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From: Casey Schaufler <casey <at> schaufler-ca.com>
Subject: [RFC][PATCH] Simplified mandatory access control kernel implementation
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.kernel.lsm
Date: Saturday 14th July 2007 21:47:38 UTC (over 11 years ago)
Smack is the Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel.

Smack implements mandatory access control (MAC) using labels
attached to tasks and data containers, including files, SVIPC,
and other tasks. Smack is a kernel based scheme that requires
an absolute minimum of application support and a very small
amount of configuration data.

Smack is implemented as a clean LSM. It requires no external
code changes and the patch modifies only the Kconfig and Makefile
in the security directory. Smack uses extended attributes and
provides a set of general mount options, borrowing technics used
elsewhere. Smack uses netlabel for CIPSO labeling. Smack provides
a pseudo-filesystem smackfs that is used for manipulation of
task and system Smack attributes.

The patch exceeds the 40k size rule, coming in at about 100k.
I would be happy to send the patch to anyone who has trouble
with the project site. The patch can be found under:


The patch, patches for ls and sshd, a README, a startup script,
and x86 binaries for ls and sshd is also available under:


The ls and sshd patches, startup script, and README are also
available under:


The patch applies to 2.6.22. Development has been done using
Fedora Core 5 in a virtual machine environment.

Smack provides mandatory access controls based on the label attached
to a task and the label attached to the object it is attempting to
access. Smack labels are deliberately short (1-7 characters) text
strings. Single character labels using special characters are reserved
for system use. The only operation applied to Smack labels is equality
comparison. No wildcards or expressions, regular or otherwise, are

A file always gets the Smack label of the task that created it.

Smack defines and uses these labels:

    "*" - pronounced "star"
    "_" - pronounced "floor"
    "^" - pronounced "hat"
    "?" - pronounced "huh"

The access rules enforced by Smack are, in order:

1. Any access requested by a task labeled "*" is denied.
2. A read or execute access requested by a task labeled "^"
   is permitted.
3. A read or execute access requested on an object labeled "_"
   is permitted.
4. Any access requested on an object labeled "*" is permitted.
5. Any access requested by a task on an object with the same
   label is permitted.
6. Any access requested that is explicitly defined in the loaded
   rule set is permitted.
7. Any other access is denied.

Rules may be explicitly defined by writing subject,object,access
triples to /smack/load.

Smack rule sets can be easily defined that describe Bell&LaPadula
sensitivity, Biba integrity, and a variety of interesting
configurations. Smack rule sets can be modified on the fly to
accomodate changes in the operating environment or even the time
of day.

That's enough description for now. Have a look and enjoy.

Thank you.

Casey Schaufler
[email protected]
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