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From: Rene Rebe <rene <at> exactcode.de>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] T2 SDE 6.0.1 - "From Zero to One"
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.t2.devel
Date: Monday 30th October 2006 09:22:16 UTC (over 11 years ago)
Hi all,

we are pleased to announce the maintenance release T2 6.0.1 named "From
To One".

It also comes with some updated packages (including KDE 3.5.5), but mostly 
security updates, bug fixes and many improvements!
Prebuilt ISO images of the minimal target are available for PowerPC,
PowerPC64, x86 and x86-64 at:
Please note our updated roadmap and known issue lists at: 
For more information please check out the full anounncement below.
= About T2 =
T2 is not a common Linux distribution - it is a flexible Open Source System

Development Environment, allowing the creation of custom distributions with

bleeding edge technology.
With T2 you can define targets for various purposes, ranging from embedded 
Linux systems with a few MB of size over server configurations to a full
desktop system featuring X.Org foundation, KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice.Org and
many more. Those targets can be compiled for use on the most common
architectures: Alpha, ARM, HPPA/HPPA64, IA64, MIPS/MIPS64,
SPARC/SPARC64, SuperH, x86/x86-64 - theoretically any GCC/Linux supported
You can find more info about T2 at http://www.t2-project.org/about.html,
and the supported architectures at http://www.t2-project.org/platforms.html.
= T2 6.0 Tree (Branch) Overview =
This release includes bug fixes, security fixes, updates and even some
improvements to the SDE. Most notable are:
	* login warning about unsuported keyword in /etc/login.defs was
	* a fix for the build environment where relative filenames could
	  potentially be resolved incorrectly
	* a fix for the build environment where unbalanced, relative pathes
	  hitting the filesystem root (/) could crash the sandbox file tracker
	* gurb installation to non-primary hard-disc computing a wrong
	  BIOS device number
	* livecd creation scripts to involve less hardcoded presets
	* glitz update to allow building the kdrive xserver package
	* the network configuration now support setting static routes
	  (document in the T2 handbook for a year now but never was
	* a whole lot of packge build error got fixed, among as popular
	  ones as graphviz, lprng and qemu
You can find more info about the 6.0 series at 
= Getting T2 6.0.0 =
The source tarball of 6.0.1 release can be found at:
or via svn:
  svn co http://svn.exactcode.de/t2/tags/6.0.1
ISO images of minimal T2 for x86, x86-64, powerpc and powerpc64
where created with this release and can be found, as usual at:

Important note: we recommend to use 6.0 branch to stay up-to-date with
the latest bug-fix and security updates, you can grab it:
  svn co http://svn.exactcode.de/t2/branches/6.0

Running 6.0.0 installation can be updated from this source via the buidl 
system running:

./scripts/Emerge-Pkg -system

= T2 6.0.1 Changes =
Generated statistics (6.0.0-> 6.0.1):
There where 142 changesets with 385 lines of commit messages.
Approximately 104 packages got updates, 61 issues fixed, 104 packages or 
features added and 22 removed.
Arround 6 improvements have been committed.

Commits by contributor:
     92  aldas
     50  René

(This considers which contributors did fixes and merges on 6.0 branch,
 not necessarily who originally did the contribution to trunk!)

Toolchain updates:
        * updated linux26 ( ->
= T2 6.0.1 ChangeLog =

*) 2006-10-30

René Rebe:

r20559	* set 6.0.1 tag version to 6.0.1
r20558	* tagged 6.0.1

*) 2006-10-29

René Rebe:

r20555	* moved misc/GenDepGraph.sh into misc/archive/
r20550	* merged r18288 from trunk: repriorized mkinitrd include packages
cross build

*) 2006-10-28

René Rebe:

r20543	* merged r20523 and r20541 from trunk:
	  * fix sort_of_realpath to handle multiple consecutive slashes
	  * hardened the fl_wrapper to not segfault for unbalanced parent
	    directory (..) references hitting the root (/) node
	  * fixed the fl_wrapper to also expand current (.) and parent (..)
	    directory references whithout trailing slash and not leak trailing
r20542	* merged 20536, 20537 and 20538 from trunk:
	  * improved x86/grub/stone_mod_grub.sh by converting two awk
	    invocations by two more simple sed expressions
	  * further cleaned x86/grub/stone_mod_grub.sh, use local instead of
	    explicit unset and cleaned a comment
	  * fixed x86/grub/stone_mod_grub.sh's convert_device() function to
	    correctly convert non-primary HDs (quite some lines got rewritten)

