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From: Jonas Fonseca <fonseca <at> diku.dk>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] ELinks-0.11rc0
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.web.elinks.user
Date: Tuesday 6th December 2005 14:16:27 UTC (over 13 years ago)

Here goes the first 0.11 release candidate, which will hopefully turn
into 0.11.0 on the 24th of December. I decided not to do prereleases
since there are not that much time and the 0.10.{1-5}'s have kind of
been prereleases of what you will find in 0.11rc0. Thus the list of
features are not so long.

[ I hope to soonish post a list of things I'd like to see enter before
  the final 0.11.0 is released ]

The highlights of this release (as can be found in the NEWS file) are:

 - SSL support via GNUTLS now requires 1.2 or higher. The configure
   script will error out if 1.2 is not found.

 - Support for Lua 4.x was dropped, we only support Lua 5.x now. This
   has been in 0.11 for a long time and should be well tested.

 - Python scripting back-end. Another experimental back-end, that still
   has a few unresolved issues I believe.

 - 88 colors support. This is really just a quick hack. If you want to
   try it out install something like xrvt-unicode.

 - Default URI-rewrite rule, used when no other rules match but the
   string that was entered in the Go to URL box does not resemble a URI.
   This can, for example, be used to do an "I Feel Lucky"-search at

 - Support prefixes for add-bookmark-link, document-info,
   goto-url-current-link, history-move-back, and history-move-forward.
   The action handling was cleaned up and some new prefixes like the
   above has appeared.

 - BitTorrent protocol. The built-in BitTorrent client has received some
   testing but it is still marked experimental, since there has been
   some crashes.  It should however be safe to use, since it can recover
   after a crash.

 - FSP protocol via a CGI script. See contrib/cgi/README.FSP on how to
   use it, note also marked experimental.

 - Sysmouse support on the BSD console.

 - New GNU make based build system (aclocal from automake is still
   required).  This change was initiated by pasky after seeing the
   protocol/Makefile growing to over 1M in size. It means quiter builds,
   and easier maintainence.  There are still a few things needing work,
   but most things should be in place.

 - Move from CVS to GIT. Although it is not a change code-wise this has
   had a few major impacts on the development flow.

Add to this various smaller fixes, cleanups and translation updates.
The complete changelog is available in the package.

Please, if a bug you reported in bugzilla (http://bugzilla.elinks.or.cz)
has been fixed help to close it or verify whether the bug is infact

As always you are more than welcome to join the insomniacs hanging out
at the #elinks IRC channel on irc.freenode.net if you want to report
issues or meet developers.

Jonas Fonseca
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