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From: Brian Behlendorf <behlendorf1-i2BcT+NCU+M <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: spl/zfs-0.6.2 released
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.file-systems.zfs.announce
Date: Friday 23rd August 2013 23:11:11 UTC (over 4 years ago)
I'm happy to announce the spl/zfs-0.6.2 release is available for 
download.  We had a record 38 contributors for this release and I'd like 
to thank them and everyone else working to improve ZFS on Linux!


New Features:
   * Added Linux 3.11 compatibility
   * Added arcstat.py script from FreeNAS
   * Added 'zpool labelclear' command from FreeBSD
   * Added L2ARC compression from Illumos
   * Added I/O deadman thread from Illumos
   * Added SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE to lseek()/llseek()
   * Added writeable arc+l2arc module options
   * Improved detection of advanced format (AF) disks
   * Improved N-way mirror read performance
   * Improved zdb to display SA xattrs

Bug Fixes:
   * Fixed missing zvols on import
   * Fixed setting lower ashift with '-o ashift'
   * Fixed xattr error handling
   * Fixed kernel stack overflows
   * Fixed spinning arc_adapt process
   * Fixed spinning in iterate_supers_type() on unmount
   * Fixed read-only pool unmount hang
   * Fixed txg_quiesce deadlock
   * Fixed .zfs/snapshot unmount deadlock
   * Fixed zfs_readdir() returns type and offset
   * Fixed SA based xattrs on symlinks
   * Fixed zpool_read_label() so it reads all labels
   * Fixed mount flags leaking in to the kernel
   * Fixed panic in arc_read()
   * Fixed panic in zfs_sb_teardown()/zfs_resume_fs()
   * Fixed ARC caching freed blocks from Illumos
   * Fixed slow space map condensing from Illumos
   * Fixed taskq contention from Illumos

The full 'git shortlog' follows:

----------------------- SPL Change Log ---------------------------
Brian Behlendorf (16):
       Automake 1.10.1 compat: AM_SILENT_RULES
       Replace the SPL_AC_META perl dependency with awk
       Add additional dependencies for DKMS package
       Add msec/usec/nsec to tick convertors
       Fix delay()
       Fix taskq_wait_id()
       Add ASSERT0 and VERIFY0 macros
       Fix ASSERT0 and VERIFY0 macro typo
       Merge branch 'linux-3.10'
       Fix --enable-debug-kmem-tracking option
       Fix bogus kmem leak warning
       Improve build instructions
       Return -1 for generic kmem cache shrinker
       Fix KMC_OFFSLAB type caches
       Add kmod repo integration
       Tag spl-0.6.2

Etienne Dechamps (1):
       Fix various generic kmod RPM spec issues.

James H (1):
       Modify gethrestime to use current_kernel_time()

Jan Engelhardt (4):
       build: resolve orthographic and other grammatical errors
       build: use CPPFLAGS
       gitignore: anchor entries at their respective directory
       build: do not call boilerplate ourself

Matthew Thode (1):
       Copy spl.release.in to kernel dir

Nathaniel Clark (1):
       Add --buildroot option to kmod build

Richard Yao (5):
       Linux 3.10 compat: Do not rely on struct proc_dir_entry definition
       Linux 3.11 compat: Replace num_physpages with totalram_pages
       Fix race in spl_kmem_cache_reap_now()
       PaX/GrSecurity Linux 3.8.y compat: Use __no_const on struct
       Linux 3.8 compat: Use kuid_t/kgid_t when required

Tim Chase (1):
       Fix --enable-debug-kmem-tracking option

Turbo Fredriksson (3):
       Support .nogitrelease file
       Add --bump=0 to alien
       Ignore *.{deb,rpm,tar.gz} files in the top directory.

Yuxuan Shui (3):
       Linux 3.10 compat: struct vmalloc_info moved
       Linux 3.10 compat: replace PDE()->data with PDE_DATA()
       Linux 3.10 compat: add missing include of linux/slab.h

----------------------- ZFS Change Log ---------------------------
Aaron Fineman (1):
       Add error message for missing /etc/mtab

Adam Leventhal (1):
       Illumos #3581 
spa_zio_taskq[ZIO_TYPE_FREE][ZIO_TASKQ_ISSUE]->tq_lock contention

Brian Behlendorf (40):
       Automake 1.10.1 compat: AM_SILENT_RULES
       Only require spl-devel-kmod = %{version}
       Replace the ZFS_AC_META perl dependency with awk
       Add additional dependencies for DKMS package
       Correctly return ERANGE in getxattr(2)
       Set RPM_DEFINE_COMMON options
       Fix txg_quiesce thread deadlock
       Fix zinject list handlers
       Silence 'old_umask' uninit variable warning
       Use taskq for dump_bytes()
       Only check directory xattr on ENOENT
       Register correct handlers in nvlist_alloc()
       Allow fetching the pool from the device at mount
       Fix parse_dataset error handling
       Open pools asynchronously after module load
       Remove zfs-dracut and zfs-test dependencies
       Add conditional chkconfig to packaging
       Add conditional chkconfig to packaging
       Add zfs_autoimport_disable tunable
       Fix zpool_read_label()
       Use GFP_NOIO in vdev_disk_io_flush()
       Log pool suspension warnings to the console
       Improve N-way mirror performance
       Add dkms_version conditional
       Fix zfsctl_expire_snapshot() deadlock
       Fix read-only pool hang on unmount
       Fix arc_adapt() spinning in iterate_supers_type()
       Fix 'zpool list -H' error code
       Change l2arc_norw default to zero
       Make arc+l2arc module options writable
       Export additional dmu symbols
       Add kmod repo integration
       Write dirty inodes on close
       Allow arc_evict_ghost() to only evict meta data
       Evict meta data from ghost lists + l2arc headers
       Fix z_wr_iss_h zio_execute() import hang
       Revert "Evict meta data from ghost lists + l2arc headers"
       Use directory xattrs for symlinks
       Tag zfs-0.6.2

