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From: Karel Zak <kzak-H+wXaHxf7aLQT0dZR+AlfA <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] util-linux v2.24-rc1
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.utilities.util-linux-ng
Date: Friday 27th September 2013 12:59:14 UTC (over 4 years ago)
The util-linux release v2.24-rc1 is available at


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Util-linux 2.24 Release Notes

Release highlights

 - the code has been completely refactored and moved to libfdisk
   (the library does not have stable API yet)
 - user interface has been unified for all label types and it supports
 - GPT disk UUID, partition UUID and partition name modification is
supported now

 - this new library provides PYTHON BINDING for libmount; use 
   --with-python[=2|3] to enable the binding

last(1) and lastb(1):
 - the NEW IMPLEMENTATION has been merged from sysvinit to util-linux and
   extended; now it supports command line options --present, --since and
 - use --enable-deprecated-last to enable old util-linux last(1)

 - the option --discard= and fstab mount option discard= allow to
   specify 'pages' or 'once' discard policy. If no policy is selected, the
   default behavior is to enable both. See swapon.8 man page for more

libblkid and blkid(8):
 - supports LOGUUID= for external logs (e.g. extN and XFS)
 - generates pseudo PARTUUID= for MBR partitions (based on MBR Id, Linux
   supports the same concept for root= command line option)

 - supportes new issue file \S escape code to read information from
 - the option -L allows to completely control CLOCAL flag

 - supports new command line option --time-format to specify time format
 - supports new iso-8601 time format

 - supports long options now

 - the command is compatible with sysvinit implementation now

 - supports new command line option --prio-prefix when logging stdin

 - allows to detect more hypervisor types and provides info about Max
   and Min CPU Mhz

 - supportes new command line options --fork and --mount-proc for
   pid namespaces

  - now wipes superblock with incorrect checksums too
  - supports new command line option --backup to backup erased data to

Stable maintenance releases between v2.23 and v2.24

util-linux 2.22.1 [Jun 31 2013]

 * ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/v2.23/v2.23.1-ReleaseNotes

util-linux 2.23.2 [May 28 2013]

 * ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/v2.23/v2.23.2-ReleaseNotes

Changes between v2.23 and v2.24

 For more details see ChangeLog files at:

