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From: Jonas Fonseca <fonseca <at> diku.dk>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] ELinks 0.11.4
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.web.elinks.user
Date: Friday 20th June 2008 20:26:25 UTC (over 10 years ago)

Here goes the final 0.11.4 release containing mostly bug fixes and
translation updates. Hopefully this will be one of the last releases of
the long lived 0.11 branch that came to life back in 2006-01-01, since
all the goodies in the 0.12 branch brings considerable improvements in
terms of UTF-8 support etc.

Below is the complete shortlog of changes since 0.11.4rc1 and the NEWS
entry for this release with information about bug fixes.

Adam Golebiowski (1):
      pl.po: Shortcut key for File/resize terminal changed from 't' to 'r'.

Jonas Fonseca (5):
      Update Danish translation
      Update po files
      Update manpages for 0.11.4

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo (10):
      keys2doc: Change \"foo\" to "foo".
      update-man: Install manpages to srcdir, not builddir.
      elinks.conf.5: quoting corrections
      Bug 939: Documented the fix.
      Bug 1012: Compile with -fno-strict-overflow or -fwrapv.
      Bug 1014: Fix incompatible pointer type in init_perl.
      NEWS: mention bug 1014
      Bug 1016: Avoid JSFunctionSpec.
      NEWS: Critical bug 674 is a duplicate of 956.
      NEWS: Remove the "should be removed" section.

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters (2):
      elinks.conf.5: Correct description of 'unset' directive
      save_textarea_file: don't return a dangling pointer if open fails

Paul B. Mahol (1):
      Recognize Insert key on cons25 (FreeBSD console)

Witold Filipczyk (7):
      Polish translation was updated.
      Mark option changed in "File extensions -> Add".
      bittorrent: Overflow occuring when a piece was rejected.
      fsp: Fixed a serious bug.
      Test whether CIA works.
      Test commit.
      pl.po: Question marks.

The complete list of bug fixes since 0.11.3 (from NEWS):

 * critical bug 755: fix crashes due to dangling pointers to struct
 * critical bugs 613, 714, 961: ``assertion list_empty(form_controls)
 * critical bug 945: don't crash if a Lua script calls e.g. error(nil)
 * critical bug 1003: don't crash if a smart URI rewrite template gets
   too few parameters
 * critical bug 1016: avoid JSFunctionSpec for better compatibility
   across versions of SpiderMonkey
 * critical bugs 674, 956: don't reuse pointers to SpiderMonkey objects
   that may have been collected as garbage.  This fix causes bug 954.
 * CVE-2007-2027: check if the program path contains "src/" before
   using ../po files
 * important Debian bug 380347: prevent a buffer overflow in entity_cache
   and a possible subsequent crash
 * major bug 788: don't read STRLEN n_a, which isn't initialized by
   POPpx of Perl v5.8.8 and later
 * fix query parsing in file: URIs for local CGI (was broken in 0.11.3)
 * bug 451: fix incompatible pointer type in PERL_SYS_INIT3 call
 * bug 691: don't look up bogus IPv4 addresses based on characters of a
 * bug 712: GnuTLS works on https://www-s.uiuc.edu/[]
 * fix active and passive FTP over IPv6
 * bug 938: elinks -remote no longer needs a controlling tty
 * bug 939: fix FSP directory listing (some compiler options left it empty)
 * bug 978: Python's webbrowser.open_new_tab(URL) works since now
 * bug 1012: compile with -fno-strict-overflow or -fwrapv if available
 * bug 1014: fix incompatible pointer type in Perl_sys_init3 call
 * minor bug 54, Debian bug 338402: don't force the terminal to 8 bits
   with no parity, and don't disable XON/XOFF flow control either
 * minor bug 951 in user SMJS: garbage-collect SMJS objects on 'File ->
   Flush all caches' to work around their holding cache entries busy
 * minor bug 396: never show empty filename in the what-to-do dialog
 * minor bug 461: ensure contrast in blank areas, to keep the cursor
 * minor bug 928: properly display no-break spaces in a UTF-8 document
   if the terminal uses some other charset
 * minor bug 987: English spelling and grammar corrections
 * minor bug 1000: preserve any query and fragment when converting a
   file name to a file:// URL
 * minor: don't assume sizeof(int)==4 in bittorrent
 * trivial bug 947: document.html.wrap_nbsp also affects text in tables
 * trivial bug 997: fix unlikely stack corruption in active FTP
 * build bug 1002: fix ``comparison is always true due to limited range
   of data type'' warning on PowerPC and s390
 * build bug 950: fix ``config/install-sh: No such file or directory''
   on SunOS
 * build bug 936: fix errors about undefined off_t (autoheader
 * build bug 959: test in configure whether -lX11 works
 * build: update SpiderMonkey configure check Debian compatibility
 * build: use $(CPPFLAGS) rather than $(AM_CFLAGS)
 * build: disable GCC 4.2 warning about builtin_modules
 * build: move debian/ to contrib/debian/
 * minor build bug 989: AsciiDoc 8.2.2 compatibility
 * minor build bug 960: fix errors in loadmsgcat.c if mmap() exists but
   munmap() doesn't

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