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From: Amber Graner <akgraner <at> ubuntu.com>
Subject: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 244
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.ubuntu.news
Date: Monday 5th December 2011 19:50:34 UTC (over 6 years ago)
Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 244 for the week of
November 28 - December 4, 2011.

== Links to UWN ==

 * Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue244

== In This Issue ==

 * Precise Pangolin Alpha 1 Released!
 * Ubuntu 12.04 Development update
 * Stories and saying thanks
 * Ubuntu Stats
 * Akademy FR at Capitole du Libre
 * New Location for Co-Sponsored Hands-On Linux Workshop
 * Ubuntu Cloud News
 * Victor Tuson Palau: Asus and Ubuntu in Portugal
 * Rick Spencer: Smoke Tests
 * Michael Hall: Reports of Ubuntu's death are greatly exaggerated
 * David Planella: Building the Ubuntu App Development community (I):
communication channels
 * Martin Pitt: Precises QA improvements for Alpha-1
 * In The Press
 * Ubuntu 11.10 Explored!
 * Work Is Underway on Ubuntu TV, with Mark Shuttleworth Watching
 * Ubuntu's One Hundred Paper Cuts Project is Precisely Back!
 * Alpha 1 Released (Collection of links about the release)
 * Unity on the Telly
 * Mythbuntu: Mythbuntu guides moved to AskUbuntu.com!
 * Lubuntu 11.10 review: Lightweight Linux
 * The End of the Distro Wars
 * Other Articles of Interest
 * Upcoming Meetings and Events
 * Updates and Security for 8.04, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10
 * And much much more!

== General Community News ==

=== Precise Pangolin Alpha 1 Released! ===

Kate Stewart, Ubuntu Release Manager, announced on Thursday, December
1st that the Alpha 1 Precise Pangolin was released.

The announced reads as follows:

We are pleased to bring you the first set of developer images that
capture the current fleeting reality of our Precise Pangolin (Ubuntu
12.04 Alpha 1) as it starts to emerge.

Pre-releases of Precise Pangolin are *not* encouraged for anyone
needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into
occasional, even frequent breakage.  They are, however, recommended
for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing,
reporting, and fixing bugs as we work towards getting this LTS release

Alpha 1 is the first in a series of milestone CD images that will be
released throughout the Precise development cycle.  The Alpha images
are known to be reasonably free of showstopper CD build or installer
bugs, while representing a very recent snapshot of Precise.  You can
download them here:

   (Ubuntu Desktop, Server, ARM)

Additional images are also available at:

Server Cloud and EC2)




For more information on this Precise Pangolin Alpha 1 release please
see the announcement in full.


=== Ubuntu 12.04 Development update ===

Daniel Holbach, keeps readers informed with this latest installment of
the Ubuntu 12.04 development updates.  Seven weeks into this release
cycle and Holbach says, "Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 1 has just been announced.
Bear in mind it is of alpha quality, but please go and test it if you
are curious and want to help out."

However that's not all.  He also includes information about
customizable bug lists, and events -- Ubuntu Developer Week and a Bug
Jam and Bug Squashing Party in Portland.

Holbach also highlights first time contributors Gregory Hainaut and
Alexey Mamadaliev and shines the spotlight on what's been happening in
Ubuntu development in the last seven weeks.

For those who want to get involved in Ubuntu Development, Holbach
covers those areas as well. To find our more about how you can get
involved in this exciting area of the Ubuntu project read the full
post at the link below.


==  Community Acknowledgments and Success Stories ==

=== Stories and saying thanks ===

Daniel Holbach gives some advice on how the Ubuntu community can
remember to thank and appreciate contributors as well as share those
succcess stories.

Holbach writes, "By reaching out to contributors, thanking them and
welcoming them to the Ubuntu community you do a lot to encourage them
and help them integrate into your team more quickly. Generally I feel
this is part of our culture already."

See the full post to find out how you can recognize contributors in
your areas of interest in Ubuntu.