   - unrecognized option '--loginpause'"  [kernc]
   - -L accepts optional argument  [Karel Zak]
   - add \S to output /etc/os-release data  [Karel Zak]
   - add baud rates available from glibc that are not already supported 
[James Buren]
   - allow full control on CLOCAL flag  [Karel Zak]
   - check writing to a file was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - cleanup debug ifdefs  [Karel Zak]
   - don't remove ECHOCTL from c_lflag  [Karel Zak]
   - fix a kill/erase error in man page and improve clarity  [Benno
   - fix memory leak [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - improve wording, grammar and some formatting in man page  [Benno
   - only use EXTA/EXTB macros if B19200/B38400 macros are not present 
[James Buren]
   - update man page and usage()  [Karel Zak]
   - use O_NONBLOCK only for serial lines with CLOCAL  [Karel Zak]
   - add mount and umount  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix typos in mkfs.bfs logic  [Mike Frysinger]
   - use fstat() rather than stat() [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - export ID_PART_TABLE_UUID  [Karel Zak]
   - fix typo in ID_FS_AMBIVALEN=  [Karel Zak]
blkid, hwclock, ldattach:
   - use program_invocation_short_name  [Sami Kerola]
   - add *vim and clang_complete to gitignore  [Karel Zak]
   - add --disable-setterm  [Karel Zak]
   - add CFLAGS and LDFLAGS for daemons and shared libs  [Karel Zak]
   - add pylibmount  [Karel Zak]
   - add pylibmount __init__.py EXTRA_DIST  [Karel Zak]
   - always check for setns() and unshare() libs functions  [Karel Zak]
   - complete elvtune removal  [Sami Kerola]
   - enable mesg(1) by default  [Karel Zak]
   - fix ${prefix} usage, be more verbose about py paths  [Karel Zak]
   - fix include Makemodule.am  [Karel Zak]
   - fix last stuff  [Karel Zak]
   - fix lastb symlink  [Karel Zak]
   - fix static builds  [Karel Zak]
   - improbe UL_CONFLICT_BUILD macro  [Karel Zak]
   - install pylibmount into  [Karel Zak]
   - install to the correct python dirs  [Karel Zak]
   - one install dir for all pylibmount stuff  [Karel Zak]
   - prefer AS_CASE rather than shell 'case'  [Sami Kerola]
   - prefer AS_IF rather than shell 'if'  [Sami Kerola]
   - pylibmount will not work when python3 is present  [Sami Kerola]
   - remove deprecated elvtune command  [Karel Zak]
   - remove unnecessary environment variable  [Sami Kerola]
   - support --with-python[={2,3}]  [Karel Zak]
   - use -Wno-clobbered for some BSD crap  [Karel Zak]
   - use backticks rather than $() for commands in configure  [Sami Kerola]
   - use m4 quoting consistently  [Sami Kerola]
   - add --color to usage()  [Sami Kerola]
   - clean up use of constants  [Sami Kerola]
   - convert function like definitions to functions  [Sami Kerola]
   - de-duplicate julian specific functions  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix -y output for UTF8  [Karel Zak]
   - fix few type mismatches  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix preprocessor directive indendation  [Sami Kerola]
   - improve coding style  [Karel Zak]
   - mark all functions static  [Sami Kerola]
   - remove arbitrary limit of maxium year being 9999  [Sami Kerola]
   - remove unnecessary initializations  [Sami Kerola]
   - set statically defined data read-only  [Sami Kerola]
   - simplify calendar reformat calculations  [Sami Kerola]
   - simplify colormode parsing  [Karel Zak]
   - simplify day_in_week() calculation  [Sami Kerola]
   - stop trimming whitespaces  [Sami Kerola]
   - support --color[={auto,always,never}]  [Sami Kerola]
   - use Claus Tøndering's day of the week algorithm  [Sami Kerola]
   - add long options to the command  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix ambiguous code  [Karel Zak]
   - clean up error messages  [Karel Zak]
   - assigned value is never read [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - dereference of null pointer [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - use variable lenght printf field width to wprint blanks  [Sami Kerola]
   - add --time-format option  [Sami Kerola]
   - add iso-8601 time format  [Sami Kerola]
   - convert time format bitfield to enum  [Sami Kerola]
   - define is_timefmt() macro only once  [Karel Zak]
   - don't use pager for --follow  [Karel Zak]
   - fix --human color initialization  [Karel Zak]
   - fix usage() typo  [Sami Kerola]
   - inform user --show-delta and iso8601 time format does not mix  [Sami
   - make time stamps to be printed consistently  [Sami Kerola]
   - regroup time related options close to each other  [Sami Kerola]
   - support --color[={auto,always,never}]  [Karel Zak]
   - add --present to last(1) manual page  [Sami Kerola]
   - add --since and time option formats to last(1) manual  [Sami Kerola]
   - add --time-format option and ISO-8601 format to manual  [Sami Kerola]
   - add --time-format to last(1) manual page  [Sami Kerola]
   - add long options to last.1 manual page  [Sami Kerola]
   - add lscpu max mhz to manual and bash completion  [Sami Kerola]
   - add missing options to sfdisk manual  [Sami Kerola]
   - add note to wall(1) about sessions which will not get message  [Sami
   - add v2.24-ReleaseNotes  [Karel Zak]
   - be clear which last(1) is deprecated  [Sami Kerola]