*) 2006-10-27

Aldas Nabazas:

r20514	* merged r20513 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  security update: php/CVE-2006-4812.patch & CVE-2006-4625.patch
r20512	* marked nvrec as OPTIONAL in branches/6.0

*) 2006-10-25

Aldas Nabazas:

r20472	* marked gst-plugins, gst-editor, teatime and marlin as OPTIONAL;
packages are old, unmaintained and doesn't compile
r20471	* removed KAFFE flag from apache-ant, eclipse, bdb-java and
doesn't compile with kaffe
r20458	* merged r19591, r20368 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  fixed zebra and quagga to not build in stage 3 (there is no
          reason they should - also no cross dependencies to solve ...)
	  removed hardcoded disabling of ipv6 and ospfapi in quagga.
	  removed stray shebang and fixed spacing.
r20452	* merged r20444 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated waimea (0.5.0-2005-02-24 -> 0.5.1)
r20451	* merged r18938, r20442 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated screen (4.0.2 -> 4.0.3)
	  repriorized screen after pam and shadow
	  security update: CVE-2006-4573
r20448	* merged r20313, r20440 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated jahshaka (2.0rc3 -> 2.0)

René Rebe:

r20468	* merged r19537 an r19540 from trunk:
	  * rediffed the livecd/rootfs/sbin/init.d/system overlay patch for our
	    recently changed system init script
	  * fixed target/share/livecd/init to bail out nicely and unmount the
	    CD if the live squash system can not be mounted properly (instead
	    of removing itself and panic the kernel due died init)
r20467	* merged r19353 from trunk: removed target/share/livecd/pkgsel, as
	  as I can see in form of the target postprocessing it never got used
	  and is a relict from the first T2 LiveCD target, likewise
r20466	* merged 19531, 19532, 19534 and 19536 from trunk:
	  * removed fixed livecd kde preconfiguration overlay in favour of
	    patching this usability defaults into the desktop kde package
	  * removed fixed livecd overlay sudo configuration in favour of
	    patching this usability defaults into the desktop target
	  * removed fixed livecd overlay XDM configuration in favour of moving
	    this preconfiguration into the desktop target (untested)
r20465	* merged r19539 from trunk: removed target/share/livecd/menu.lst as
	  it is a relict from the first T2 LiveCD prototype not using the
	  generic architecture hooked boot calls
r20459	* updated .cache files from the latest 6.0 reference build

*) 2006-10-24

Aldas Nabazas:

r20439	* merged r20434 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated openlibraries (0.2.0 -> 0.3.0)
r20427	* marked gnome-libs14 as NOPARALLEL in branch/6.0
r20423	* security update: added python/CVE-2006-4980.patch in branch/6.0

René Rebe:

r20437	* removed ancient scripts/create-cache.sh that is not used for
	  and has not much functionality at all
r20436	* added missing .cache files in the 6.0 branch, likewise

*) 2006-10-23

Aldas Nabazas:

r20415	* merged r19230, r20217 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated dovecot (1.0rc6 -> 1.0rc10)
r20414	* merged r20411 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  added gnomemm12/gcc41.patch
	  updated copyright notes
r20408	* merged r20335 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated qt (3.3.6 -> 3.3.7)
	  security update
r20407	* security update: added tar/CVE-2006-0300.patch in branch/6.0

René Rebe:

r20412	* updated qemu (0.8.0 -> 0.8.2), imported new gcc-4.x patches,
	  the open source virtualizer (qvm86) for now and unmarked it Optional

