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From: Neil Williams <codehelp <at> debian.org>
Subject: Bug#498274: Reassigning
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.debian.devel.bugs.general
Date: Wednesday 28th January 2009 11:22:12 UTC (over 9 years ago)
reassign 498274 buildd.emdebian.org
notfound 498274 1.4.6
tag 498274 + confirmed
tag 498274 + help
retitle 498274 Coordination of testing migrations in Emdebian

All Emdebian flavours need to coordinate migrations into testing -
preferably together with migrations of the toolchain packages and the
tools themselves. i.e. the debian/, emdebian/, grip/ and locale/
repositories should migrate all binaries from the relevant source
package(s) at the same time and maintain installability for each. If a
particular binary is not available, Emdebian needs to have guidelines
on whether the entire migration is paused or certain flavours are
allowed to migrate ahead of the rest.

1. filter/ updates via a daily cron task, directly from Debian.
2. grip/ updates a short time later - after the packages are built on
the server.
3. locale/ needs better coordination between Grip and Crush but
reprepro handles the current duplication without problems. Generally,
locale/ will be updated by the Grip builds quicker than the Crush
4. emdebian/ (which probably should be renamed/symlinked as crush/)
migrations are not currently automated, although information necessary
to perform the migration is collated daily with a 24hr delay. Packages
that fail to cross-build after an update in Debian will take longer to
fix but most fixes are done within the 10day testing migration delay.
There probably needs to be a system to alert the mailing list when a
package consistently fails to cross-build.
5. debian/ (i.e. toolchains) take the longest to build and fix when the
build fails but as long as all toolchains remain installable, it
probably isn't necessary to delay the migration of other flavours
simply because the toolchain is delayed.
5.1. Tools (also in debian/) like emdebian-tools and apt-cross are
managed via Debian and Britney - releases only build up in debian/
during a release freeze, as now. Migrations within debian/ must avoid
migrating packages other than those necessary for the toolchains.

The 'filter/' repository maintained by emdebian-grip-server can provide
all the data we need about migrations within Debian - support already
exists such that when the chosen mirror updates, the filter is updated
by a cron task and the Packages.gz file in the filter repository is
updated by reprepro. This removes the need to listen to the email
announcements from Britney or devise other ways to monitor Debian

This is a Policy thing for Emdebian - it will be supported via scripts
but the implementation needs to be bespoke. Debian::Packages::Compare
will be the main agent, tying the TDebs to the source packages via the
Source: field of the TDeb.

Of course, this problem would go away if there was a way to get these
repositories into the main Debian archive. :-)

Alternatively, if the real 'britney' script becomes available as a
regularly updated package in Debian, it could be possible to use that
with reprepro.

This could be a good sub-project for someone else to develop. It will
be essential when Crush starts to support more architectures. If you
want to work on it, just claim this bug report and keep it (and
therefore the mailing list) regularly updated.


Neil Williams
CD: 3ms