   - cal  add --color option description to manual page  [Sami Kerola]
   - cal  stop telling year 9999 is upper limit  [Sami Kerola]
   - correct sfdisk --activate instructions  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix wording and formatting of man page for dmesg  [Benno Schulenberg]
   - improve formatting and wording of man pages for fdisk and cfdisk 
[Benno Schulenberg]
   - improve grammar and consistency of comments in login.c  [Benno
   - make description of --activate clearer on man page of sfdisk  [Benno
   - normalize the formatting of man pages for nsenter and unshare  [Benno
   - note ddate removal  [Mike Frysinger]
   - slightly correct the man page of column  [Benno Schulenberg]
   - update AUTHORS file  [Karel Zak]
   - update TODO  [Sami Kerola]
   - Check host_status and driver_status when using SG_IO.  [Karel Zak]
   - assigned value is never read [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - unlock door before issuing CDROMEJECT command  [Aaron Lu]
   - add a license and touch up func def  [Mike Frysinger]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - (bsd) *OSF --> *BSD  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) add bsd_get_partition_status()  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) clean up BSD_LABEL* macros  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) clean up header file  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) cleanup bootstrap install code  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) cleanup driver initialization  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) cleanup label initialization  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) coding style, remove unnecessary #ifdef  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) final code clean up  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) fix add/link partition  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) implement regular bsd menu callback  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) minor code clean up  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) move bsdbuffer to fdisk_bsd_label struct  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) move global label variables to fdisk_bsd_label struct  [Karel
   - (bsd) remove dead code  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) remove generic actions from bsd_command_prompt()  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) remove printf() from the driver code  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) remove xbsd_ prefix  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) rewrite list disklabel function  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) use ask API for add partition dialog  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) use libfdisk for partition number dialog  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) use libfdisk to ask for label setting  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) use macros from pt-mbr.h  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) use pt-bsd.h  [Karel Zak]
   - (bsd) write/read PT code cleanup  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) add dos menu callback  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) clean up list PT functions  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) cleanup public function names  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) don't check for CHS in move-begin command  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) fix offset dialog unit  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) fix possible mem-leaks  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) move macro is_dos_compatible()  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) move pte specific function to dos.c  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) remove global ptes[]  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) remove global variables for extended partitions  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) remove inline function from header file  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) remove remaining global variables  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) remove remaining printf() usage  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) remove remaining read_{int,char}() functions  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) remove unnecessary function  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) remove unnecessary header file stuff  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) rename members in struct pte  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) rename struct partition to dos_partition  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) use ask API for new partition dialog  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) use ask API to change disk ID  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) use libfdisk to ask for partition type  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) use pt-mbr.h  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt) add t, v and x to menu  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt) enlarge columns in list output  