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From: Michael Renzmann <mrenzmann-ch4FHrj58jqtlBvVaVFjCkB+6BGkLq7r <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Future of the project
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.drivers.madwifi.project
Date: Monday 9th November 2009 11:48:44 UTC (over 8 years ago)
Hi all.

In the past we have had quite a few discussions about the future of the
project, and I'd like to start another one.

As I see it, the project is in pretty bad shape:

 1. MadWifi once was the most important development objective of the
project. The latest release is v0.9.4, dated February 2008. This release
doesn't compile against any of the current kernel versions. A release
candidate is available (thanks to Pavel for constantly updating the
madwifi-0.9.4 branch for kernel changes!), but a new release is blocked by
one single issue that no one seems to either be able or willing to fix.
Let aside the fact that trunk is light-years ahead of 0.9.4 as far as the
codebase is concerned, but also seems to be light-years away from a state
where it could be considered for a release.

 2. Partly due to a lack of updates, partly because ath5k and ath9k have
been actively developed and brought forward, MadWifi has become obsolete.
ath[59]k work for most users now, leaving not much more but a niche for
MadWifi for special uses (Multi-SSID scenarios, researching, ...).

 3. An increasing amount of questions on madwifi-devel remain unanswered,
especially those which either require in-depth knowledge of MadWifi, deal
with more or less advanced features or deal with feature requests. The
situation on madwifi-users looks better, since Pavel answers most of the
support requests there (again, thanks!).

 4. Despite the fact that the project once has decided to support ath[59]k
development it appears this doesn't happen. Yes, some of the members of
this project are more or less actively involved in ath[59]k development.
But apart from hosting the mailing lists there is nothing the project (as
entity) contributes to them.

 5. Users have donated money and hardware to the project in order to
support the goals of the project to improve Linux support for
Atheros-based WLAN devices. We hold an impressive amount of funds (~
11.700 USD) and have a nice bunch of WLAN cards and other stuff, but so
far we have failed to do anything useful with these assets.

Which brings me to my key question, or better the list of things that need
to be decided upon:

 1. Are we actually interested in keeping this project alive?

 2. Who is able and willing to actively contribute to the project?

 3. How can we best use the donated funds and hardware to support
improvements in Linux support for Atheros-based WLAN hardware?

 4. And in case it is decided to burry the project: what should happen with
the remaining services (ath[59]k mailing list, information on the
madwifi-project.org website, ...)

No, this list is not complete, it contains just the (from my point of
view) most pressing issues.

Bye, Mike
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