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From: Luca Capello <luca <at> pca.it>
Subject: Re: DC13 sponsoring brochure, sponsorship levels
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.debian.conference.team
Date: Wednesday 8th August 2012 18:57:15 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Hi there!

On Thu, 26 Jul 2012 11:21:03 +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
> As you have probably noticed [1], we are now working to finalize the
> DC13 sponsoring brochure and then start our quest for sponsors.
> I thus propose the sponsorship levels below, also based on some other
> posts [3][4][5] and previous DebConfs, with DC10 being the reference in
> terms of living costs.  Please remember than the current budget is
> estimated at 215'000 CHF [6][7].

New proposal based on the replies, thank you all for the inputs.

FTR, I will committed the version below after sending this email, so the
sponsoring brochure will reflect a bit more the current discussion.

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Sponsorship levels

* SUPPORTER - up to CHF 2'000 [DC10 <2'000, DC11 >1'200, DC12 NONE] 

  + Logo on the sponsor page of our website
  + Opportunity to provide corporate materials to be distributed to
    attendees in their conference bags

* BRONZE - starting from CHF 2'000 [DC10 2'000, DC11 2'400, DC12 2'000]

  Benefits from supporter, and also:

  + Logo on every page of our website and link back to the company
  + Logo included in full-page thank you ad in Linux Magazine worldwide

* SILVER - starting from CHF 5'000 [DC10 10'000, DC11 6'000, DC12 5'000]

  Benefits from bronze, and also:

  + Logo printed on conference T-Shirts
  + Logo printed on conference bags

* GOLD - starting from CHF 10'000 [DC10 20'000, DC11 12'000, DC12 12'500]

  Benefits from silver, and also:

  + Logo printed larger and in superior position
  + Logo in video streams and recordings
  + Logo on banner in conference lobby

* PLATINUM - starting from CHF 20'000 [DC10 30'000, DC11 30'000, DC12

  Benefits from gold, and also:

  + Name and description of sponsor in all press releases relating to
    the conference
  + Logo on banner behind talk podiums
  + 45 minute slot for giving a free software related talk


* The size and order of sponsor logos in promotional materials will be
  the same for each level.

* We welcome as well hardware donations to support the DebConf

* We also invite sponsors, in addition to their basic sponsorship, to
  sponsor a specific part of the conference.  These are some of the
  opportunities available, please contact the sponsorship team to
  discuss prices and other details:

  - Lecture and meeting rooms
  - Conference banquet
  - Tourist outing
  - Attendee travel bursaries
  - Sponsored meals for attendees
  - Sponsored accommodation for attendees
  - Coffee or snacks
  - Prizes for fixing bugs or similar actions [like at DebConf10]
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> a) should we add some quotes explaining previous achievements at
>    DebCamp/DebConf [7] , i.e. the work Francesca started to do before
>    DebConf12?

Francesca (Cc:ed), do you have any news about that?  Or, a link to where
I can get some of the quotes you have already collected?

> b) what about smaller contributors [8]?  How should we "reward" them?

This is now taken care in the supporter level.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca
CD: 4ms