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From: Steve Youngs <steve <at> sxemacs.org>
Subject: You, me, and GPLv3
Newsgroups: gmane.emacs.sxemacs.devel
Date: Friday 23rd November 2007 10:07:32 UTC (over 10 years ago)
Hi Folks!

Regardless of whether you think GPLv3 is an improvement over GPLv2 (or
earlier) or not, the reality is that it is here.  It is also reality
that it is being adopted by more and more OSS and GNU projects.  Chief
of which is GNU/Emacs.  And like it or not, occasionally, what they do
directly affects us. :-)

XEmacs _will_ migrate to GPLv3, they have no choice.  The only thing
that is still up in the air is the "when".  We are in the same
situation.  We will have to migrate to GPLv3 as well.  We have to do so
because GNU/Emacs already has, and because more and more of the
supplemental things that we link with will go the same way.  If we don't
migrate, eventually we'd find ourselves in a barren zone with no chance
of being able to sync up with XEmacs or GNU/Emacs.

The way I see it, we have nothing to lose by moving to GPLv3.  In fact,
we'll gain.  We'll be able to sync from GNU/Emacs CVS HEAD, and at the
same time we'll still be able to sync from GPLv2 XEmacs.  XEmacs won't
be able to sync _from_ us, but I'm not going to let that stress me. :-)

And I really don't believe that anything else will change.  It'll just
be business as usual, where we write cool new features and fix bugs.

So, with that, I think you'll agree with me that there is no "do
we/don't we", there is just a "when".  I believe that the answer to the
when is now.  If you disagree speak up.  Speak up now, and speak up

How do we do it?  Well we don't just blindly update every file in the
repo.  The only files that need changing are those that are licenced as
GPL _and_ includes the "or later" clause.  If it doesn't have that "or
later" clause, we can't change it.  And it is _not_ a matter of
`sed -i s/2/3/' on the eligible files.  The wording of the licence
header that you include in source files has changed slightly... It no
longer lists the FSF's street address, instead it has a URL.  A fairly
inconsequential change, but at least we won't have to update it the next
time those boys move house.[1]

I'm not certain if we should touch the texinfo manuals.  GNU/Emacs uses
the GFDL for their's, and XEmacs uses plain GPL (mostly).  GFDL and GPL
are not compatible with each other.  So for a long time now, XEmacs has
not been able to use anything from GNU/Emacs manuals.  I think we should
stay sync-able with XEmacs manuals.  So, for now, we should leave the
manuals alone, and update the licence if/when XEmacs does.

[1]  We never got around to updating all the licence headers from the
     last time they moved.

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