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt, sun) use fdisk_partname()  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) cleanu sgi_info stuff  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) cleanup boot file name code  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) cleanup devparams flags  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) cleanup disk label struct usage  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) don't try to convert MBR to SGI  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) fix checksum calculation  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) rdon't use read_chars() to ask yes/no question  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) remove dead code  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) remove global freelist  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) remove magic strings  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) remove printf from code  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) remove unnecessary code  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) rewrite sgi_list_table()  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) share disk label definition with libblkid  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) small coding style changes  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) use ask API for first/last dialogs  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) use cpu_to_beXX() and beXX_to_cpu()  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) use stuff ffrom pt-mbr.h and libfdisk  [Karel Zak]
   - (sun) consolidate 'p'rint output  [Karel Zak]
   - (sun) remove dead code  [Karel Zak]
   - (sun) use tt.c to list disk label  [Karel Zak]
   - -l refactoring  [Karel Zak]
   - add -L to colorize output  [Karel Zak]
   - add GPT specific callback to menu  [Karel Zak]
   - add asktype "string" and support UUID partition change  [Karel Zak]
   - add bsd, dos and sgi menus  [Karel Zak]
   - add debug message, use colors for -l  [Karel Zak]
   - add functions to geometry menu  [Karel Zak]
   - add mbr_get_partition()  [Karel Zak]
   - add new stuff to display menus  [Karel Zak]
   - add sun menu  [Karel Zak]
   - add support for the MicroBlaze architecture  [Nathan Rossi]
   - allow to exchange context pointer in menu callbacks  [Karel Zak]
   - always allow 'p'rint command in expert menu  [Karel Zak]
   - ask for partition in chars  [Karel Zak]
   - bloody revolution in the man page  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup SGI verify disklabel function  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup header file  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup sgi menu callbackswq  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup usage()  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup warning messages  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup warnings  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup write table code  [Karel Zak]
   - consolidate code in fdisk.c  [Karel Zak]
   - detect menu entries collisions in debug mode  [Karel Zak]
   - don't use ptes[] in generic code  [Karel Zak]
   - fix 'r' in BSD menu  [Karel Zak]
   - fix -l  [Karel Zak]
   - improve info output  [Karel Zak]
   - improve menus to make it more usable for BSD label  [Karel Zak]
   - main() refactoring  [Karel Zak]
   - make internal command line case sensitive  [Karel Zak]
   - mark -s option as deprecated  [Karel Zak]
   - move "create label" actions to menu callback  [Karel Zak]
   - move dos specific code  [Karel Zak]
   - move expect actions to menu callback  [Karel Zak]
   - move geometry commands to separate menu  [Karel Zak]
   - move get_nr_sects() fdisk.h  [Karel Zak]
   - move remaining actions to menu callbacks  [Karel Zak]
   - move remaining ptes[] code to fdiskdoslabel.c  [Karel Zak]
   - move sun commands to sun menu callback  [Karel Zak]
   - print geometry for dos-compatible mode too  [Karel Zak]
   - remove Mac code  [Karel Zak]
   - remove common.h  [Karel Zak]
   - remove dead code  [Karel Zak]
   - remove nowarn global variable  [Karel Zak]
   - remove old code to ask user  [Karel Zak]
   - remove ugly fatal() function  [Karel Zak]
   - remove unnecessary test  [Karel Zak]
   - remove unused code, coding style changes  [Karel Zak]
   - rename CHS dos_partition struct members  [Karel Zak]
   - revert add 'G' to create SGI label to the main menu  [Karel Zak]
   - rewrite dump first sector add dump disklabel command  [Karel Zak]
   - separate disks by \n in -l output  [Karel Zak]
   - use  libfdisk to ask for partition type  [Karel Zak]
   - use fdisk_info() to print geometry  [Karel Zak]
   - use fdisk_{info,warn} on more places  [Karel Zak]
   - use functions from pt-mbr.h  [Karel Zak]
   - use new menu infrastructure to verify keys  [Karel Zak]
   - use new menus  [Karel Zak]
   - use remove read_int() usage from fdisk.c  [Karel Zak]
   - use xalloc stuff  [Karel Zak]
   - avoid unused parameter warning  [Karel Zak]
   - make udev usage more robust  [Karel Zak]
   - test for fstype/options/maj min before source and target  [Karel Zak]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - use libmount fs reference counter  [Karel Zak]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - add reference to /usr/share/docs to man page  [Karel Zak]
