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From: Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs <friedel <at> nomaden.org>
Subject: Re: POLL: the 40 variables project
Newsgroups: gmane.emacs.orgmode
Date: Thursday 29th January 2009 11:13:16 UTC (over 9 years ago)

Carsten Dominik schrieb:
> yesterday I did this command in my org-mode git repo:
>   grep defcustom lisp/*el |wc -l

btw. there's git-grep.

> and got 378 as an answer.  378 user-customizable variables,
> no kidding.

You make this sound as if it was a bad thing... ;)

> In addition, I could make a special customization group which only
> contains those variables (Emacs allows to put a variable into several
> groups).  It would be awesome to have, and a much easier start into
> customizing Org.

Phew! For a second I thought you would jump on the 'gnome' train of
thought that "too much configuration is bad, mmkay?" I feared that
you'd intend to get rid of those customisation variables.

I'd hate to see that happen to any software project.

I don't care what any usability experts say (self-proclaimed or not),
I want to be able to change those settings. I tend to heavily
customise just about every software that I use.

However organising the most-often used variables seems like a good
idea. It might also make a lot of sense to identify the values that
people most often use to arrive at a more sensible set of defaults.

> So here is my question to all of you.  Could you, in reply to this
> message, list all the Org-related variables that you have customized,
> along with the values you used?

(setq org-return-follows-link t)
;; My brain is just hardwired that way.

(appt-activate 1)
;; remind me of my appointments for the day, please

(add-hook 'org-agenda-after-show-hook 'show-all)
;; I put comments after the WAITING state of an item which explain,
;; what I'm waiting for. This way I see them directly when I show the
;; item from the agenda.

I think some of the following settings may be at their default values,
because I set and afterwards re-set them. It's a bit hard for me to
check them all, since they were auto-saved after customisation.

 '(org-after-todo-state-change-hook (quote (org-clock-out-if-current)))

 '(org-agenda-columns-add-appointments-to-effort-sum t)
;; left over from a failed experiment with efforts

 '(org-agenda-custom-commands (quote (("d" todo #("DOING" 0 5 (face
org-warning)) nil) ("w" todo #("WAITING" 0 7 (face org-warning)) ((aaa 1)
(bbb 2))) ("S" "\"Shopping List\" (just the headings)" tags-todo #("List" 0
4 (face org-warning)) ((org-agenda-remove-tags t) (org-agenda-prefix-format
"") (org-agenda-todo-keyword-format "") (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote
(category-up priority-down))))) ("p" "Project List" tags #("Project" 0 7
(face org-warning)) ((org-use-tag-inheritance nil))))))
;; I guess everybody customises this

 '(org-agenda-exporter-settings (quote ((htmlize-output-type (quote
;; no link to a css file please

 '(org-agenda-include-diary t)
;; remind me of birthdays etc.

 '(org-agenda-remove-times-when-in-prefix (quote beg))
;; don't remove the time from "meeting at 9:00"

 '(org-agenda-skip-deadline-if-done t)
 '(org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-done t)
 '(org-agenda-skip-timestamp-if-done t)
;; when it's done, it's done

 '(org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote ((agenda time-up priority-down
category-keep) (todo priority-down category-keep tag-down) (tags
priority-down category-keep tag-down) (search category-keep))))
;; time is most important on the agenda, everywhere else it's priority

 '(org-agenda-start-on-weekday nil)
;; start today... I don't really think in weeks.

 '(org-agenda-todo-ignore-deadlines t)
 '(org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled t)
;; "The idea behind this is that such items will appear in the agenda
;; "The idea behind this is that by scheduling it, you have already taken
;; of this item."

 '(org-agenda-use-time-grid nil)
;; time grid is distracting from the tasks that have to be done
;; anyway, but don't have a set clock time

 '(org-blank-before-new-entry ((heading) (plain-list-item)))
;; interesting... I forgot this existed. I just customised both
;; entries to nil as I really prefer to decide depending on context

 '(org-clock-history-length 15)
;; seemed sensible

 '(org-clock-in-resume t)
;; I often restart my emacs *and* I often forget to clock out

 '(org-clock-in-switch-to-state "DOING")
;; DOING should be the same as clocking, at least at work

 '(org-clock-out-remove-zero-time-clocks t)
;; and clean up after me a little

 '(org-clock-persist t)
;; did I say I restart my emacs?

 '(org-columns-default-format "%66ITEM %8TODO %3PRIORITY %SCHEDULED
;; left over from a failed experiment with efforts

 '(org-completion-use-ido t)
;; I use ido for everything.

 '(org-drawers (quote ("PROPERTIES" "CLOCK" "SCHEDULE" "HIDDEN")))
;; I added HIDDEN to put in some rants and notes, but I don't use it
;; any more

 '(org-effort-property "EFFORT")
;; left over from a failed experiment with efforts

 '(org-export-html-use-infojs t)
;; this is very handy

 '(org-export-mark-todo-in-toc t)
;; I wanted to try this, but I don't see a difference in the exported html

 '(org-export-run-in-background nil)
;; I tried setting this to t, but the forked off emacs hangs
;; (probably in a y/n question because my desktop gets loaded on emacs

 '(org-export-with-LaTeX-fragments t)
;; still trying to get latex export work properly for me

 '(org-export-with-priority t)
;; I want to see this

 '(org-export-with-sub-superscripts (quote {}))
;; I often use underscores, e.g. when describing C functions and I
;; really do not mean subscripts.