*) 2006-10-22

Aldas Nabazas:

r20386	* merged r20366 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  fixed xserver to build after glitz
r20380	* merged r19793, r20376 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated zaptel (1.2.6 -> 1.2.10)
r20379	* merged r19777 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated hotplug++ (0.1.0 -> 0.1.1)
r20378	* merged r19555, r19584 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated hotplug++ (0.0.5 -> 0.1.0), includes blacklisting support 
via /etc/conf/blacklist
	  added hotplug++ blacklist whitespacing patch from hotplug++ HEAD
r20374	* merged r19522, r19670, r20298 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated asterisk (1.2.11 -> 1.2.13)
	  security update

*) 2006-10-21

Aldas Nabazas:

r20352	* merged r19651, r19727, r20322 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated cups (1.2.2 -> 1.2.5), added CV-URL and cleaned the .conf
r20349	* merged r20182 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  do not skip the I2O support in the desktop kernel anymore
r20344	* merged r20321 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  implemented the iprout2 "route" keyword for our netconf that is
	  documented in the handbook for a year already

René Rebe:

r20362	* fixed zeroinstall to allow the creation of the top-level /uri 
	* fixed zeroinstall to not touch the system/sandbox fstab
r20360	* fixed gpsdrive to allow compiling with gcc-4.x
r20359	* merged r19945 from trunk: fixed babytrans to actually compile
r20357	* marked qmail-scanner as Optional, as qmail itself is as well
	* cleaned the spacing and capitals of the .desc Text
r20351	* manually fixed up th gpart merges by coping the files out of trunk
	  into branches/6.0 - currently noone really knows how this collapsed
r20350	* merged r19884	from trunk: fixed trickle
r20348	* merged r19925	from trunk: removed the pwlib Text from the
	  openh323.desc and exchanged the defectly commented copyright
r20347	* merged r19923	from trunk: decreased glew priority to build before
	  openlibraries which depends on it
r20346	* merged r19921	from trunk: marked texi2html Optional as it
	  with the one shipped in tetex, but cleaned the .desc such as
	  terminating sentences with a dot, cleaned spacing and added a .cache
r20345	* merged r19917	from trunk: fixed dsniff compilation, fixed Text tag
	  to start with uppercase sentences and fixed spacing
r20343	* merged r19915	from trunk: fixed dia by not installing the
	  documentation for now, as it wants to download docbook XML which
	  of course fails inside the sandbox
r20342	* merged r19909	from trunk: fixed muttprint to not try to install
	  non-existing css files and made it $prefix aware
r20341	* merged r19908	from trunk: marked voiceone Optional as it never
	  could have built
r20340	* merged r19906	from trunk:
	  * marked vnuml Optional as it need the uml tools and they are
	    Optional as well
	  * fixed vnuml's Priority to build after tunctl which it depends on
	  * and last but not least fixed the License to read GPL and the overlong
	    Text tag lines as well
r20339	* merged r19900	from trunk: disabled arpwatch by default in favour
	  arpwatch-ng, they share the same files
r20338	* merged r19891	and r19898 from trunk: fixed mininet to build
	  dietlibc (e.g. in the reference build) 
r20336	* fixed mplayer to build with Os on x86, likewise
r20332	* fixed ffmpeg to always build with -O2 on x86, as the mmx assebly
	  fails if it is not optimized enough
r20331	* reverted r17384 in branches/2.0: downdated dillo (0.8.6 -> 0.8.5)
	  0.8.6 requires fltk-2.x which we can not pull into the stable
	  branch for ABI/API stability reasons

*) 2006-10-20

Aldas Nabazas:

r20312	* merged r20291 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated exact-image (0.2.3 -> 0.2.4)
r20311	* merged r19233, r20308 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated nvidia (1.0-8762 -> 1.0-8776)
	  security update: CVE-2006-5379

*) 2006-10-19

Aldas Nabazas:

r20303	* merged r19554 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  fixed recently introduced regressio in login.defs resuting in
	  an ugly big warning at login: do not add config options in
	  login.defs not know for PAM enabled builds.
	  fixed shadow to only enable the shared flavour if T2 is not
	  configured for static builds.
	  some confopt and trailing newline cleanups on-the-way.
r20302	* merged r19612 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  added a uniq written in sed to the install/init when it lists the
	  2nd_stage images from a http/ftp remote location (I tried that
	  before but remember minised did not parse it, however it does, most
	  probably I had a typo in the sed script at that time)
r20301	* merged r19229 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  added azerty layouts to the 2nd_stage install/rescue system
r20300	* merged r19228 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  further improved the installer environment usability: create nvi ->
	  vi and zile -> emacs symlinks if possible and enabled zile and nvi
	  in the generic minimal package selections as well as the desktop
	  target. Thus people have known editors for rescue tasks to the
	  fingertips. Only enable the "fat" vim in the 50-minimal-deesktop
r20299	* merged r19863 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  improved squashfs patch status printout to include the version
          for the sake of consistency with the other linux patchers
r20297	* merged r20130 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated kde (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5), including:
	  updated kdegames (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdebindings (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kde-i18n-es (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kde-i18n-it (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdeaddons (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kde-i18n-de (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kde-i18n-bg (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated arts (1.5.4 -> 1.5.5)
	  updated kdevelop (3.3.4 -> 3.3.5)
	  updated kdepim (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdeadmin (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdeartwork (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdelibs (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdemultimedia (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdetoys (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdegraphics (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdeutils (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kde-i18n-fr (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdebase (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdewebdev (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdeedu (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdesdk (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdeaccessibility (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
	  updated kdenetwork (3.5.4 -> 3.5.5)
r20296	* merged r19889 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  replaced the generic KDE text in kdesdk and added a reference to
          Umbrello so people can find it with Find-Pkg
r20295	* merged r19888 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  removed outdated version references in kdevelop.desc

*) 2006-10-18

Aldas Nabazas:

r20268	* merged r20264 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  security update: added mutt/CVE-2006-5297_5298.patch
r20267	* merged r19728 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated sylpheed (2.2.7 -> 2.2.9)
r20266	* merged r20223 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated postgresql (8.1.4 -> 8.1.5)
r20265	* merged r20177, r20226 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated exact-image (0.2.1 -> 0.2.3)

René Rebe:

r20263	* merged 18334 and 18335 from trunk:
	  * updated cairo (1.0.4 -> 1.2.0)
	  * updated glitz (0.4.4 -> 0.5.6)
	  * fixes xserver to actually build

*) 2006-10-17

Aldas Nabazas:

r20258	* merged r19941 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  fixed squaroid for gcc-4.x and cleaned the spacing as well as
          injected a properly tagged COPYright
r20257	* merged r19929 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  marked nssdb Optional and removed some noise and space, it does
          not build anymore and I wonder if anyone still needs it these
r20256	* merged r19001 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  added gpart fixes from Debian and Gentoo, including copyright patch
r20255	* merged r19922 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  fixed linesrv to actually compile
	  fixed linesrv to actually build the client tarball
	  fixed linesrv's client tarball to actually install
	  fixed overlong lines and spaces in the .desc
r20232	* merged r19905 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  fixed kaffeine to not share a .desktop file with kdelibs
r20231	* merged r19876 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  extended the bmon/gcc-4.0.patch to cover building with DBI support,
	  fixed .desc uppercase sentences
r20230	* merged r19232 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated postfix (2.3.2 -> 2.3.3)
r20229	* merged r19785 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated squid (2.6.STABLE3 -> 2.6.STABLE4)
r20228	* merged r19759 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  improved exim to build with ssl support by default and use install
	  for installation to avoid failing with  "busy text file"
r20216	* merged r20214 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated clamav (0.88.4 -> 0.88.5)
	  security update: CVE-2006-4182, CVE-2006-5295
r20215	* merged r20197 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated mysql (5.0.24a -> 5.0.26)
	  security update: CVE-2006-4226, CVE-2006-4227

*) 2006-10-14

René Rebe:

r20173	* updated linux26 ( ->

*) 2006-10-07

René Rebe:

r20067	* merged r19773 and r20035 from trunk:
	  * keep python module access out of the package dependencies
	  * fixed automake to strip all .m4 files, not just the ones in /usr
r20065	* merged r20028 and r20064 from trunk:
	  * fixed autoconf to build before automake
	  * tweaked the bootstrapping priorities of autoconf and automake as
needs perl
r20061	* merged r18357 and r19476 from trunk:
	  * introduced SDECFG_PKG_CCACHE_CLEANUP to enable/disable ccache cleaning
	  * improved ccache to only clean the cache if the build was successful