== Ubuntu Stats ==

=== Bug Stats ===

 * Open (88316) +147 over last week
 * Critical (124) -5 over last week
 * Unconfirmed (46098) -77 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started,
please see  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad

=== Translation Stats Oneiric ===

 1. English (Australia) (7290) -17061 over last week
 2. Spanish (9039) -34 over last week
 3. Brazilian Portuguese (45262) -143 over last week
 4. English (United Kingdom) (45733) -149 over last week
 5. Bosnian (62504) -2661 over last week

Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Oncelot", see
more at: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/

=== Ubuntu Brainstorm Top Ideas This Week ===

 * More information from Ubuntu One Music Store -
 * Excessive Titling of Active Application -
 * Simpler import of GPG-keys - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/28921/
 * The version number can be confusing. -

Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add
your ideas for Ubuntu. You can submit your own idea, or vote for or
against another idea. http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/

=== Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions This Week ===

 * Find and replace text within multiple files -
 * Why is there 'amd' in the ubuntu iso filename? -
 * Will 12.04 default into Unity the way 11.10 did? -
 * Converting mp4 to mp3 -
 * I need some data on the distribution of Ubuntu users

Ask (and answer!) your own questions at http://askubuntu.com

== LoCo News ==

=== Akademy FR at Capitole du Libre ===

Akademy FR, Ubuntu Party and Drupal Camp were co-located and held last
weekend, November 26-27, 2011 in Toulouse, France.
The KDE team ran a booth and hosted tracks on Saturday noting that
they were able to demo KDE to various Ubuntu users who weren't
familiar with it.  Sunday proved to be an equally eventful day with
workshops that for the most part attracted attendees who were already
familiar with Free Software.


=== New Location for Co-Sponsored Hands-On Linux Workshop ===

The Hands on Linux workshop that is co-sponsored by the Ubuntu New
York LoCo Team (Rochester) and Interlock Rochester now have a new
location with rooms dedicated to Ham Radio, Workshop, Hands-on /
Presentation Room, Lounge area, Office Space along with a Server /
Networking room.

For more information and to see pictures of the new space check out
the link below.


== Ubuntu Cloud News ==

=== How to create a Basic or Advanced Crowbar build for Hadoop ===

Barton George shares two videos which Crowbar lead architect Rob
Hirschfeld put together.  "The first, Crowbar Build (on cloud server),
shows you how to use a cloud server to create a Crowbar ISO using the
standard build process," writes George. "The second,  Advanced Crowbar
Build (local) shows how to build a Crowbar v1.2 ISO using advanced
techniques on a local desktop using a virtual machine."


=== juju at SCaLE 10x ===

Jorge Castro announces  there will be a juju presentation at SCaLE
10x. Castro also notes, "Along with sponsoring the Speaker track and
the Press and Speaker Green Room, we will be holding a juju charm

For more information on juju and Charm School at SCaLE 10x see the
full post at the link below.


=== Deploying status.net quickly with juju ===

In this post Jorge Castro demo's the status.net charm written by
George Edison (Nathan Osman), who also did the ThinkUp charm.

Read the Castro's post in full to find out more information about
deploying status.net using this new juju charm.


== The Planet ==

=== Victor Tuson Palau: Asus and Ubuntu in Portugal ===

Victor Tuson shares the video demo of Asus running Ubuntu releasde by
the Worten store in Portugal.


=== Rick Spencer: Smoke Tests ===

Rick Spencer lets readers know that the QA Team has started a page for
getting up the minute automated results from smoke testing of daily
images. Spencer writes, "They still have more smoke tests to set up,
but everything is running automatically from daily builds. You can
check to see if the latest build installs and if basic tests run. If
they do, it's probably worth testing with that build. If it's not,
then the team should be busy at work at making it work testing!"

He also gives a link to the blueprint for the smoke tests results page.


=== Michael Hall: Reports of Ubuntu's death are greatly exaggerated ===

Michael Hall questions whether or not Distrowatch's data "is a measure
of the "popularity" of any given distro, as so many news stories are
claiming it is."  Find out more about what Hall has to say on this
subject at the link below.


=== David Planella: Building the Ubuntu App Development community (I):
communication channels ===

"One of the main objectives for the Ubuntu 12.04 cycle is to build
upon the foundations set by the Ubuntu App Developer site, My Apps and
the Ubuntu Software Centre and start building an Ubuntu App Developer
community to realize the vision of a rich ecosystem of apps around
Ubuntu," writes David Planella.  With this post, Planella launches the
first of a series that will discuss growing the Ubuntu App Developer
Community as he shows readers how to get involved, and the benefits of
Ubuntu as a target platform for both developers and users.


=== Charles Proffit: Ubuntu User: I have a problem... ===

Charles Proffit seeks to improve the community involvement with bugs
and hopes to continue the conversation he started at UDS-P. With the
help of Brian Murray, Charles Proffit offers in this post a high level
non-technical diagram of what happens when users encounter a problem.