   - add long options to the command  [Sami Kerola]
   - remove unnecessary global variables  [Sami Kerola]
   - revert global exitval variable change  [Sami Kerola]
   - remove references to adjtimex from man page  [Karel Zak]
   - use warn() to print cmos errors  [Karel Zak]
   - add close_fd() for noticing write errors before close()  [Sami Kerola]
   - carefulput  print determined char when unprintable char is found 
[Sami Kerola]
   - add functio to store le  [Karel Zak]
   - add warn_unused_result to allocation functions  [Karel Zak]
   - assigned values are never read [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - --fulltime and --time-format are mutually exclusive  [Karel Zak]
   - add --present option  [Sami Kerola]
   - add --since time spec option  [Sami Kerola]
   - add --time-format with iso-8601 format  [Sami Kerola]
   - add link to util-linux to last.1  [Karel Zak]
   - add long options, improve usage()  [Karel Zak]
   - allow --file to be defined multiple times  [Sami Kerola]
   - check expected numeric user input is number  [Sami Kerola]
   - clean up the begin of the file  [Karel Zak]
   - coding style clean up  [Karel Zak]
   - consolidate btmp/wtmp file paths  [Karel Zak]
   - consolidate time formatting to one struct  [Karel Zak]
   - fix --present option logic error  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix man page groff warning  [Karel Zak]
   - fix memory leak  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix typo  [Sami Kerola]
   - global variables are initialize automatically to zero  [Sami Kerola]
   - make switch cases complete, and inform if impossible occurs  [Sami
   - mention optional arguments in usage  [Karel Zak]
   - merge sysvinit last/lastb  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - never restrict session time  [Sami Kerola]
   - parse easy to use time formats  [Sami Kerola]
   - prefer enum rather than #definition list  [Sami Kerola]
   - remove broken code  [Sami Kerola]
   - tell verbally system is still running  [Sami Kerola]
   - trim trailing white spaces  [Sami Kerola]
   - use as narrow variable scoping as possible  [Sami Kerola]
   - use bit array  [Karel Zak]
   - use carefulput() for printable character output  [Sami Kerola]
   - use configuration struct  [Sami Kerola]
   - use xalloc.h, err.h, nls.h and EXIT_ macros  [Karel Zak]
last, utmpdump, agetty, wall, write:
   - avoid compatibility hacks  [Sami Kerola]
   - add crc64()  [Karel Zak]
   - remove unused code  [Sami Kerola]
   - rename time-util.c to timeutils.c, fix headers  [Karel Zak]
   - use realpath() from libc  [Karel Zak]
   - add colormode_or_err()  [Karel Zak]
   - add support for auto, always and never modes  [Karel Zak]
   - assigned value is never read [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix loopcxt_check_size() to work with blkdevs  [Karel Zak]
   - initializations values are never read [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - move *swith() functions to private library  [Sami Kerola]
   - optimalize {starts,ends}with()  [Karel Zak]
   - copy time parsing functions from systemd  [Sami Kerola]
   - move YYYYMMDDHHMMSS to common parser  [Sami Kerola]
   - add TT_FL_FREEDATA  [Karel Zak]
   - don't hardcode terminal fd in get_terminal_name()  [Karel Zak]
   - fix get_terminal_name() usage, cleanup code  [Karel Zak]
   - Add bcache support  [Rolf Fokkens]
   - Detect external XFS log device  [Eric Sandeen]
   - Get rid of an unnecessary check  [Karel Zak]
   - add ReFS magic string  [Karel Zak]
   - add functions to set PTUUID  [Karel Zak]
   - check writing to a file was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - diffs between errors and failed probing in silicon raid  [Karel Zak]
   - diffs between errors and failed probing in via raid  [Karel Zak]
   - don't interpret regual XFS as external xfs log  [Karel Zak]
   - don't use UUID= for xfs external log  [Karel Zak]
   - export info about bad csum  [Karel Zak]
   - fix blkid_parse_tag_string() to ignore incomplete tags  [Karel Zak]
   - fix kboff usage in BSD prober  [Karel Zak]
   - make uuid_is_empty() usable for whole library  [Karel Zak]
   - move MBR definitions to include/pt-mbr.h  [Karel Zak]
   - move MBR partition types to include/  [Karel Zak]
   - move SGI disklabel definitions to include/  [Karel Zak]
   - move bsd definitions to pt-bsd.h  [Karel Zak]
   - populate jbd LOGUUID in addition to UUID  [Karel Zak]
   - rename UUID_LOG to LOGUUID  [Karel Zak]
   - rename sys_type to sys_ind  [Karel Zak]
   - set PTUUID for GPT and DOS  [Karel Zak]
   - split blkid_parttable_set_id()  [Karel Zak]
   - support pseudo PARTUUID= for MBR  [Karel Zak]
   - update docs  [Karel Zak]
   - use separate function to verify checksums  [Karel Zak]
   - (bds) cleanup includes  [Karel Zak]
   - (dos) cosmetic changes  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt) cleanup structs members names  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt) more robust PMBR partition size check  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt) print UUID and NAME in expert mode only  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt) support for disklabel dump  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt) use generic 'created partition' message  [Karel Zak]
