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From: jhaveri <jhaveri-/E1597aS9LQAvxtiuMwx3w <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Re: uNSLUng v. 6 status? Release early release often
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.misc.nslu2.linux
Date: Wednesday 18th January 2006 22:07:03 UTC (over 12 years ago)
--- In [email protected], Marcel Nijenhof
> On Tue, 2006-01-17 at 17:50 +0000, jhaveri wrote:
> > I plan to test the uNSLUng v.6 alpha this weekend.
> > 
> Perfect.

I could not wait for the weeknend, so I tested unslung 6.x yesterday 
night. Flashing the image with upslug2 was straightforward, no 
problems. After reboot, I plugged a flash disk (256 MB) in usb port 2. 
The web interface formatted it with only 1 ext3 partition. When I 
telnet into the slug, and run "sbin/unsling disk 2", I get error, 
saying that the disk should be formatted by the web interface. I am 
confused, because the disk was indeed formatted by the web interface. 
I repeated the procedure with the flash disk in port 1, and same 
problems. I even formatted the disk in three ext3 partitions (one for 
data, one for conf, and one swap) and still I could not unsling.

So I gave up, and pluuged in my 512 MB flash disk that I had been 
using with unslung 5.x. And that was OK. I could unsling to that disk 
(once again with 3 ext3 partitions.) And I was able to boot from this 
flash disk in usb port 2. By the way, I had not deleted that unslung 
5.x stuff on the disk, so after treboot, unslung 6.x recognized all 
the previous packages, and they seems to be working fine.

But now I am getting into a new problem. I have a 500 GB NTFS disk. If 
I boot with flash disk (root disk) in port 2, and 500 GB NTFS disk in 
port 1,  unslung 6.x boots OK, but does not mount 500 GB HD in port 1. 
I have to manually mount it after booting 
with "mount /dev/sdb1 /share/hdd/data/HDD_1_1_1". And it mounts OK, 
and I am able to see the files when I ssh into the slug. But the samba 
only shares flash disk in port 2, not HDD in port 1. Even after I edit 
smb.conf to share HDD_1_1_1, and killing and restarting smbd, nmbd, 
Iit is not shared.

Only way I was able to share HDD_1_1_1 is to boot with 500 GB HD in 
port 1, and no flash disk in port 2, i.e. using the flash root fs (not 
the unslinged one), and it not only automatically mounts HDD_1_1_1, it 
also shares it with samba. As long as it was mounted, I used my 
syncback backup program from PC to sync HDD with my PC HD, and samba 
was very stable. I had a post earlier here about how unstable samba is 
with unslung 5.x for copying many small NTFs files, nad that problem 
is gone.

But I really would like to have roo fs in the flash disk for boot, 
since I need to install twonkeyvision and soe other packages. How do I 
do that, so that NTFS disk in port 1 is also mounted and shared?

Is my proble, tht I unslinged to a previously unslinged 5.x flash 
disk? If so, how can I use a blank new disk to unsling? (since, I was 
not able to have the 256 MB flash disk work as mentioned above.)

I am looking forward to keeo unslun 6.x, since samba is so stable. But 
I need help with these problems.


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