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From: Jonas Fonseca <fonseca <at> diku.dk>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] ELinks 0.11.4rc0
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.web.elinks.user
Date: Monday 4th February 2008 23:54:30 UTC (over 10 years ago)

Time is nearing another stable release, however, before hitting 0.11.4 a
few release candidates seems to be in order to let any last pending
changes migrate from the development branches. This release fixes a
handful of critical bugs and security issues, including CVE-2007-2027,
as well as some minor problems. You are adviced to upgrade!

Below is the complete shortlog of changes since 0.11.3. Please see the
NEWS file for a more structured list of fixes and improvements.

Jonas Fonseca (9):
      Never show empty filename in the what-to-do dialog
      Check if the program path contains "src/" before using ../po files
      Mention testing of po updates without installing ELinks
      Fix smjs scripting #ifdefs to use CONFIG_SM_SCRIPTING
      Update fuzzy messages in the Danish translation
      Change elinks.or.cz references to elinks.cz
      Use git tools instead of cogito for getting the build ID

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo (91):
      NEWS: List release dates, from mailing list announcements.
      NEWS: Open a section for 0.11.3.GIT.
      doc: More AsciiDoc compatibility.
      Updated Lua scripting document.
      lua_console_hook must return "goto_url", not "goto-url".
      lua-scripting: Revised examples for Lua 5.0.  And other updates.
      Bug 945: Don't crash if the error message is not a string.
      NEWS: mention bug 945
      NEWS: Clarify that these are bug numbers.
      l_pipe_read: Don't leak the old block if mem_realloc fails.
      AUTHORS: add Simon Josefsson
      Bug 712, ssl_set_no_tls: Disable TLS protocols for GnuTLS too.
      Bug 947, u2cp_: Use UCS_NO_BREAK_SPACE instead of 0xa0.
      Bug 879: New constant UCS_SOFT_HYPHEN; use where applicable.
      Bugs 879, 928, 947: Specially map U+00A0 and U+00AD in translation
      Bug 947, set_hline: Respect wrap_nbsp also if !part->document.
      NEWS: mention bugs 928, 947
      Document the meaning of document_options.cp.
      html_textarea: Use memmove rather than memcpy.
      Revert 2d6840b9, "Only set the socket protocol family on success."
      NEWS: mention passive FTP over IPv6
      Debian bug 380347: Prevent a buffer overflow in entity_cache.
      NEWS: mention Debian bug 380347
      NEWS: mention bug 396
      NEWS: Use just http: instead of link:http:.
      NEWS: 0.11.3.GIT _now_
      NEWS: mention bug 691
      Bug 788: Define n_a variables if the POPpx macro of Perl needs them.
      NEWS: mention bug 788
      configure.in: Advertise smb2.c to be included in ELinks 0.12.0.
      NEWS: bug 788 is more severe than mere warnings
      NEWS: mention CVE-2007-2027
      Prepend $(top_builddir) to @[email protected] if it is relative.
      NEWS: mention config/install-sh on SunOS
      NEWS: markup changes from 0.12.GIT
      NEWS: Bug 950 now has a number.
      NEWS: mention the SpiderMonkey check
      build: Don't use $(AM_CFLAGS) anymore.  Use $(CPPFLAGS) instead.
      NEWS: mention ${CPPFLAGS} vs. ${AM_CFLAGS}
      Bug 461: Ensure contrast when filling with spaces.
      NEWS: mention bug 461
      List events in alphabetical order.
      List "Triggered When" before "Arguments" in the event template.
      Garbage-collect SMJS objects before flushing caches.
      NEWS: mention bug 951
      NEWS: add severities of bugs and sort accordingly
      Revert 5a49b9f1, "NEWS: mention bug 951"
      Revert 644908c1, "Garbage-collect SMJS objects before flushing
      NEWS: mention query parsing in file: URIs for local CGI
      Ignore src/ID and src/TAGS.
      Compare screen_driver.name with strcmp, not memcmp.
      NEWS: sync with 0.12.GIT
      NEWS: mention bug 956 (and bug 954)
      SMJS: Use JS_GetInstancePrivate where applicable.
      SMJS: comment changes
      Bug 755: A hack to make SMJS preserve integers as private data.
      NEWS: Bug 755 was fixed.
      Bug 957: Assert that the ECMAScript interpreter is not running.
      Bug 957: if_assert_failed in ecmascript_put_interpreter.
      Bug 960: Redefine LOADMSGCAT_USE_MMAP instead of HAVE_MMAP.
      NEWS: mention bug 960
      Reapply 644908c1, "Garbage-collect SMJS objects before flushing
      Reapply 5a49b9f1, "NEWS: mention bug 951"
      Link to gitweb at repo.or.cz, rather than pasky.or.cz.
      SMJS: Fix error "forms.namedItem is not a function".
      Bug 936: Create stamp-h.in in autogen.sh.
      Bug 936: Require Autoconf 2.61 or later.
      Bug 936: Allow Autoconf 2.59 too, for elinks.cz compatibility.
      NEWS: mention bug 936
      NEWS: sync with 0.12.GIT
      Debian bug 431211: Correct GNU GPL version in debian/copyright.
      NEWS: mention bugs 613, 714, 961
      NEWS: mention bug 959
      configure.in: Actually the snapshots aren't daily.
      Remove gettext doc excerpt until the license is sorted out.
      Rewrite wiki to en.wikipedia.org, avoid server bug.
      NEWS: Bug 937 is CVE-2007-5034.
      Use -Wno-always-true only if $CC accepts it.  GCC 4.1 doesn't.
      GCC 4.2.1 needs -Wno-address, not -Wno-always-true.
      NEWS: mention the builtin_modules warning
      Bug 975: Fix int/size_t pointer type mismatch.
      NEWS: Bug 975 was not in previous versions.
      Enable asciidoc7compatible mode.
      Document that GNU Make >= 3.78 is needed, and check it.
      Move debian to contrib/debian.
      NEWS: mention bug 989
      get_pasv_socket: Use AF_INET6 when appropriate.
      Bug 997: Fix unlikely stack corruption in get_pasv_socket.
      NEWS: sort by severity
      Don't assume sizeof(int)==4 in bittorrent
      Detect all overflows in BitTorrent parse_bencoding_integer.

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters (5):
      Fix IPv4 DNS lookup bug
      Update SpiderMonkey configure check Debian compatibility
      Strings corrections from Malcolm Parsons
      Add KEYMAP_INVALID value for enum keymap_id and properly check for it
      Missing change from last commit

Petr Baudis (2):
      Fix compilation of perl hooks
      Fix perl pre_format_html hook wrt. binary files

Simon Josefsson (1):
      Use gnutls_set_default_priority.

Witold Filipczyk (12):
      Fix query-part parsing in file: URIs (local CGI).
      Make SpiderMonkey consistent with SEE. Do not cache ecmascript_objs
      bug 755: Fixed.
      test, CGI: added a simple form to test CGI.
      contrib: Tool for view pages offline.
      check_html_form_hierarchy: Old code was buggy.
      configure.in: X11 - try link an executable using -lX11.
      Do not show always evaluate as true warnings.
      bug 978: Python's webbrowser.open_new_tab(URL) works since now.
      Polish translation was updated. The patch by Jakub Bogusz.
      pl.po: missing tilde
      Polish translation was updated.

Jonas Fonseca
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