   - (gpt) use lib/tt.c to list partitions  [Karel Zak]
   - (sgi) add driver  [Karel Zak]
   - (sun) make it more obvious why the first sector moved  [Karel Zak]
   - (sun) move driver from fdisk to library  [Karel Zak]
   - (sun) remove duplicate code  [Karel Zak]
   - add FDISK_DEBUG_FRONTEND  [Karel Zak]
   - add asktype "string" and support UUID partition change  [Karel Zak]
   - add bsd driver  [Karel Zak]
   - add fdisk_context_enable_details()  [Karel Zak]
   - add fdisk_has_user_device_properties()  [Karel Zak]
   - add fdisk_locate_disklabel()  [Karel Zak]
   - add fdisk_partname()  [Karel Zak]
   - add fdisk_scround()  [Karel Zak]
   - add generic function to get disklabel ID  [Karel Zak]
   - add generic function to set disklabel ID  [Karel Zak]
   - add list() label operation  [Karel Zak]
   - add new 'ask' type TABLE  [Karel Zak]
   - allow to address partition by chars  [Karel Zak]
   - clean up sun geometry stuff  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup SGI functions names  [Karel Zak]
   - copy ask callback from parental context  [Karel Zak]
   - do not use va_list in the Ask API  [Karel Zak]
   - don't re-allocate range string in Ask API  [Karel Zak]
   - explicitly add COPYING file  [Karel Zak]
   - extend fdisk_info() functionality  [Karel Zak]
   - fix cylinders and sector buffer usage  [Karel Zak]
   - fix possible floating point exception  [Karel Zak]
   - fix sectorbuffer usage in dos driver  [Karel Zak]
   - gpt  avoid unnecessary pmbr check  [Davidlohr Bueso]
   - gpt  loosen check fot pmbr size in lba  [Davidlohr Bueso]
   - improve fdisk_save_user_geometry()  [Karel Zak]
   - improve nested context initialization  [Karel Zak]
   - make default geom usage more robust  [Karel Zak]
   - make it possible to reset device properties  [Karel Zak]
   - make the library usable with tests  [Karel Zak]
   - move mbr code to the library  [Karel Zak]
   - move sync() and reread PT code from fdisk to libfdisk  [Karel Zak]
   - provide more details about GPT  [Karel Zak]
   - remove "gpt support is new" warning  [Karel Zak]
   - remove unnecessary code from test_fdisk_ask  [Karel Zak]
   - support GPT partition name (label) change  [Karel Zak]
   - update test_ranges() code  [Karel Zak]
   - use context geometry in SGI and SUN  [Karel Zak]
   - use fdisk_colon() and fdisk_sinfo()  [Karel Zak]
   - use fdisk_warnx() in fdisk_ask_partnum()  [Karel Zak]
   - (test) check writing to a file was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - Free splitted optstr's when error occurred  [Namhyung Kim]
   - Get rid of an unnecessary check  [Namhyung Kim]
   - Remove stale comment on mnt_context_mount()  [Namhyung Kim]
   - Set each optstr's to NULL if failed  [Namhyung Kim]
   - add a generic append_string() function  [Karel Zak]
   - add function for context userdata  [Karel Zak]
   - add functions to handle comments in fs tables  [Ondrej Oprala, Karel
   - add functions to safely replace a fs table  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - add missing declarations to libmount.h.in and documentation  [Ondrej
   - add mnt_table_is_empty(), improve table list usage  [Karel Zak]
   - add mnt_table_with_comments()  [Karel Zak]
   - add mnt_table_{first,last}_fs()  [Karel Zak]
   - add mnt_table_{set,get}_userdata()  [Karel Zak]
   - add new function to docs  [Karel Zak]
   - add reference counter to libmnt_table  [Karel Zak]
   - add reference counting to libmnt_cache  [Karel Zak]
   - add reference counting to libmount_fs  [Karel Zak]
   - be more restrictive about valid tag names  [Karel Zak]
   - be robust for empty target/source strings  [Karel Zak]
   - be robust when work with loopdev backing file paths  [Karel Zak]
   - canonicalize for conversion from loopdev backing file  [Karel Zak]
   - change tailing to trailing in *_tailing_comments functions  [Ondrej
   - cleanup libmnt_fs list after mnt_table_remove_fs()  [Karel Zak]
   - compose mount. helpers paths more carefully  [Karel Zak]
   - don't ignore root fs on umount -a  [Karel Zak]
   - fix memory leak [clang-analyzer]  [Karel Zak]
   - fix typos  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - free username after check  [Dave Reisner]
   - make mnt_fs_{ap,pre}pend_options() more robust  [Karel Zak]
   - more robust options string parsing  [Karel Zak]
   - small cleanup in umount code  [Karel Zak]
   - update docs  [Karel Zak]
   - use MS_SILENT for /{proc,etc}/filesystems  [Karel Zak]
   - use err.h in test  [Karel Zak]
   - use memmove when overlap possible  [Dave Reisner]
   - add support for --prio-prefix when logging stdin  [Dennis H Jensen]
   - cleanup usage()  [Karel Zak]
   - small coding style changes  [Karel Zak]
   - use TCSANOW to remove HUPCL  [Karel Zak]
   - add --raw and --noheadings  [Karel Zak]
   - fix loop device name usage  [Karel Zak]
   - make -j  more robust  [Karel Zak]
   - set errno for misaligned offsets  [Karel Zak]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - use loop-control to explicitly ask for device  [Karel Zak]
   - use warn_size() for regular files only  [Karel Zak]