*) 2006-10-06

René Rebe:

r19997	* merged r19803, r19804 and r19805 from trunk:
	  * removed rediculous option to enable dietlibc
	  * fixed initrd embedded packages to default themselvs to build with
	    dietlibc and removed the associated configuration from the generic
	    and desktop target
r19996	* merged r19979 from trunk: fixed qt to use install to install

*) 2006-10-05

René Rebe:

r19947	* merged r19881 from trunk: fixed graphviz

*) 2006-10-04

René Rebe:

r19940	* merged r19938 from trunk: fixed lprng to build with latest make 
(3.81) and cleaned spacing on-the-way
r19939	* merged r19802 from trunk: fixed xserver to build after glitz

*) 2006-10-01

René Rebe:

r19827	* merged r19806 from trunk: updated openssh (4.3p2 -> 4.4p1),
r19826	* merged r19801 from trunk: updated openssl (0.9.8c -> 0.9.8d), 
SECURITY CVE-2006-2937, CVE-2006-2940

*) 2006-09-21

Aldas Nabazas:

r19717	* merged r19713 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated aqmoney2 (1.9.3 -> 1.9.5)
r19712	* merged r19694 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated copyright notes
          security update: added gzip/security.patch 

*) 2006-09-17

Aldas Nabazas:

r19675	* merged r19661 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated gnomebaker (0.5.1 -> 0.6.0)

*) 2006-09-16

Aldas Nabazas:

r19660	* merged r19659 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated webmin (1.290 -> 1.300)
	  security update: CVE-2006-4542

*) 2006-09-15

Aldas Nabazas:

r19655	* merged r19652 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated seamonkey (1.0.4 -> 1.0.5)

*) 2006-09-14

Aldas Nabazas:

r19647	* merged r19646 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  security update: added gnutls/CVE-2006-4790.patch
r19644	* updated thunderbird ( ->
r19643	* merged r19624 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated firefox ( ->
	  security update: CVE-2006-4253, CVE-2006-4261, CVE-2006-4310,
r19622	* merged r19613 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated minised (1.9 -> 1.10)
r19621	* merged r19271, r19342, r19343, r19420, r19483, r19545, r19604 from

trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated squashfs-tools (3.0 -> 3.1-r2)
	  fixed "patch-o-matic" squashfs kernel patch selection.
	  removed unnecessary paranthesis from squashfs-tools/pkg_linux_pre.conf.
	  vastly simplified squashfs linux patching by using a hook and thus
          avoiding all the glue code necessary to untar it as early as it
          done before, additionally known good versions are used as usually
          the directly equivalent squashfs patch is not available.
	  teached squashfs that 2.6.17 and .18 are API incompatible and
          thus require a different patch.
	  fixed version numer in squashfs-tools patch decision conditional.

*) 2006-09-13

Aldas Nabazas:

r19611	* merged r18700, r18744, r19478, r19481, r19560 from trunk to 
	  fixed glew for lib64: fixed hardcoded paths, removed test, cleaned 
r19610	* merged r19316, r19467, r19472, r19480 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated linux26 ( ->
	  patched linux26 for the Nokia N-Gage N80 and Sony Ericsson M600i
	  removed linux26/sparc64-video.patch, it made it into
r19609	* merged r19603 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  [fix] added parted-1.7.x api compatible patch for qtparted
r19608	* merged r18997 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated parted ( -> 1.7.1), does not segfault on the rescue 
command ...
r19606	* security update: added libxfont/CVE-2006-3739_3740.patch

*) 2006-09-12

Aldas Nabazas:

r19596	* merged r19338 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  [fix] licq: help it find qt libs
r19594	* merged r19337 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  fixed the synaptics package to install the manual page in the correct 
r19593	* merged r19327 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  [fix] help noteedit find tse3 lib
r19586	* merged r19367 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  [fix] let gcc actually build the fortran compiler
r19582	* merged r19369 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  make sure the suidperl binary has suid-bit set.
	  fix a type along.
r19580	* merged r19339, r19428 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  fixed directfb to not use xorg to detect x11 presence, but libx11
	  furthermore cleaned the .conf by removing ia lib64 sed comment that
          lives as real code just a few lines above and the comment about
          --disable-x11, made it real code in the else code-path
r19575	* merged r19443 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  improved mozilla branding to be able to implant the T2 url into firefox
          as well and fixed firefox to run the branding function at all
r19569	* merged r19328, 19503 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  openlibraries: remove bad /usr/lib64/../lib/libstdc++ inserted by
	  Fixed openlibraries linking failure with xorg.
r19568	* merged r19346, r19364, r19394, r19397 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated exact-image (0.0.16 -> 0.2.1)
r19567	* merged r19482, 19565 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  Fixed dvdstyler precision loss in pointer casts
r19559	* merged r19083 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated tor ( ->
	  security update
r19558	* merged r19556 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated bind (9.3.2 -> 9.3.2-P1)
	  updated copyright notes
	  security update: CVE-2006-4095, CVE-2006-4096
r19557	* merged r19214 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated openldap (2.3.24 -> 2.3.27)
	  security update: CVE-2006-4600
r19551	* merged r19423 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  enable curl support in php, when available
r19550	* merged r19382 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  (re-?)add libsuff.patch (old libdir != */lib problem, spreads to
	  apr_memcache and subversion)
r19548	* merged r19516 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  Fixed gcl locations for 32 and 64 bits architectures.
r19546	* merged r19523 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated mysql (5.0.24 -> 5.0.24a)
	  important note: MySQL 5.0.24 introduced an ABI incompatibility, which
release reverts. Programs compiled 
	  against 5.0.24 are not compatible with any other version and must be 

*) 2006-09-10

René Rebe:

r19486	* merged 19396 from trunk: updated openssl (0.9.8b -> 0.9.8c)

*) 2006-09-06

René Rebe:

r19411	* merged r19371 from trunk: updated svn:external as gsmp became 
r19410	* merged r18019 from trunk: * moved disktype after dietlibc and

*) 2006-08-28

Aldas Nabazas:

r19315	* merged r19178, r19179, r19183 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated rt2570 (2005-08-18 -> 1.1.0-b2)
	  updated rt2500 (1.1.0-b3 -> 1.1.0-b4)
	  fix installation (problems with outside-basedir in stage 1)
r19314	* merged r19235 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  include mpg321 instead of the limitted example app madplay in the
r19301	* merged r19240 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  removed outdated sharpconstruct/x11 workaround
r19300	* merged r19296 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated honeyd (1.5a -> 1.5b)
	  removed make-install-data.patch - obsolete
	  updated copyright notes
	  security update: CVE-2006-0752, CVE-2006-4292
r19297	* merged r19294 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated asterisk ( -> 1.2.11)
	  security update: CVE-2006-4345, CVE-2006-4346

René Rebe:

r19299	* merged r18738 from trunk: removed trailing dots from I tags as we 
agreed on long ago it should be
r19298	* merged r18782 from trunk: removed trailing whitespace from Version

tags of 76 packages

*) 2006-08-27

Aldas Nabazas:

r19247	* merged r18549, r19090, r19243 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated streamripper (1.61.19 -> 1.61.26)
	  security update: CVE-2006-3124

*) 2006-08-25

Aldas Nabazas:

r19227	* merged r19210 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated php (5.1.5 -> 5.1.6)
r19226	* merged r19209 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated wireshark (0.99.2 -> 0.99.3a)
	  security update: CVE-2006-{4330,4331,4332,4333}
r19225	* merged r19195, r19217 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  xosview: correct app-defaults path
r19223	* merged r19192 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  gjiten: fix dictionary installation (avoid LF in cp command :)

*) 2006-08-24

Aldas Nabazas:

r19205	* merged r19204 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  explicitly disabled CONFIG_SMP for powerpc (ppc32) for now, as the 
resulting kernel do not even boot
r19199	* merged r19180, r19197 from trunk to branches/6.0:
	  updated linux26 ( ->
	  security update: CVE-2006-3745, CVE-2006-4145

Thanks to every contributer, tester, user as well as our sponsors for their

ongoing contribution, help and patience.

Special thanks go to Aldas Nabazas for his ongoing security review.

Have fun,
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