=== Martin Pitt: Precises QA improvements for Alpha-1 ===

"The fruits of the new QA paradigm and strategy and the new Stable+1
maintenance team have already achieved remarkable results," writes
Martin Pitt who outlines in this post what some of those improvements
are.  Improvements include:

 * The archive consistency reports like component-mismatches,
uninstallability, etc. now appear about 20 minutes earlier than in
 * CD image builds can now happen 30 minutes earlier after the
publisher start, and are much quicker now due to moving to newer
machines. We can now build an i386 or amd64 CD image in 8 minutes!
Currently they still need to wait for the slow powerpc buildd, but
moving to a faster machine there is in progress. These improvements
lead to much faster image rebuild turnarounds.
 * Candidate CDs now get automatically posted to the new ISO tracker
as soon as they appear.
 * Whenever a new Ubuntu image is built (daily or candidate), they
automatically get smoke-tested, so we know that the installer works
under some standard scenarios and produces an install which actually
 * Due to the new discipline and the stable+1 team, we had working
daily ISOs pretty much every day. In previous Alphas, the release
engineer(s) pretty much had to work fulltime for a day or two to fix
the worst uninstallability etc., all of this now went away.

Pitt also take time to thank the Canonical QA team and others for all
their work to date.


== In The Press ==

=== Ubuntu penguins build Linux TV challenge ===

Gavin Clarke, The Register, writes, "Open-sourcers are taking Ubuntu
Linux in the direction of Google TV and Microsoft's Xbox 360." Clarke
points to Mark Shuttleworth's blog where a list of essential items and
there priorities around bringing Ubuntu TV to the masses are


=== Q&A: Installing Software on Linux ===

Gadgetwise, a NY Times site, answers a Windows user question about
installing software on Ubuntu Linux.


=== Readers' Choice Awards 2011 ===

Shawn Powers from Linux Journal announces Ubuntu received the "Best
Linux Distribution" award from journal's readers. Also, Debian was
quite a contender this time. Read more at the following link:


== In The Blogosphere ==

=== Ubuntu 11.10 Explored! ===

Mohammad Kamil Nadeem explains what all makes Ubuntu 11.10 'Oneiric
Ocelot' the most awesome Ubuntu yet.


=== Fedora 16 vs. Ubuntu 11.10 Performance Benchmarks ===

Michael Larabel, Phoronix, gives readers "a comparison of the 64-bit
performance of Ubuntu 11.10 vs. Fedora 16 in an out-of-the-box

Larabel writes, " When it comes to these benchmarks, what's worth
noting is that Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 11.10 are both on GCC 4.6.x and
the EXT4 file-system. Some of the important differences though is that
Fedora 16 is on the Linux 3.1 kernel while Ubuntu 11.10 is on Linux
3.0 and Fedora 16 has a more recent (both user and kernel-space)
graphics stack. There's also various other differences from the Linux
operating systems from Canonical and Red Hat."


=== Work Is Underway on Ubuntu TV, with Mark Shuttleworth Watching ===

Sam Dean, Ostatic, asks his readers, "If Google and Apple can boost
the concept of revolutionizing television, then why can't the Ubuntu
community do so as well?"

In this post Dean gives links to both Mark Shuttleworth's blog and
Alan Bell's proposed designs.

Dean concludes this post with a prediction that readers will see an
Ubuntu-based TV platform arrive next year.


=== A few useful tweaks for Ubuntu ===

This article looks at tweaks for your Ubuntu desktop. They looks at
GNOME Tips, which include multiple wallpapers for desktop work spaces,
browser integration themes, and Easter eggs. They also include Unity
tweaks such as compiz settings manager and Unity settings along with
adding newly installed programs to Launcher, Unity 2D for low-powered
machines and simplicity fans and how to move Launcher to the bottom of
the screen, but only for the 32-bit Ocelot release.

For more tweaks read this article in full.

(These tweaks have not been tested by the UWN team)


=== Ubuntu's One Hundred Paper Cuts Project is Precisely Back! ===

Bilal Akhtar lets OMG! Ubuntu! readers know that the popular One
Hundred Paper Cuts project is back.  In this article, Akhtar and
describe a the paper cut project as:

Put briefly, a paper cut is a trivially fixable usability bug that the
average user would encounter in a default application of Ubuntu or
Kubuntu OR in any of the featured applications.

If you prefer a more detailed, itemized definition, a paper cut is:
 * A bug, or an unintended problem occurring within an existing piece
of software,
 * the presence of which makes a computer more difficult or less
pleasant to use,
 * that is easy to fix,
 * that the average user would encounter,
 * in a default application of the Ubuntu or Kubuntu release currently
under development OR in any of the featured applications.

To find out more about this program check out the link below


=== Alpha 1 Released ===

Several sites have covered the release of 12.04 Alpha1, the following
is a sampling collected by our editors.

 * Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Alpha 1 Has Linux Kernel 3.2 -
 * Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 1 Released -
 * First Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" alpha released -
 * Development Release: Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 1 -
 * Get an Early Peek at Ubuntu Linux 12.04 'Precise Pangolin' -
 * First Alpha of Ubuntu 12.04 Arrives: Precise Pangolin -
 * Canonical releases first alpha of Ubuntu 12.04 -

== In Other News ==

=== Unity on the Telly ===

If you're interested "Unity on the Telly" the you can take a look at
this wiki page and find links to a collection of concept designs and
storyboards for the Unity TV project. Do you have some design ideas?
If so, you can add a link to your design on this page as well.
According to the wiki page it is preferable that you use pencil, a
common base template and the Ubuntu export filter.  There are detailed
instructions for installing pencil and getting the bits set up on this
page as well.

Find out more at:


=== Mythbuntu: Mythbuntu guides moved to AskUbuntu.com! ===

The Mythubuntu team announces that they have moved their guides to
AskUbuntu.com.  According to the team's blog post the reason given for
this move is for a more efficient method to keep guides up to date and
accurate. "The single forum post with all the guides is difficult to
keep up to date and requires manual intervention from the Mythbuntu
forum moderators (Mythbuntu developers). There isn't an automated way
to take care of this. Moving to AskUbuntu.com for this enables us to
have an auto-generated list of Mythbuntu/MythTV related guides."


=== Lubuntu 11.10 review: Lightweight Linux ===

Rohan Pearce, Techworld Australia, writes, "For some people, this may
be the best Ubuntu derivative yet. For others, it's going to be pretty

Pearce reviews Lubuntu--lightweight and energy saving variant of
Ubuntu using LXDE-- in this post and even comments, "... there is
strong, vibrant community surrounding the Ubuntu derivatives"

"Lubuntu gets a lot of things right, especially given it's a
relatively new addition to the Ubuntu family. It's just really hard to
get excited about it and it's a distro I'd be unlikely to use
personally," concludes Pearce.

For the full review see the link below.


=== The End of the Distro Wars ===

Brian Profitt, IT World, starts this article by saying, "Don't use
DistroWatch as a measuring stick in any way for the popularity of a
Linux distribution." And even follows with a, "Seriously, stop it."
Profitt says, "Arguing about "popular" distributions is pointless."

Want to know Profitt's reasons then check out the link below.


== Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings ==

 * Ubuntu Kernel Team - November 29, 2011 -
 * Ubuntu QA Team -  November 30, 2011 -
 * Ubuntu Server Team - November 29, 2011 -
 * Ubuntu ARM Team -  December 1, 2011 -
 * Ubuntu Desktop Team -  November 29, 2011 -

== Weekly Official Ubuntu Derivative Distributions Team Meetings ==

 * Lubuntu Team - November 30, 2011 -

== Other Articles of Interest ==

 * Best Time-Tracking Applications For Linux -
 * The Advantages of Using Linux -

== Upcoming Meetings and Events ==

For upcoming meetings and events please visit the calendars at
fridge.ubuntu.com: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/

== Updates and Security for 8.04, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10 ==

=== Security Updates ===

 * USN-1282-1: Thunderbird vulnerabilities -
 * USN-1283-1: APT vulnerability - http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/USN-1283-1
 * USN-1284-1: Update Manager vulnerabilities -
 * USN-1285-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities -
 * USN-1286-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities -

=== Ubuntu 8.04 Updates ===

 * apt 0.7.9ubuntu17.4 -
 * update-manager 1: -
 * python-apt 0.7.4ubuntu7.7 -

=== Ubuntu 10.04 Updates ===

 * apt -
 * update-notifier 0.99.3ubuntu0.1 -
 * update-manager 1: -
 * phpldapadmin -

=== Ubuntu 10.10 Updates ===

 * software-center 3.0.11 -
 * apt 0.8.3ubuntu7.3 -
 * update-notifier 0.105ubuntu1.1 -
 * update-manager 1: -
 * phpldapadmin -

=== Ubuntu 11.04 Updates ===

 * software-center 4.0.6 -
 * apt -
 * update-notifier 0.111ubuntu2.1 -
 * update-manager 1: -
 * phpldapadmin -

=== Ubuntu 11.10 Updates ===

 * fglrx-installer-updates 2:8.911-0ubuntu0.1 -
 * evolution-data-server 3.2.2-0ubuntu1~oneiric -
 * update-manager 1: -
 * mcollective 1.2.1-0ubuntu2.1 -
 * phpldapadmin -

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