   - add SERIAL column  [Karel Zak]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - use devno to check if the filesystem is mounted  [Karel Zak]
   - use devno to get mountpoint  [Karel Zak]
   - add max MHz value to make cpu governor effects more visible  [Sami
   - add virtualization types  [Karel Zak]
   - detect more hypervisor vendors  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - fix memory leak [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix shadow declaration [smatch scan]  [Sami Kerola]
   - report cpu min mhz  [Davidlohr Bueso]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - sync usage() with howto-usage-function.txt  [Sami Kerola]
   - use libmnt_cache reference counting  [Karel Zak]
   - use libmnt_table reference counter  [Karel Zak]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix 64-Bit and endian problems  [ihno]
   - argument to free() is a constant address [clang-analyzer]  [Sami
   - unify write check to a file descriptor  [Sami Kerola]
   - use standard error message  [Karel Zak]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - add note about swap header limit to the man page  [Karel Zak]
   - unify write check to a file descriptor  [Sami Kerola]
   - assigned value is never read [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - check for buffer size when write multibyte char  [Karel Zak]
   - fix buffer overflow  [Karel Zak]
   - guarantee space for multibyte  [Karel Zak]
   - make output redirection more efficient  [Sami Kerola]
   - use variable lenght printf field width to print blanks  [Sami Kerola]
   - (deprecated) fix typo tailed->failed  [Yuri Chornoivan]
   - add notes about UUIDs to the man page  [Karel Zak]
   - fix mistaken word and some grammar in man page of mount  [Benno
   - fix repeating words in the man page  [Karel Zak]
   - update xfs docs  [Karel Zak]
   - Allow selecting the uid and gid to be used in the entered userns 
[Richard Weinberger]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - check writing to a file was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - Add --help and --version  [Jari Aalto]
   - merge changes  [Karel Zak]
   - update ca.po (from translationproject.org)  [Josep Puigdemont]
   - update cs.po (from translationproject.org)  [Petr Písař]
   - update da.po (from translationproject.org)  [Joe Hansen]
   - update de.po (from translationproject.org)  [Arun Persaud]
   - update es.po (from translationproject.org)  [Santiago Vila Doncel]
   - update et.po (from translationproject.org)  [Meelis Roos]
   - update eu.po (from translationproject.org)  [Mikel Olasagasti Uranga]
   - update fi.po (from translationproject.org)  [Lauri Nurmi]
   - update fr.po (from translationproject.org)  [David Prévot]
   - update gl.po (from translationproject.org)  [Fran Diéguez]
   - update hr.po (from translationproject.org)  [Tomislav Krznar]
   - update hu.po (from translationproject.org)  [Gabor Kelemen]
   - update id.po (from translationproject.org)  [Arif E. Nugroho]
   - update it.po (from translationproject.org)  [Marco Colombo]
   - update ja.po (from translationproject.org)  [Takeshi Hamasaki]
   - update nl.po (from translationproject.org)  [Benno Schulenberg]
   - update pl.po (from translationproject.org)  [Jakub Bogusz]
   - update pt_BR.po (from translationproject.org)  [Rodrigo Stulzer Lopes]
   - update ru.po (from translationproject.org)  [Pavel Maryanov]
   - update sl.po (from translationproject.org)  [Simon Mihevc]
   - update sv.po (from translationproject.org)  [Daniel Nylander]
   - update tr.po (from translationproject.org)  [Nilgün Belma Bugüner]
   - update uk.po (from translationproject.org)  [Yuri Chornoivan]
   - update util-linux.pot (from translationproject.org)  [FULL NAME]
   - update vi.po (from translationproject.org)  [Trần Ngọc Quân]
   - update zh_CN.po (from translationproject.org)  [Wylmer Wang]
   - update zh_TW.po (from translationproject.org)  [Wei-Lun Chao]
   - delete rem_prlim prototype  [Davidlohr Bueso]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - add __init__.py  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - add debug messages  [Karel Zak]
   - add regression tests  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - basic code  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - cleanup *_HELP strings formatting  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup cxt usage  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup object names  [Karel Zak]
   - coding style changes in context.c  [Karel Zak]
   - coding style changes in fs.c  [Karel Zak]
   - coding style changes in tab.c  [Karel Zak]
   - coding style changes, don't touch Context() status  [Karel Zak]
   - fs.c - cleanup, remove libmount private stuff  [Karel Zak]
   - improve helps strings formatting  [Karel Zak]
   - remove Context_get_table()  [Karel Zak]
   - remove bindsrc from fs API  [Karel Zak]
   - remove unnecessary code  [Karel Zak]
   - rewrite to be py2/py3 universal  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - use libmount reference counting  [Karel Zak]
   - use mnt_fs_set_userdata() rather than ->userdata  [Karel Zak]
   - use only public libmount API in tab.c  [Karel Zak]