 '(org-fast-tag-selection-single-key t)
;; set to t, but I don't use this

 '(org-global-properties (quote (("EFFORT_ALL" . "0 0:02:00 0:05:00 0:10:00
0:20:0 0:30:00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 16 24 32 40 48 56 64"))))
;; left over from a failed experiment with efforts

 '(org-goto-max-level 5)
;; I often build trees with deep hierarchies

 '(org-hide-leading-stars t)
;; looks less cluttered

 '(org-icalendar-include-sexps nil)
 '(org-icalendar-include-todo nil)
 '(org-icalendar-store-UID t)
;; experimented with ical export for a bit. Will continue later.

 '(org-infojs-options (quote ((path . "file:///home/friedel/opt/Org-Publish/org-info.js")
(view . "overview") (toc . :table-of-contents) (ftoc . "0") (tdepth .
"max") (sdepth . "max") (mouse . "underline") (buttons . "0") (ltoc . "1")
(up . :link-up) (home . :link-home))))

 '(org-insert-heading-respect-content t)
 '(org-keep-stored-link-after-insertion t)
 '(org-link-to-org-use-id t)
;; I move stuff around a lot.

 '(org-log-done (quote (state)))
 '(org-log-states-order-reversed t)
;; for seeing the context of a state change quickly, see above

 '(org-modules (quote (org-bbdb org-bibtex org-gnus org-id org-info
org-jsinfo org-irc org-mew org-mhe org-rmail org-vm org-wl org-w3m
org-annotate-file org-annotation-helper org-bookmark org-depend
org-elisp-symbol org-interactive-query org-mairix org-man org-toc)))
;; some just to try them out. I think I still actively use org-id,
;; org-info, org-jsinfo, org-w3m, org-annotation-helper,
;; org-annotate-file, org-depend, org-man, org-toc
;; I'm not sure about org-bookmark, org-elisp-symbol and

 '(org-outline-path-complete-in-steps t)
 '(org-refile-targets (quote ((org-agenda-files :maxlevel . 5))))
 '(org-refile-use-outline-path (quote full-file-path))
;; I use multiple identically named files in subdirectories.
;; i.e. I have work/SomedayMaybe.org and home/SomedayMaybe.org. 
;; This is the only setup that allows me to quickly refile something
;; from/to the SomedayMaybe files.

 '(org-remember-templates (quote (("" 119 "* %?
%i" "~/Org/Collect.org" "Web links" nil) ("" 116 "* TODO %?
  %i" "~/Org/Collect.org" "Tasks" nil) ("" 110 "* %?
  %i" "~/Org/Collect.org" "Notes" nil))))
;; I mostly use annotation instead of remember. If at all, I use the
;; 'Tasks' remember template, so I probably could clean this up.

 '(org-special-ctrl-a/e t)
 '(org-special-ctrl-k t)
;; not sure I like these

 '(org-startup-folded (quote content))
;; best overview first

 '(org-startup-truncated nil)
;; I like to wrap long links

 '(org-structure-template-alist (quote (("s" "#+begin_src ?

#+end_src" "

") ("e" "#+begin_example
#+end_example" "
") ("q" "#+begin_quote
#+end_quote" "
") ("v" "#+begin_verse
#+end_verse" "
/verse>") ("l" "#+begin_latex
#+end_latex" "
") ("L" "#+latex: " "?") ("h"
#+end_html" "
") ("H" "#+html: " "?") ("a"
#+end_ascii") ("A" "#+ascii: ") ("i" "#+include %file ?" "") ("p" "*** Warum, Wozu?
    1. ?

*** Ergebnis

*** Brainstorm

*** Struktur

*** Plan
") ("c" ":PROPERTIES:
:TRIGGER: chain-siblings(TODO)
") ("rc" ":PROPERTIES:
;; I've added the chain-siblings and reset-check-boxes templates
;; because I use those features often. The 'p' templates has german
;; keywords for structuring a plan according to David Allen's "natural
;; planning" mode.

 '(org-stuck-projects (quote ("+LEVEL=2/-DONE" ("TODO" "DOING" "NEXT"
"NEXTACTION") ("Reminder" "Note") "")))
;; this was experiment, I never use this

 '(org-tags-match-list-sublevels t)
;; "This variable is semi-obsolete and probably should always be true"

 '(org-todo-interpretation (quote sequence))
;; see below

 '(org-todo-keywords (quote ((sequence "TODO(t)" "DOING(d)" "WAITING([email protected])"
"|" "CANCELLED([email protected])" "DONE([email protected])") (sequence "REMINDER(r)" "|"))))
;; A "REMINDER" is marked red in the agenda, but doesn't really need
;; (immediate) action.

 '(org-use-fast-tag-selection nil)
;; I use too many tags for this to be useful

 '(org-use-fast-todo-selection t)
;; I use this a lot!

 '(org-use-property-inheritance (quote ("DEADLINE")))
 ;; This doesn't really seem to work. I'd like to be able
;; to set a DEADLINE for a whole tree, so the sub-items will
;; automatically be deadlined to the same date.

> Of course, if there is a volunteer who would like to organize
> this info into a Worg page, I would even be more happy ...

I'm afraid I have given you a lot of information to process now. I
hope somebody is ready and willing to organise it.

Kind regards
        Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs 
                             TauPan on Ircnet and Freenode ;)

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