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From: Edward Hervey <bilboed-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: [PiTiVi] Killing two birds with one stone
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.video.pitivi.general
Date: Friday 6th June 2008 10:30:55 UTC (over 10 years ago)
Hi Jonathan,

  Been having a look at your blog (http://myvideoeditor.blogspot.com/)
for the past month and thought it was time to reach out on behalf of the
pitivi community. (this mail is cc-ed on the pitivi ml).

  Small history of pitivi, just to give you an idea of how non-trivial
writing a video editor is.. or at least was. The whole project started
in 2003, with the high expectations everybody has of making a video
editor. After having managed to do a proof of concept editor in 2005
(involving lots of low-level gstreamer hacking and reviving gnonlin), I
decided to switch to python to make the higher-level programming faster,
and at the same time switch to gstreamer 0.10 (which brought a lot of
improvement to make non-linear editing easier/faster/smarter).
  2-3 years later, pitivi's core (which is basically an extra layer over
gstreamer and gnonlin to bring in video-editing logic/classes) is now
pretty solid, but pitivi itself is still lacking a nice user interface.

  The PiTiVi core already has solved all/most of the issues you're
trying to solve (according to your blog), and many more you haven't
envisioned yet. It's meant to be the cornerstone for making video
editing with python, gstreamer and gnonlin, and is not strongly tied to
the user interface. It's also been designed to allow different views/ui,
currently a simple one (a-la old iMovie) and an advanced one (like most
of the other editors out there).

  Good thing, or bad thing, all this hacking has made me spent more time
on gstreamer, gst-python and gnonlin than I would have expected, but
makes it such that we now have very strong expertise on board for those
technologies, which can be solved much faster than within any other
  Add to that other contributors, like Brandon who's been working on
pitivi for the past year (and this year's Summer of Code) and who's in
the process of switching the timelines to goocanvas, add
transitions/effects/titling support in the user interface, I think we've
now got a solid team to finish the last issues required to make PiTiVi a
kick-ass video editor :)

  All of this to come to the following. You seem to have the same goals
as the PiTiVi team, using the same technologies, and have the same
vision... why not join efforts in making our common vision a reality
even faster ? You seem to be wanting to have a more track/layer timeline
vision in mind, and god knows we knew a hand in that section.

  Don't hesitate to reply to this mail, give us your point of view, or
come and contact us on #pitivi on irc.freenode.net.

    Best regards,


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