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From: Marc <hkiws <at> gmx.de>
Subject: Feature-Ideas
Newsgroups: gmane.emacs.orgmode
Date: Monday 5th July 2010 07:00:27 UTC (over 6 years ago)
Hey to all and thanks for the great work!

Org-mode is impressing and of large value to me. 


I have severel ideas about new features that I want to share. My knowledge
with lisp and the coding of the org-structure is bad so far, so I can't try
to contribute a patch.

* 1. *Alias - Trees* 						  
When I work on projects, I often want to /reference to a certain other
heading/. It would be great to do this not just with links, but /with an

I think of trees, that show up and can be in the current tree as if they
were a subtree, but really are at another position in the current or a
different file.

This concept would also allow seperate versioning and merging of external
generated content into the current file. ( I e.g. think of summaries of
text in the scientific context. )   

* 2. More flexible *Colouring for categories*, tags, ... .	   
It would be great to have the /opportunity to define individual faces for
different categories, tags/ , ...  .

* 3. Implementation of *hourly/minutely reference*.
It would be useful to be able to schedule something to repeat every 12 or 6
hours or in 22 minutes. It would also be useful, to have the opportunity to
associate asynchronous shell scripts with individual scheduled events. 

* 4. *Exclude certain days from Timeline*
The opportunity to /give/ whole days the status // . That would mean, that when I fire up the /Timeline/ for a
current file (L), certain days are /show/ with a message "/day is planned
for project /. in a certain project specific project. 
It would also be useful to have a keycommand in the /Timeline/ to /switch
other files on showing them in gray/.

* 5. *Manually timeclock certain Headings*
I would love to have a commands that can change the clocktime of not
running headings or insert new  clocktimes into the current heading.  E.g.
like this:

Change the clocktime of :
(s) change last timeclock and keep the Start time.             ->    How
long did it last?
(e) change last timeclock and keep the End time                ->    How
long did it last?        
(# C-u offset to change the #n last timeclock)
(a) add new timeclock                                          ->    Ask
for Start and End. (with opportunity to specify the END relative)

* 6. *Expand timestamps to include locations*
Special timestamp-commands that also ask for places and presents a list of
all places of all projects to choose from.

* 7. *More complex timeclock-reports*
Is anyone working on a more comprehensive way of giving visual feedback and
analysing the data of the timeclock-feature. (What have I done the last
month? How many time has gone to which project / etc.) I am a relatively
known [[http://cran.r-project.org/][GNU
R]] user and could contribute code for analysis of time usage / plotting
complex more diagrams in R. Allthough I am not very used to the export
mechanisms in Orgmode. Does anyone like to cooperate?

Once again: thanks for doing it!


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