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From: Mary Mastraccio <MaryM-QZxcGYC5r0GuvtTkCOosKA <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] Petition to support Wojciech's memorandum
Newsgroups: gmane.education.libraries.autocat
Date: Wednesday 3rd November 2010 17:54:37 UTC (over 7 years ago)
Below is my review of the RDA authority record issue which I posted to

I have been analyzing the RDA authority records that are being circulated
and believe that the concern over RDA authority records existing in the
live NAR database is unnecessary and detrimental because it is taking many
catalogers time and energy when the assumed issues are non-existent. 

The petition that is circulating calls for "the RDA Coordinating Committee
to change their policy, and mandate the use of existing authority records
without alteration, unless there are serious conflicts with rule sets."

RDA test documentation instructs to only create an "RDA" record if one does
not already exist--reviewing the records indicates that is what is being
done. So far I have found 7 RDA authority records that duplicated existing
AACR2 authority records and they were immediately changed to deletes, in
other words because an AACR2 NAR already existed the 7 RDA authority
records were deleted. The same process happens when any duplicate NACO
authority records are created. The control number for the deleted RDA
record was entered in the 010$z of the AACR2 record, as would be expected.
In one record [n 88631621] the deleted control number [n 2010067098] was
not added as it should have been, but that happens now all the time with
regular NACO records so is the failure of an individual, not the RDA test

The RDA test documentation specifically states not to change the 1xx in
existing authority records. I don't think this has changed. The fact that
some data is added to an authority record should not be an issue. See: nr

There are basically two types of "RDA" authority records. The first type of
RDA record is the one that is created for new terms, these all have
040$erda, and have no corresponding AACR2 authority record. The second type
are existing AACR2/NARs which have been used to authorize a heading in an
RDA bib record, note the instructions are "do not modify the 1XX during the
Test or add 040 $e". Occasionally an 040$erda is added [but these are
corrected in subsequent changed records], usually a 7xx for the RDA term is
added (and as has been noted in most cases the 7xx is the same as the 1xx),
there are other RDA (MARC) fields that may be added to the AACR2 record but
it is still the AACR2 record a library wants in their authority file. 

The "rda" geographical records really look just like any AACR2 geographic
authority record. None with 040$erda that I have seen have a 751, they all
have the expected 781--which means the RDA and AACR2 forms are the same.
Although they are flagged "RDA" they are the one and only NAR for that
geographic place and every library using LC-NAR's needs them in their
authority file. See n 2010069052; no2010172183. The AACR2/RDA records
generally do have the 751; see n  50006403, n  50047186.

Some libraries have expressed the need to "revise any RDA 1xx and 4xx
headings in LC-distributed authority records to AACR2 forms". Either an
authority record is an authority record or it isn't. As has been noted, the
majority of the "RDA" authority records really are AACR2 authority records
so there is no changing to be done. A review of the newly created RDA
authority records shows that most of the RDA forms are identical to the
AACR2 forms, so no revision is needed. Finally, in the few cases where the
RDA is different from the AACR2 form, they have the same structure as 
AACR2--perhaps an occasional minor difference. In other words, so far the
number of authority records that would be revised are insignificant--count
them on one hand, if any. Since the authority processing standardizes all
the related headings it is not necessary to modify the LC authority

001 n  50026395
100 1  |aSinatra, Frank,|d1915-1998
700 14 |aSinatra, Frank,|d1915-1998

001 no2010160252 
035    |a(OCoLC)oca08643555
040    |aUPB|beng|cUPB|erda|dUPB
130  0 |aThanksgiving Psalms.|lFrench
670    |aLe livre des Hymnes dΓecouvert prßes de la mer Morte (1QH),

 001   n 2010069253▲ 
 040     ▼aDLC▼beng▼cDLC▼erda▼dUk▲ 
 100 1   ▼aGonzález Mateo, Santiago,▼d1765-▼tVida trágica del Job
del siglo XVIII y XIX▲ 
 700 1 4 ▼aGonzález Mateo, Santiago,▼dd. 18th/19th cent.▼tJob del
siglo XVIII y XIX.▲ 

As long as LC/NACO/PCC continues this practice there will be no chaos in
the authority file.

Mary L. Mastraccio, MLS
Cataloging & Authorities Librarian
San Antonio Texas 78265
[email protected]


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