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From: Roy Franz <roy.franz-QSEj5FYQhm4dnm+yROfE0A <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: [PATCH V6 0/8] Add ARM EFI stub
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.kernel.efi
Date: Friday 10th January 2014 16:30:09 UTC (over 3 years ago)
This patch series adds EFI stub support for the ARM architecture.  The 
stub for ARM is implemented in a similar manner to x86 in that it is a 
shim layer between EFI and the normal zImage/bzImage boot process, and 
that an image with the stub configured is bootable as both a zImage and 
EFI application.  This patchset adds common code that is shared with
the ARM64 EFI stub.

This patch depends on Leif Lindholm's ARM v7 runtime services patchset,
in turn depends on Mark Salter's early_io_remap() patchset.  This EFI stub 
patchset can be tested without those by simply modifying the Kconfig for 
EFI_STUB to not depend on EFI.  The kernel will boot using the stub, 
however no EFI support will be available in the kernel.

I have addressed all the feedback I have recieved to date, and I am hoping 
that this patchset is acceptable for merging into 3.14.  It has been 
functionally stable for some time, and provides useful functionality.  
Further consolidation of the ARM/ARM64 stubs planned as part of the 
ongoing development of the stubs and supporting tools for both 
architectures (getting the FDT from a UEFI configuration table, using UEFI 
memory map instead of FDT for memory description.) 

Changes since v5:
* Move more code dealing with the Device tree to common code shared by
  ARM and ARM64.
* move formatting of informative and error messaging to common code to
  harmonize formatting between ARM/ARM64 stubs.

Changes since v4:
* Common and x86 EFI stub changes that this patch depends on were merged
  in 3.13.
* Updated FDT bindings to match agreed upon bindings in Leif's runtime
  services patchset.  This includes adding the kernel_banner version
  and changing how the EFI memory map is passed.  The EFI memory map is now
  allocated as EFI_RUNTIME_SERVICES_DATA since it may be passed to the
  The FDT bindings for arm/arm64 are identical.
* Added space in PE/COFF header for signature to allow signing of the image
  for EFI secure boot.
* Moved shared FDT function to drivers/firmware/efi/fdt.c.  This will be
  with arm64.  (Mark Salter has a patchset for the arm64 stub.)

Changes since v3:
* Common and x86 EFI stub changes have been broken out and submitted
  This patch series depends on the "[PATCH V5 00/18] ARM EFI stub common
  series as merged by Matt Fleming. (Patch 10 of that series omitted)
* Re-added -fno-stack-protector.  Needed for compilation with 
  CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR option.  Cannot easily add support for stack 
  protection since there are no functions in stub that never return, which 
  is a requirement for use.  (x86 stub also disables stack protector.)
  Note that even in the absense of -fno-stack-protector, stack protection
  was never present in the decompressor, as the required functions are not
* Fixed long summaries in commit messages.
* Further cleanups of assembly in head.S

Changes since v2:
* Now depends on "arm: Add [U]EFI runtime services support" patches by
[email protected]
  The EFI memory map is the only memory map passed to the kernel, so EFI
  is now required.
* remove "-fno-stack-protector" from decompressor Makefile.  The current
code doesn't
  trigger the stack protection, so the decompressor now compiles with it
  on.  Note that there has never been any stack protection in the
  since the stack usage doesn't trigger the heuristic in GCC, so right now
  the "-fno-stack-protector" is a noop.
* Changed EFI command line handling to not have a fixed limit.
* Change FDT memory allocation to retry with a larger allocation if
  first educated guess is inadequate.
* Correctly set 'SizeOfCode' in PE/COFF header.
* Reviewed ".setup" section that is in x86 PE/COFF header.  This is used
for x86
  to account for code that is not in the .text section.  We don't need this
  for ARM, as all of our code is in the .text section, or in the PE/COFF
* Moved EFI_STUB_ERROR #define to header file to share between stub C and
* Variety of cleanups and fixes in head.S.
* Changed update_fdt_and_exit_boot() to just update the device tree, and
  renamed appropriately.  Memory allocations moved out of this function as
  well, which enables the retries if the initial FDT size is too small.
  Note that in order to do the retried allocations, the original FDT and 
  command line memory regions are left allocated.  This is OK since the
  has the memory map and will free these allocations along with the initrd
  and new fdt allocations.
* Added prefix to all prints, reduced number of prints, and reviewed all
* Change mixed usage of dtb/fdt to all be fdt or "device tree" in
* remove unnecessary zimage_size variable from relocate_kernel()
* correct return types on EFI functions - should be efi_status_t, not int.
Roy Franz (8):
  efi-stub.txt updates for ARM
  Add shared printk wrapper for consistent prefixing
  Add helper function to get and convert EFI command line
  Add shared FDT related functions for ARM/ARM64
  Add strstr to compressed string.c for ARM.
  Add EFI stub for ARM
  Disable stack protection for decompressor/stub
  Add config EFI_STUB for ARM to Kconfig

 Documentation/efi-stub.txt             |   27 +++-
 arch/arm/Kconfig                       |   11 ++
 arch/arm/boot/compressed/Makefile      |   17 ++-
 arch/arm/boot/compressed/efi-header.S  |  117 +++++++++++++++++
 arch/arm/boot/compressed/efi-stub.c    |  214
 arch/arm/boot/compressed/efi-stub.h    |    5 +
 arch/arm/boot/compressed/head.S        |   83 +++++++++++-
 arch/arm/boot/compressed/string.c      |   21 +++
 drivers/firmware/efi/efi-stub-helper.c |   55 ++++++--
 drivers/firmware/efi/fdt.c             |  225
 10 files changed, 748 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 arch/arm/boot/compressed/efi-header.S
 create mode 100644 arch/arm/boot/compressed/efi-stub.c
 create mode 100644 arch/arm/boot/compressed/efi-stub.h
 create mode 100644 drivers/firmware/efi/fdt.c

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