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From: Szakacsits Szabolcs <szaka <at> sienet.hu>
Subject: NTFS-3G Project & ntfs-3g-0.20061031-BETA
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.file-systems.ntfs.devel
Date: Tuesday 31st October 2006 02:18:38 UTC (over 12 years ago)

The latest ntfs-3g driver performed so well, that there wasn't urgent 
need for new releases. However this doesn't mean the development stopped. 
Actually just the opposite. Things are happening with blazing speed!

At just three and half months following the ntfs-3g beta release, many 
distributions include, or have easy-to-install, tested ntfs-3g packages 
available: Ubuntu, Gentoo, Kanotix, Debian, Frugalware, openSUSE, Mandriva,

Ark Linux, PCLinuxOS, grml, PLD Linux, Arch Linux, Puppy LiveCD, Slax, 
Musix, Slackware, Tilix, GParted LiveCD, Trinity Rescue Kit, Vector Linux, 
ALT Linux, PUD Linux, Kurumin, Pardus Linux, B2D Linux, Insert, AliXe, 
Helix and Parsix.

A magic also happened. Fedora started to include NTFS support by ntfs-3g in

Extras, after missing this functionality for at least 5 years. Thank you to

all who fought and worked hard for this to happen!

FUSE 2.6.0 is also out, and it looks better than ever. Miklos Szeredi 
promptly implemented new functionalities which were asked by many ntfs-3g 
users, for example safe swap file support and bootability by LILO. The 
tests are very promising and these functionalities are planned to be 
included in the next ntfs-3g release.

A highly critical scenario was also spotted by Florent Mertens. In some 
desktop configurations, removable devices are detached via 'umount; eject'.

But as it turned out, 'eject' doesn't check if a device is still in use or 
not, which could result data loss since FUSE umounts were asynchronous. 
Miklos Szeredi quickly implemented synchronous support and ntfs-3g should 
make it sure that umounts are synchronous from now on. However this 
requires FUSE 2.6.0. The current ntfs-3g release supports both FUSE 2.5.x 
and 2.6.0 but if you're using removable devices then only FUSE 2.6.0 is 
safe. FUSE 2.6.0 will be a requirement from the next ntfs-3g release, for 
everybody's safety.

Please note that the software versioning changed. I'm very sorry if this 
causes trouble. Originally it wasn't planned that ntfs-3g will have its own

life but things turned out differently.

There were several criticisms, and confusion about the state and future of 
the development. I've listened to everybody's opinion, requests, discussed 
the situation with people, and made the conclusion that there seems to be 
need for a more formal ntfs-3g project development, coordination and 
support. By addressing this, hereby NTFS-3G project is started officially.

Hopefully anybody can find the answers on


If not, then please let me know.

Major changes in this release:

   - fix: unmount was asynchronous; full fix requires FUSE 2.6.0 as well
   - fix: mount was denied if $MFTMirr was too small
   - fix: option parsing was incorrect if there was no space between the
          name & the argument
   - change: new software versioning

Contributors were Patrick McLean, Ismail Donmez, Laszlo Dvornik, Pallaghy 
Ajtony, Florent Mertens, Tom Kerremans, Csaba Henk, Miklos Szeredi, Peter 
Lemenkov, Bruno Damour, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer, Nef, Zhanglinbao, Yuval 
Fledel, Yura Pakhuchiy, Gergely Erdelyi, Dominique L Bouix, Adam Cecile, 
and Tom 'spot' Callaway.

The latest BETA driver can be downloaded from:


Please note, that ntfs-3g releases will be announced only on the
[email protected] list in the future.

Lucky bug hunting,


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