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From: <riehecky-13hema8v3vg <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Security ERRATA Low: virt-v2v on SL6.x x86_64
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.scientific.errata
Date: Thursday 15th December 2011 21:31:39 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Synopsis:    Low: virt-v2v security and bug fix update
Issue Date:  2011-12-06
CVE Numbers: CVE-2011-1773

virt-v2v is a tool for converting and importing virtual machines to
libvirt-managed KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine).

Using virt-v2v to convert a guest that has a password-protected VNC console
to a KVM guest removed that password protection from the converted guest:
after conversion, a password was not required to access the converted
guest's VNC console. Now, converted guests will require the same VNC
console password as the original guest. Note that when converting a guest
to run on RHEV, virt-v2v will display a warning that VNC passwords are not
supported. (CVE-2011-1773)

Bug fixes:

* When converting a guest virtual machine (VM), whose name contained
certain characters, virt-v2v would create a converted guest with a
corrupted name. Now, virt-v2v will not corrupt guest names. 

* There were numerous usability issues when running virt-v2v as a non-root
user. This update makes it simpler to run virt-v2v as a non-root user.

* virt-v2v failed to convert a Microsoft Windows guest with Windows
Recovery Console installed in a separate partition. Now, virt-v2v will
successfully convert a guest with Windows Recovery Console installed in a
separate partition by ignoring that partition. 

* virt-v2v failed to convert a Linux guest which did not
have the symlink "/boot/grub/menu.lst". With this update, virt-v2v can
select a grub configuration file from several places. 

* This update removes information about the usage of deprecated command
line options in the virt-v2v man page. 

* virt-v2v would fail to correctly change the allocation policy, (sparse or
preallocated) when converting a guest with QCOW2 image format. The error
message "Cannot import VM, The selected disk configuration is not
supported" was displayed. With this update, allocation policy changes to a
guest with QCOW2 storage will work correctly. 

* The options "--network" and "--bridge" can not be used in conjunction
when converting a guest, but no error message was displayed. With this
update, virt-v2v will now display an error message if the mutually
exclusive "--network" and "--bridge" command line options are both

* virt-v2v failed to convert a multi-boot guest, and did not clean up
temporary storage and mount points after failure. With this update,
virt-v2v will prompt for which operating system to convert from a
multi-boot guest, and will correctly clean up if the process fails.

* virt-v2v failed to correctly configure modprobe aliases when converting a
VMware ESX guest with VMware Tools installed. With this update, modprobe
aliases will be correctly configured. 

* When converting a guest with preallocated raw storage using the
libvirtxml input method, virt-v2v failed with the erroneous error message
"size(X) < usage(Y)". This update removes this erroneous error. 

* When converting a Linux guest, virt-v2v did not check that the Cirrus
X driver was available before configuring it. With this
update, virt-v2v will attempt to install the Cirrus X driver if it is

* VirtIO systems do not support the Windows Recovery Console on 32-bit
Windows XP. The virt-v2v man page has been updated to note this. On Windows
XP Professional x64 Edition, however, if Windows Recovery Console is
re-installed after conversion, it will work as expected. 

* Placing comments in the guest fstab file by means of the leading "#"
symbol caused an "unknown filesystem" error after conversion of a guest.
With this update comments can now be used and error messages will not be

Users of virt-v2v should upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these
issues and upgrades virt-v2v to version 0.8.3.


- Scientific Linux Development Team
CD: 3ms