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Subject: Re: Fedora Logo on the login screen
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.desktop
Date: Wednesday 20th March 2013 17:22:46 UTC (over 5 years ago)
On 03/20/2013 01:08 PM, Evandro Giovanini wrote:
> I don't think that's what's being discussed here. GNOME is not trying
> to remove Fedora logo in favor of a GNOME logo.

I'm sorry if it came across as if I was asserting that - I was not. I
was responding to Debarishi's comment that: "I am not sure about Fedora,
but one can instantly recognize if a computer is running GNOME3."

> The goal of the redesigned login screen is, as far as I understand it,
> to provide a better user experience. Designing and going over every
> detail of the user experience is what the GNOME project does across
> all of its components, to the benefit of Fedora and all other
> distributors and users of GNOME. That includes the login screen, the
> activities overview, the settings panel, etc. By shipping GNOME and
> thousands of other packages as their creators originally intended is
> how Fedora accomplishes its goal of leading the advancement of open
> source and free software imo.

I am myself a UX practitioner, so I absolutely agree that changes that
positively impact the user experience of software, especially Fedora,
are a good thing. There have been numerous reasons raised in this thread
and corresponding IRC conversations as to why removing the Fedora logo
(or other vendor logo, as GNOME has multiple downstreams) from the OS
completely has negative implications for users. The most important one,
in my opinion, is a user being able to identify what they are running in
order to obtain help.

I would like to see user data backing up the assertion that providing
the vendor logo a minimal amount of space on the login screen is harmful
to the user experience. I have seen remarks that it 'visually clutters'
the login screen, and is 'distracting,' but I'd like to see more than
personal opinions on this. From a graphical design perspective, the only
spot on the screen I see a vendor logo working (1) in a manner that
doesn't distort or make the logo unreadable, (2) in a manner that
doesn't throw off the balance of the entire screen, (3) and in a manner
that makes semantic sense is centered horizontally wrt the full width of
the screen and centered vertically between the clock and the top of the
user list. I am not surprised to see, as I've pointed out earlier, that
OS X uses this same position for their logo, as their login screen
employs a similar layer with a horizontally-centered user selection area.

I always strive to follow a design process that includes user research,
brainstorming, and iteration - user research can help identify problems
to solve; brainstorming and iteration involve coming up with solutions
to those problems; then you research again to see if you actually fixed

Here I see iteration and I don't see user research.

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