parser 0.3.6
  Author: Colin Leroy 

  Enables reading application/ms-tnef attachments.

  Changes: Added Spanish translation.

* vCalendar 2.0.6
  Author: Colin Leroy 

  Enables vCalendar message handling like that produced by Evolution 
  or Outlook. Also supports subscribing to remote webCal feeds, and 
  exporting of your meetings or all your calendars.

  Changes: Fix viewing event starting previous month.

See the ChangeLog and README files in each of the plugin directories 
for more detail.
CD: 4ms