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From: Lennart Poettering <lennart <at> poettering.net>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] systemd 5
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.sysutils.systemd.devel
Date: Saturday 24th July 2010 01:33:16 UTC (over 7 years ago)

I just released systemd v5:


This includes a fairly major interface change. After some longer
discussions on fedora-devel systemd-install is now folded into systemctl
and greatly simplified in its invocation. (see the fedora-devel archives
for details) That means that packages invoking this tool might need to
be updated accordingly. I am sorry for this, but we thought it would be
OK to do such a big change right now, since systemd is not yet in any
stable distributions.

Also, in related news I switched Rawhide to systemd-by-default
today. Yay!


Daniel J Walsh (1):
      socket: SELinux support for socket creation.

Lennart Poettering (55):
      socket: don't close sockets when activating per-connection units
      cgls: rename source file to cgls.c, since we have no prefix for any
of the other files either
      fixme: refer to rhbz bugs that need fixing
      systemctl: add to command for virtualizing the dependency tree with
      man: various man page updates
      install: refuse installation of symlinked units
      mount-setup: consider a few file systems API mounts and ignore them
      main: disable nscd if we can to avoid deadlock, just in case
      target: if the user configured a manual ordering between target units
and the unit they require don't contradict that automatically
      path,timer: order units after sysinit by default
      units: fix default mode of /var/run and /var/lock
      unit: allow units to have more than one instance id
      service: refuse to start services that are configured for
per-connection instantiation to start without a socket
      socket: don't allow mixing of accepting and non-accepting sockets in
the same unit
      socket: prepare for proper selinux labelling of sockets
      systemctl: always show units with active jobs in list-units output
      units: introduce smartcard.target
      device: rename 'available' state to 'plugged'
      units: wire smartcard.target into Makefile
      systemctl: warn when operating on service files that changed on disk
but haven't been reloaded
      unit: introduce OnFailure dependencies to activate units on failure
of other units, as a way to implement an automatic rescue shell
      systemctl: extend list-units output a little
      unit: consider only_by_dependency setting when clients ask whether a
unit is startable
      job: timeout every job independently of the unit
      execute: bump up log level of executed processes that failed
      install: optionally remove all symlinks from configuration tree
      man: extend man pages a little
      systemctl: introduce reset-maintenance command
      device: do not merge devices
      socket: fix access mode verification of FIFOs
      fedora: make sure the gettys are run before X starts up
      manager: write serialization to /dev/.systemd/ instead of /dev/shm
      systemctl: always disable color when output goes into a file
      hostname: properly deal with unset hostname in fedora configuration
      sysv: do not add sysv services that are not enabled in /etc/rcN.d/ to
network.target or other LSB-style Provides: targets
      exec: extend variable substitution to support splitting variable
values into seperate arguments
      unit: allow symlinking unit files to /dev/null
      load: make sure that unit files in /etc/ always take precedence, even
over link targets, to make them easily overrdiable
      pam: remove only sessions we ourselves created in the first place
      unit: deduce following unit value dynamically instead of statically,
to avoid dangling pointers
      job: make sure restart jobs are readded to the run queue after
conversion to start jobs
      service: save/restore status text string
      update fixme
      build-sys: fix compatibility with vala 0.9
      update fixme
      units: add [Install] section to getty.target and remote-fs.target
      build-sys: prepare release 4
      systemctl: accept -p more than once
      install: default to minimal realization mode
      systemctl: support force-reload and condrestart as aliases for
      systemctl: fold systemd-install into systemctl
      main: disable NSS disabling logic for now, since this is incompatible
with rpm
      systemctl: don't hit an assert when we are run from a non-systemd
      systemctl: don't use the systemd bus to talk to upstart
      telinit: forward to upstart, if not booted with systemd

Robert "arachnist" Gerus (1):
      sshd, tmux and others are broken when /dev/pts is mounted with "-o


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