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From: Richard A. Johnson <nixternal <at> kubuntu.org>
Subject: Re: Kubuntu LTS
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.ubuntu.devel.kubuntu
Date: Thursday 20th December 2007 21:38:42 UTC (over 10 years ago)
On Thursday 20 December 2007, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
| Ok I think we will disagree with this.  Just curious as to what has
| since UDS-Boston when we talked about doing a release of KDE4 for both
| Gutsy and Hardy along with LTS of Kubuntu that ran 8.04.

That is still the plan, however I believe that for the KDE 4 release, it
just going to be vanilla, as it would be impossible to maintain such a work

load with the current amount of contributors for Kubuntu. It is tough to
up with development at times with the amount we have now, Gutsy is proof.

| I think we are doing a diservice to Kubuntu by not creating a Long Term
| Support.  Kubuntu is already viewed as a 2nd class citizen to Ubuntu and
| think this proves it even further.  In fact after using Ubuntu on my
| machine I am begining to agree with this as well.
| Bring on the LTS

No matter the route we take, I believe we would be doing a disservice to 
Kubuntu. One thing I don't see is what does having an LTS release do to
Kubuntu not look as a 2nd class citizen? KDE 4 right now is all the hype in

the community, and I think many of us have recognized this to help us to
be viewed as 2nd class in the future. If we don't put our current resources

on KDE 4, then 2nd class might be something we would wish for.

Right now, Jonathan Riddell is stretched thin as well as the active 
contributors/volunteers. It is tough trying to keep up with everything when

99.9% of our developers have a life that comes first before Kubuntu, so
of us contribute when we can.

Another thing to consider is this. With our current setup with KDE 3.5, we 
aren't bringing in any one new to help out. By focusing on KDE 4, one thing

we are hoping for is for this to change.

Don't get me wrong, I am torn between LTS and non-LTS for a multitude of 
reasons. I know people want LTS and just as many, if not more, want KDE 4.
am afraid that if we do the LTS way, we will miss out on KDE 4 and the hype

behind it. At the same time I worry about those who were looking forward to

an LTS release. At the same time, I also realize we do 6 month releases,
majority of our users follow our releases and typically upgrade on release 
day, the amount of noise created in the past about dist-upgrade breakage 
supports this.

I am sure that Canonical won't let people down with the LTS release side 
either, as their current clients/customers that are using KDE will need
I don't see Canonical, nor Kubuntu, not doing security updates over the
couple of years when they arise.

Another thing to realize is that upstream is changing as well. More and
KDE applications are focusing on KDE 4 packages and not so much on their 
current KDE 3 packages. So if we were to go LTS, we would have to also pick

up the slack for lack of upstream support as well. If a KDE package gets an

update after the 8.04 release, we will still backport it like always for 18

months. In the next 18 months, or even the next 12 months, you are going to

see the current set of available KDE 3 apps drop their KDE 3 support. We 
definitely don't have the manpower to maintain those as well.

Richard A. Johnson
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