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Subject: [SECURITY] Fedora 16 Update: xen-4.1.3-3.fc16
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.package.announce
Date: Friday 9th November 2012 17:59:08 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Fedora Update Notification
2012-11-01 00:50:06

Name        : xen
Product     : Fedora 16
Version     : 4.1.3
Release     : 3.fc16
URL         : http://xen.org/
Summary     : Xen is a virtual machine monitor
Description :
This package contains the XenD daemon and xm command line
tools, needed to manage virtual machines running under the
Xen hypervisor

Update Information:

limit the size of guest kernels and ramdisks to avoid running out
of memory on dom0 during guest boot [XSA-25,CVE-2012-4544] (#870414)

* Tue Oct 30 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.3-3
- limit the size of guest kernels and ramdisks to avoid running out
  of memory on dom0 during guest boot [XSA-25, CVE-2012-4544] (#870414)
- remove pygrub.size.limits.patch patch included in new patch
* Thu Sep  6 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.3-2
- 6 security fixes
  a malicious 64-bit PV guest can crash the dom0 [XSA-12, CVE-2012-3494]
  a malicious crash might be able to crash the dom0 or escalate privileges
    [XSA-13, CVE-2012-3495] (#854589)
  a malicious PV guest can crash the dom0 [XSA-14, CVE-2012-3496] (#854590)
  a malicious HVM guest can crash the dom0 and might be able to read
    hypervisor or guest memory [XSA-16, CVE-2012-3498] (#854593)
  an HVM guest could use VT100 escape sequences to escalate privileges to
    that of the qemu process [XSA-17, CVE-2012-3515] (#854599)
  disable qemu monitor by default [XSA-19, CVE-2012-4411] (#855141)
* Sat Aug 11 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.3-1
- includes fix for untrusted HVM guest can cause the dom0 to hang or
    crash [XSA-11, CVE-2012-3433] (#843582)
- remove patches that are now upstream
- remove some unnecessary compile fixes
- adjust upstream-23936:cdb34816a40a-rework for backported fix for
- replace pygrub.size.limits.patch with upstreamed version
* Wed Aug  8 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-10
- remove some unnecessary cache flushing that slow things down (#841330)
* Fri Jul 27 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-9
- in rare circumstances an unprivileged user can crash an HVM guest
  [XSA-10, CVE-2012-3432] (#843766)
* Wed Jun 13 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-8
- make pygrub cope better with big files from guest (#818412 CVE-2012-2625)
- 64-bit PV guest privilege escalation vulnerability [CVE-2012-0217]
- guest denial of service on syscall/sysenter exception generation
- PV guest host Denial of Service [CVE-2012-2934]
* Tue May  8 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-7
- Make the udev tap rule more specific as it breaks openvpn (#819452)
- load xen-acpi-processor module (kernel 3.4 onwards) if present
* Thu Feb  2 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-6
- Fix buffer overflow in e1000 emulation for HVM guests [CVE-2012-0029]
* Sat Jan 28 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-5
- Start building xen's ocaml libraries if appropriate unless --without
  was specified
- add some backported patches from xen unstable (via Debian) for some
  ocaml tidying and fixes
* Sun Jan 15 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-4
- actually apply the xend-pci-loop.patch
- compile fixes for gcc-4.7
* Wed Jan 11 2012 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-3
- Add xend-pci-loop.patch to stop xend crashing with weird PCI cards
- avoid a backtrace if xend can't log to the standard file or a 
  temporary directory (part of #741042)
* Mon Nov 21 2011 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-2
- Fix lost interrupts on emulated devices
- stop xend crashing if its state files are empty at start up
- avoid a python backtrace if xend is run on bare metal
- update grub2 configuration after the old hypervisor has gone
- move blktapctrl to systemd
- Drop obsolete dom0-kernel.repo file
* Fri Oct 21 2011 Michael Young  - 4.1.2-1
- update to 4.1.2
  remove upstream patches xen-4.1-testing.23104 and xen-4.1-testing.23112

  [ 1 ] Bug #870412 - CVE-2012-4544 xen: Xen domain builder Out-of-memory
due to malicious kernel/ramdisk

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update xen' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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