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From: Tuomo Valkonen <tuomov-X3B1VOXEql0 <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Ion3 wishlist / a note about Ion4
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.window-managers.ion.general
Date: Wednesday 23rd April 2008 06:32:12 UTC (over 10 years ago)
1. I thought it would be good to collect somewhere, some possible
things to work on in Ion3plus, if anyone can be arsed. Please post
what you'd like to see here, and I'll comment if would include a
quality patch. Maybe someone can one day be arsed to code the feature
or modification, if it's known that it has a chance of getting there.
(Things that are clearly separable into modules, should be implemented
as separate modules, whether they are included in the main package 
or not.)

No, given the current state and trend of fonts [1], Xft still
snowball's chance in hell of getting in. That's politics for you
(which is what you get for imposing too much policy in software!).
Xinerama also isn't going back in, especially not after what the
shitheads in power did to Xrandr: turning it into Shitorama 2.0. 
However, as Ion3plus is a sort of "wiki branch" that I won't be 
actively maintaining, and perhaps not even making releases of, 
I may include patches that I might not otherwise care to maintain;
those, however, are unlikely to get further into Ion4.

  [1]: http://iki.fi/tuomov/b/archives/2008/03/20/T13_47_17/

2. Yes, I think I will at least try to write Ion4, since I have some
nice ideas that I can't resist testing out... :). Indeed, with Ion4 
I plan to get back into working on "research code", and will also
try to simplify things, further removing features. Throughout Ion2 
and, especially, Ion3, the project grew too much into a proper complex
and bloated software development project, and I don't really have time 
or even interest for such gruntwork. Research and testing out new ideas
is what I prefer to do.

Don't hold your breath. Ion4, if it happens, is likely to take quite
some time to near even a preview release, and I think I prefer to work
in peace, and I'll only release it, once it's almost finished. That 
could indeed be 2016, as joked in the stable Ion3 release announcement
thread. That's how much time I seem to be able to spare for coding, and 
I do have a few other very slowly proceeding coding projects. (And since 
working on the code is very intermittent, it always takes more time 
to recall what you were going to do, than you actually spend writing
code.) A slow progress rate will especially be the case, if I have to
do it all myself...  I'd really just like to move to the management 
department already :).

Indeed, the rate of contributions to Ion3plus can affect when and with
what kind of license (if any) Ion4 is released, and if the source
will be released at all (or just a Cygwin or so binary). Some of the
suggestions I will list for Ion3plus in a later post, may be part of
Ion4 (but they are non-essential nice things, that do not form the 
new core ideas). Here's your chance to prove that FOSS isn't a completely
lost cause, as it has lately started to appear [2].

  [2]: http://iki.fi/tuomov/b/archives/2007/06/01/T19_09_43/

3. I will provide a list of some suggestions I have for Ion3plus, 
some of which might get into Ion4, in another post.

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