   - exit with non-zero value when arguments cause warnings  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix new line regression  [Sami Kerola]
   - reduce stream checking when closing read-only file descriptor  [Sami
   - simplify new line detection and impossible test  [Sami Kerola]
   - stop adding new line at the end when input does not have it  [Sami
   - use string printing rather than character output  [Sami Kerola]
   - update man page, add note about -l vs. -p  [Karel Zak]
   - update files taken from systemd project  [Sami Kerola]
   - prefer preprocessor rather than autotools check  [Sami Kerola]
   - allow login and group name option arguments  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - add an option to wait child return value  [Daniel Kahn Gillmor]
   - exit when control terminal cannot be set  [Sami Kerola]
   - assigned value is never read [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - clean up unhide code  [Karel Zak]
   - clean up usage() functions  [Sami Kerola]
   - don't call BLKRRPART for non-block devices  [Karel Zak]
   - don't use word 'disk'.  [Karel Zak]
   - fix typo  [Karel Zak]
   - fix y/n mismatch  [Karel Zak]
   - make unhiding as complete as possible  [Sami Kerola]
   - replace my_warn() with warnx()  [Sami Kerola]
   - use libc error printing function, and symbolic exit values  [Sami
   - use program_invocation_short_name to determine program name  [Sami
   - consistent angular brackets and lowercase in help text of 'su'  [Benno
   - fix exit status if terminated by signal  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - fix lastlog and btmp logging  [Karel Zak]
   - ignore --preserve-environment, it's mutually exclusive to --login 
[Karel Zak]
   - suppress PAM info messages for -c or non-login sessions  [Karel Zak]
   - clean up error messages  [Karel Zak]
   - fix compiler warning  [Karel Zak]
   - fix memory leak [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - allow a more flexible swap discard policy  [Rafael Aquini]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - cleanup man page  [Karel Zak]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - add XFS log image  [Karel Zak]
   - add bcache images  [Karel Zak]
   - add cal day color corner cases  [Sami Kerola]
   - add calendar reformation check  [Sami Kerola]
   - add last(1) test  [Sami Kerola]
   - add losetup tests  [Karel Zak]
   - add partx regression tests  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - check cal works when year is far in future  [Sami Kerola]
   - check last(1) and utmpdump(1) IPv6 functionality  [Sami Kerola]
   - consolidate Py tests initialization  [Karel Zak]
   - improve cal --color test  [Karel Zak]
   - lscpu  add CPU max MHz to test results  [Sami Kerola]
   - minor changes to make tests more portable  [Karel Zak]
   - new warning fix  [Gilles Espinasse]
   - partx tests cleanup  [Karel Zak]
   - refresh fdisk tests  [Karel Zak]
   - refresh jbd blkid test  [Karel Zak]
   - remove remaining set -x  [Karel Zak]
   - update build tests  [Karel Zak]
   - update fdisk outputs  [Karel Zak]
   - update libmount fstab full parse test  [Karel Zak]
   - update lscpu tests  [Karel Zak]
   - update odd output fdisk test  [Karel Zak]
   - update sun label test  [Karel Zak]
   - use stable MBR ID  [Karel Zak]
   - fix several typos and angular brackets in messages  [Benno
   - fix typo in error message and uniformize their use of period  [Benno
   - fixing typos in a warning and an error message  [Benno Schulenberg]
   - harmonize some loop-device error messages  [Benno Schulenberg]
   - improve clarity of some error messages  [Benno Schulenberg]
   - standardize synopsis for login, and improve an error message  [Benno
   - standardize the spelling of "superuser"  [Benno Schulenberg]
   - tiny alphabetical and grammatical tweak  [Benno Schulenberg]
   - generate autotools files if missing  [Sami Kerola]
   - enhance command performance  [Sami Kerola]
   - use correct types  [Sami Kerola]
   - use string printing function  [Sami Kerola]
   - provide more helpful error message  [Karel Zak]
   - add --fork options for pid namespaces  [Mike Frysinger]
   - add --mount-proc for pid namespaces  [Karel Zak]
   - add option to write to a file  [Sami Kerola]
   - assigned values are never read [clang-analyzer]  [Sami Kerola]
   - make IPv6 addresses work  [Sami Kerola]
   - add missing initializer [clang-analyzer]  [Karel Zak]
   - clean up error messages  [Karel Zak]
   - allow to specify  on command line  [Karel Zak]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - line wrap at column 79 also when line has tab chars  [Sami Kerola]
   - make banner sysvinit compatible  [Karel Zak]
   - send message also to sessions opened by user 'sleeper'  [Sami Kerola]
   - sync usage() with howto-usage-function.txt  [Sami Kerola]
   - check writing to a file descriptor was successful  [Sami Kerola]
   - use TT_FL_FREEDATA for tt table  [Karel Zak]
   - Also wipe superblocks with bad checksums  [Gabriel de Perthuis]
   - add --backup  [Ondrej Oprala]
   - clean up code  [Karel Zak]
   - change determination can user write to a terminal  [Sami Kerola]

- change determination can user write to a terminal  [Sami Kerola]
 Karel Zak  
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