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From: Adam Harvey <aharvey <at> php.net>
Subject: The database package that time forgot: DB
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.php.pear.devel
Date: Friday 21st September 2007 16:11:13 UTC (over 11 years ago)
I've been thinking about writing this message for a couple of months  
now, but with the (belated) release of DB 1.7.13, I think this is  
probably the right time. I believe that with the upcoming EOL of PHP4,  
it may be time to consider retiring DB into the sunset to push users  
towards its more featureful (and active) successor in MDB2. At  
present, I think the final security-fix date of PHP4 -- the 8th of  
August, 2008 -- might be a good date to close the book on DB with, if  
needed, a final release for any outstanding major bugs or security  
problems. (Hell, by then, we might even have figured out how we're  
going to load code in PEAR2 and have some sort of database  
implementation in that. :)

So, I guess I have a few questions:

- Does this need to go through an RFC in PEPr?
- Are there any violent objections to this course of action? If so,  
what are they?
- If the EOL happens, how can we get the message out that MDB2 is the  
new hotness?
- _Is_ MDB2 the new hotness? Are there plans for a PEAR2 database  
package that I don't know about? If so, would that have any effect on  
an EOL date?
- What should happen after the EOL date? Should we leave the DB page  
active with an appropriate message, or remove the package altogether  
from the Web site and PEAR installer a month or two after the date,  
thereby giving people a chance to grab the final version if needed, or  
some combination of the above?

I know there's a lot of history to DB, and I don't propose this  
lightly. The truth, though, is that I think the continued existance of  
DB is actively hindering uptake of MDB2, even though DB has  
effectively been on life support for a couple of years now -- the fact  
that DB downloads continue to outpace MDB2 downloads is evidence of  

In spite of the above, if there's a majority opinion that DB should  
remain alive in its current fixes-only state beyond next August, I  
don't mind continuing to maintain it, but as I said at the top, I  
think it's time.


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