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From: Luca Capello <luca <at> pca.it>
Subject: DC13 sponsoring brochure, sponsorship levels
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.debian.conference.team
Date: Thursday 26th July 2012 09:21:03 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Hi there!

As you have probably noticed [1], we are now working to finalize the
DC13 sponsoring brochure and then start our quest for sponsors.


I read the latest discussion [2] about DC12 sponsorship levels and I
think the best resume was given by Holger:

On Sun, 26 Feb 2012 02:48:17 +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hm, I really like the way we have now: bronce=website, silver=tshirt
> for cloth), gold=video, platinum=premium partner. It's easy to remember
> thus to explain,.



I thus propose the sponsorship levels below, also based on some other
posts [3][4][5] and previous DebConfs, with DC10 being the reference in
terms of living costs.  Please remember than the current budget is
estimated at 215'000 CHF [6][7].

[6] <http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf13/Switzerland/Bid#Rough_budget_calculations>
[7] The USD/CHF exchange ratio is basically fluctuating around 1:1, so
     we can easily start talking in CHF (to also ease the localteam

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Sponsorship levels

* BRONZE - starting from CHF 2'500 [DC10 2'000, DC11 2'500, DC12 2'000]

  + Logo on our website and link back to the company homepage
  + Logo included in full-page thank you ad in Linux Magazine worldwide

* SILVER - starting from CHF 7'500 [DC10 10'000, DC11 6'000, DC12 5'000]

  Benefits from bronze, and also:

  + Logo printed on conference T-Shirts
  + Logo printed on conference bags
  + Opportunity to provide corporate materials to be distributed to
    attendees in their conference bags

* GOLD - starting from CHF 15'000 [DC10 20'000, DC11 12'000, DC12 12'500]

  Benefits from silver, and also:

  + Logo printed larger and in superior position
  + Logo in video streams and recordings
  + Logo on banner in conference lobby

* PLATINUM - starting from CHF 30'000 [DC10 30'000, DC11 30'000, DC12

  Benefits from gold, and also:

  + Name and description of sponsor in all press releases relating to
    the conference
  + Logo on banner behind talk podiums
  + 45 minute slot for giving a free software related talk


* The size and order of sponsor logos in promotional materials will be
  set according to the amount of sponsorship received from each sponsor.

* We would like to note that hardware donations to support the DebConf
  infrastructure are welcomed.

* We also invite sponsors, in addition to their basic sponsorship, to
  sponsor a specific part of the conference.  These are some of the
  opportunities available, please contact the sponsorship team to
  discuss prices and other details:

  - Lecture and meeting rooms
  - Conference banquet
  - Tourist outing
  - Attendee travel bursaries
  - Sponsored meals for attendees
  - Sponsored accommodation for attendees
  - Busses for Day Trip, etc...
  - Coffee or snacks
  - Prizes for fixing bugs or similar actions [like at DebConf10]
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There are open questions, though:

a) should we add some quotes explaining previous achievements at
   DebCamp/DebConf [7] , i.e. the work Francesca started to do before

b) what about smaller contributors [8]?  How should we "reward" them?

c) who handle the sponsorship process and money?  Or, if you want to
   have it differently, which structure should be put on the sponsorship
   brochure?  Until now we used the DebConf Sponsorship Team, but for
   DebConf12 it was suggested to add a note about SPI & Co. [9], while
   the DebConf13 localteam also started a discussion about a separate
   and new association [10].  This is even more important if we would
   like to advertise the possibility of tax exemption [11].





Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca
CD: 4ms