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From: Sakari Ailus <sakari.ailus <at> iki.fi>
Subject: [PATCH v4 0/34] V4L2 subdev and sensor control changes, SMIA++ driver and N9 camera board code
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.drivers.video-input-infrastructure
Date: Friday 2nd March 2012 17:32:19 UTC (over 6 years ago)
Hi everyone,

This the fourth version of my patchset that contains:

- Integer menu controls [2],
- Selection IOCTL for subdevs [3],
- Sensor control changes [5,7],
- link_validate() media entity and V4L2 subdev pad ops,
- OMAP 3 ISP driver improvements [4],
- SMIA++ sensor driver,
- rm680/rm696 board code (a.k.a Nokia N9 and N950) and
- Other V4L2 and media improvements (see individual patches)

The Docbook documentation in HTML format can be found in [13] (v3
documentation available in [11]).

Changes to version 3 [12] include:

  - Rework ISP driver patches
  - Remove code from isp_video_pipeline_validate in same patch as the
    functionality is added elsewhere (old patch to remove leftovers
  - isp_video_streamon() error handling cleanups
  - All pipeline validation performed before any s_straem subdev ops
    - Resizer data rate check moved to link validation
    - CCDC rate checked in isp_video_check_external_subdeva()
  - Formats checked during link validation
  - Remove means to set pixel rate (new patch)
  - Don't set link_validate pad ops where the default is sufficient

- Media controller
  - media_entity_pipeline_start() collects information on entities in
  - link validation error handling fix

- V4L2 / V4L2 subdev
  - Less confusing selection example diagrams
  - Selection documentation improvements  (as also suggested by Laurent)

- SMIA++ driver
  - Fixes according to Laurent's suggestions [14]
  - Locking fixes and power handling cleanups

Changes to version 2 [10] include:

- V4L2
  - Image source controls
    - Documentation no longer refers to "pixel clock" in v4l2_mbus_framefmt
      (this should have been the last reference to those!!)
    - Capitalise first letters in control names
  - Selections
    - Use hex numbers for targets
  - Return NULL instead of invalid pointer when accessing non-existend pads
    in v4l2_subdev_get_try_{format,crop,compose} (new patch)
  - Put link validation definitions in v4l2-subdev.h behind
    #ifdef CONFIG_MEDIA_CONTROLLER ... #endif
  - Spelling fixes (selections and 4cc guidelines)
  - Change vdev_to_v4l2_subdev() return type to struct v4l2_subdev * (new

- SMIA++ driver
  - Clock tree calculation fixes
  - Control handler setup usage fixes at smiapp_open()
  - Don't access non-existent pads

Changes to version 1 [8] include:

- OMAP 3 ISP driver
  - Swapped order of csi receiver's lane definitions
  - Rewrote omap 3 isp link validation patches almost completely
    - Information on connected external entity collected to isp_pipeline
    - Information collected during link checking and used at streamon

- Media entity link validation
  - Error handling fixes

- SMIA++ driver
  - Selection API bugfixes
  - Report correct pixel order right from boot
  - Move link rate control to subdev connected to subdev external to the
    sensor (e.g. ISP's CSI-2 receiver)
  - Introduce proper serialisation
  - Deny changing some controls when streaming (flipping and link rate)
  - Control handler setup moved from streamon time to first subdev open
  - There is no source compose target
  - Bugfixes

- Media bus pixel codes
  - Documentation fix for dpcm compressed formats
  - Added patch for 4CC guidelines (raw bayer only for now)

- Selections
  - Improved selections documentation
  - Added more selections examples
  - Compose target is not available on source pads anymore [9]
  - Dropped default targets

- V4L2
  - Add documentation on link_validate()
  - link_validate() and relater functions  depends on
  - Skip link validation for links on which stream_count was non-zero
  - Do not validate link if entity's stream count is non-zero
  - Use v4l2_subdev_link_validate_default() if no link_validate pad op
is set
  - Allow changing control handler mutex: this enables a driver to provide
    multiple subdevs but use only one mutex. Default mutex (part of struct
    v4l2_ctrl_handler) is set in v4l2_ctrl_handler_init().
  - Split image source class into two: image source and image processing

Changes to the RFC v1 [6] include:

- Integer controls:
  - Target Linux 3.4 instead of 3.3
  - Proper control type check in querymenu
  - vivi compile fixes

- Subdev selections
  - Pad try fields combined to single struct
  - Correctly set sel.which based on crop->which in crop fall-back

- Subdev selection documentation
  - Better explanation on image processing in subdevs
  - Added a diagram to visualise subdev configuration
  - Fixed DocBook syntax issues

- Pixel rate
  - Pixel rate is now a 64-bit control, not part of v4l2_mbus_framefmt
  - Unit for pixel rate is pixels / second
  - Pixel rate is read-only

- Link frequency is now in Hz --- documented as such also

- Link validation instead of pipeline validation
  - Each link is validated by calling link_validate op
    - Added link validation op to media_entity_ops
  - Link validation op in pad ops makes this easy for subdev drivers
  - media_entity_pipeline_start() may return an error code now
    - This might affect other drivers, but will warn in compilation.
      No adverse effects are caused if the driver does not use

  - Make lanecfg as part of the platform data structure, not pointer
  - Document lane configuration structures
  - Link validation moved to respective subdev drivers from ispvideo.c
    - isp_validate_pipeline() removed

- SMIA++ driver
  - Update pixel order based on vflip and hflip
  - Cleanups in the main driver, register definitions and PLL code
  - Use pr_* macros instead of printk
  - Improved error handling for i2c_transfer()
  - Removed useless definitions
  - Don't access try crop / compose directly but use helper functions
  - Add xshutdown to platform data
  - Move driver under smiapp directory

- rm680 board code
  - Use REGULATOR_SUPPLY() where possible
  - Removed printk()'s
  - Don't include private smiapp headers


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Kind regards,

Sakari Ailus
[email protected]
CD: 3ms