Caleb James DeLisle (1):
       Remove .readdir from zpl_file_operations table

Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez (1):
       Ensure --with-spl-timeout waits for spl_config.h and symvers

Chris Dunlop (2):
       Trivial spelling fix
       3.10 API change: block_device_operations->release() returns void

Christ Schlacta (2):
       Added arcstat.py from FreeNAS
       Modified arcstat.py to run on linux

Christer Ekholm (2):
       Add documentation for -T and interval to "zpool list"
       Add missing -v to usage help for zpool list.

Craig Loomis (1):
       Explicitly flush output at end of each zevent

Cyril Plisko (4):
       zfs_scrub_limit tunable is not used anywhere
       Add absent \n at the end of the help text line
       Override default SPA config location via environment
       Add zfs_sync_pass_* tunable parameters

Dmitry Khasanov (2):
       Readd zpool_clear_label() from OpenSolaris
       Add FreeBSD 'zpool labelclear' command

Etienne Dechamps (1):
       Fix various generic kmod RPM spec issues.

George Wilson (6):
       Illumos #3422, #3425
       Illumos #3306, #3321
       Illumos #3329, #3330, #3331, #3335
       Illumos #3552, #3564
       Illumos #3498 panic in arc_read()
       Illumos #3639 zpool.cache should skip over readonly pools

George.Wilson (1):
       3246 ZFS I/O deadman thread

Jan Engelhardt (4):
       build: resolve orthographic and other grammatical errors
       build: use CPPFLAGS
       gitignore: anchor entries at their respective directory
       build: do not call boilerplate ourself

John Layman (1):
       Fix for re-reading /etc/mtab in zfs_is_mounted()

Li Dongyang (1):
       Add SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE to lseek()/llseek()

Madhav Suresh (1):
       Illumos #3006

Martin Matuska (1):
       Allow setting a lower ashift with -o ashift

Massimo Maggi (1):
       Fix the default checksum algorithm in the manpage

Matthew Ahrens (4):
       Illumos #3805 arc shouldn't cache freed blocks
       Readd zfs_holey() from OpenSolaris
       Illumos #3122 zfs destroy filesystem should prefetch blocks
       Illumos #3618 ::zio dcmd does not show timestamp data

Mike Leddy (1):
       Avoid abort() in vn_rdwr(): libzpool/kernel.c

Nathaniel Clark (2):
       Make spl directory setable when building rpms and add --buildroot
       dmu_tx: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference

Ned Bass (1):
       Don't leak mount flags into kernel

Nick Garvey (1):
       Correct typos in renaming example

Pawel Jakub Dawidek (1):
       Call zvol_create_minors() in spa_open_common() when initializing

Prakash Surya (1):
       Add new kstat for monitoring time in dmu_tx_assign

Richard Yao (11):
       Improve OpenRC init script
       Use MAXPATHLEN instead of sizeof in snprintf
       Cleanup zvol initialization code
       Remove zio_alloc_arena
       Remove arc_data_buf_alloc()/arc_data_buf_free()
       Remove b_thawed from arc_buf_hdr_t
       Return correct type and offset from zfs_readdir
       Return -1 from arc_shrinker_func()
       Linux 3.8 compat: Support CONFIG_UIDGID_STRICT_TYPE_CHECKS
       Linux 3.11 compat: fops->iterate()
       Implement database to workaround misreported physical sector sizes

Saso Kiselkov (2):
       Illumos #3137 L2ARC compression
       Illumos #3964 L2ARC should always compress metadata buffers

Shen Yan (2):
       Fix the comment in zfs.h
       Update zio.c

Steven Burgess (3):
       Adds zpool split to man page
       Formating changes for zpool manpage
       Fix man page for the sync property

Tim Chase (2):
       Fix zfs_sb_teardown/zfs_resume_fs NULL dereference
       zdb: enhancement - Display SA xattrs.

Turbo Fredriksson (9):
       Add smb_available() sanity checks
       Man page updates for SMB
       Possibility to disable (not start) zfs at bootup.
       Support .nogitrelease file
       Add --bump=0 to alien
       Ignore *.{deb,rpm,tar.gz} files in the top directory.
       Use setmntent() OR fopen()
       No point in rewind() mtab in zfs_unshare_proto()
       Don't specifically open /etc/mtab

Ying Zhu (5):
       Fix incorrect assertions in ddt_phys_decref and ddt_sync_entry
       Fix compile warning on 32-bit systems
       Fix module probe failure on 32-bit systems
       Improve code in arc_buf_remove_ref
       Fix inaccurate arcstat_l2_hdr_size calculations

Yuri Pankov (1):
       Illumos #3098 zfs userspace/groupspace fail

shenyan1 (1):
       kmem_zalloc(..., KM_SLEEP) will never fail


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