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From: Eric Sandall <eric <at> sandall.us>
Subject: New Grimoire Lead
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.sourcemage.announce
Date: Thursday 30th March 2006 19:04:35 UTC (over 12 years ago)
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Hey all,

I have the results of the voting below, but first some news from our
local sponsor:

- ----
Hear ye, hear ye, the Source Mage GNU/Linux Grimoire Team[0] (and the
other teams as well, for a full list, see our published works[1]) is
looking for apprentices to help in our daily tasks. These tasks will
be simple and any personage willing to learn shall be capable of
fulfilling such tasks within a mere hour a week, if they so choose.
These tasks shall include, but not be limited to:

    I) Peruse the vast world known to all as the "Internet" (a.k.a.
"World Wide Web") for newer editions of spells written down in any
of the grimoires[2], filling them with possibilities.

  I.a) Test the new versions of spells in your own codex, see if they
work well with the other spells in your codex, at least the ones you

  I.b) If the aforementioned spell does indeed couple with your codex,
then write us a report (you may be brief) and file it in our tracker
of bugs[3] against the appropriate section of the grimoire from
whence the older version came. Our gurus are available[4] to ponder
your questions, but be not rude to them, for they have many
responsibilities which may not allow them the time to fully help you
with your problem.

  I.c) If this is a new spell (or the old spell does not show up on
our notices list[9], then please follow our easy instructions[10] to
add said spell to our notice).

   II) Enjoy the wonders of our bug tracking system and look for
problems for which you can help, then submit a patch[5] which fixes
the problem.  Feel not afraid to ask for help, either in the report
itself, or via some other communication[4].

II.b) (or not II.b? ;)) Some will already be marked for you by one of
our gurus with "QUICKFIX" in the subject, you may want to search for
those if you cannot find any which you feel you are capable of

  III) Look around for new spells that would be of interest for you to
put in our grimoires and try them out. You might be surprised at how
easy some spells are to create. Again, as always, our gurus are
available for help[4].

   IV) Gaze into the bug tracking system for bugs which have been
CLOSED, but not VERIFIED or RESOLVED, and test the fix to see if it
works. If it worked, mark the report as VERIFIED, and perhaps add a
little to the report saying that you tested it.

    V) File new bug reports with problems you have found on your own
system, but first check to make sure it hasn't already been filed,
duplicates only take up more of our gurus' time.

   VI) Let the High Priest (see below) know if you are going to help
(not just if you're thinking about it, he needs to know how many
apprentices he /will/ have, not how many he /might/ have sometime in
the future, though it's still nice to hear from people, so forget what
I said, e-mail him with whatever tidbit you want to say about SMGL, or
talk to the Evermost High Priest (Sandall), he also likes to hear what
you have to say about SMGL, whether it be good or bad, we want to
know), that's how we improve, as well with users, both experienced and
non, stepping up to become apprentice. Who knows, perhaps someday
/you/ will be the High Priest (no, that's not the Official Title, just
having fun here ;))!

  VII) Join in on discussions on IRC[4], mailing lists[6], and the
forums[7].  Feel free to add constructive criticism, new ideas, or just
blab with all the other blabbers we've collected[8].  :)

   IX) Convert other non-users to our cause. Roommates, friends,
co-workers, etc.

We're an open group that is improved greatly as more diversity flows
into our

- -sandalle
Project Lead
NGA member
Porter of the SPARCy Ways
Master Wizard of the Grimoire
Reverend and High Priest of all Source
Knight of the Second Circle of Source.
Founder of the original GNU/Sorcerer GAG
etc. and blah blah

[0] http://wiki.sourcemage.org/index.php?page=Grimoire+Log
[2] test, stable, z-rejected, and games
[3] http://bugs.sourcemage.org/ ,
requires an account to modify/create
[4] http://www.sourcemage.org/resources/contact/
, as well as [1]
[5] Created with the `diff` program (`diff -u   >
.patch`). If you want to create a patch for all the files in a
make a copy of the old directory before modifying it (say "dir.old"),
modify the current "dir", then run `diff -Naur   >
[6] http://www.sourcemage.org/resources/lists/
[7] http://forums.sourcemage.org/
[8] Yes, we have quite a collection. We even gave them their own
#sourcemage-fun and #sourcemage-politics on top of #sourcemage itself.
 ;)  A full list is available at[4]
[9] http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/sm-spell-submit
[10] http://wiki.sourcemage.org/index.php?page=SoftwareSubscriptions
- ----

Now back to your regularly scheduled vote.


Some of you may be aware that we had a recent vote to choose who our new
Grimoire Team Lead will be. The candidates were our current Grimoire
Lead, Arwed von Merkatz (alley_cat) and our former QA Lead, Seth Woolley
(swoolley). In a battle of like minds these two fought for your favor.
One would become our Grimoire Lead, the other would continue to
contribute to SMGL and most likely work on improving the grimoire as
well. ;) So who is our new Grimoire Lead? Well I have a surprise for you
as the new Grimoire Lead is none other than Arwed von Merkatz (50%, 56%
with the roll-over votes), with Seth Woolley (34%, 47% with the
roll-over votes) coming in a close second! We had an 91% turnout (with
16% abstaining) for this vote, so I would like to thank all of those who
voted to make this one of our highest turnouts yet. =) Six of you (19)
used the roll-over voting (i.e. you had a first and second place).
Hopefully that means you only wanted the one candidate you voted for and
not that you forgot or our instructions were not clear. ;)


Here are the results of the vote:
Total devs: 32 (according to http://www.sourcemage.org/developers,
counting developers who haven't voted in the last two elections nor
developers who started after the nominations started)
#1-<#> means this many developers voted for this person as their first
#2-<#> means this many developers voted for this person as their second

Total votes: 29
Arwed von Merkatz: #1-16, #2-2, 18/32 votes total
Seth Woolley: #1-11, #2-4, Eliminated
Abstain/NOTA: 5

Juuso Alasuutari
Paul Beel
Karsten Behrmann
Jeremy Blosser
Flavien Bridault
David Michael Leo Brown, Jr.
Robin Cook
Kevin Dahan
Chris Dombroski
Jason Flatt
Rafael George
Ladislav Hagara
David Haley
Treeve Jelbert
David Kowis
Pieter Lenaerts
Andrew Levstick
Sergey Lipnevich
Mathieu Lonjaret
Duane Malcolm
Paul Mahon
Arwed von Merkatz
Terry Ross
Eric Sandall
George Sherwood
Jose Bernardo Silva
Alex Smith
Andrew Stitt
Pol Vinogradov
Seth Woolley

Developers who did not vote (the list includes developers who missed the
prior two elections and so were not counted for this election):
Maurizio Boriani
Arjan Bouter
Gareth Clay
Robert Helgesson
Thomas Houssin
Dave Josephsen
Vladimir Marek
Martin Svehla

- -sandalle

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