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From: Simon Michael <simon <at> joyful.com>
Subject: ANN: hledger 0.4 released
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.haskell.general
Date: Friday 3rd April 2009 06:26:36 UTC (over 9 years ago)
Dear all,

I have released hledger 0.4 on hackage. There is also a new website at http://hledger.org 
  , with screenshots (textual!), a demo (will it survive!?), and docs  
(not too many!) Release notes are at http://hledger.org/NEWS , and  
bravely pasted below.

In case you forgot: hledger is a text-mode double-entry accounting  
tool. It reads a plain text journal file describing your transactions  
and generates precise activity and balance reports. I use it every day  
to track money and time, and as the basis for client invoices and tax  
returns. hledger is a partial clone, in haskell, of John Wiegley's  
excellent ledger. I wrote it because I did not want to hack on c++ and  
because haskell seemed a good fit.

Please cabal update and cabal install hledger and give it a whirl.  
Install with the "-f happs" flag to enable the new happstack-based web  
interface. I am sm on the #ledger channel on freenode, and I welcome  
your feedback, especially if you notice a problem.

Best - Simon


2009/04/03 hledger 0.4 released


        * new "web" command serves reports in a web browser (install  
with -f happs to build this)
        * make the vty-based curses ui a cabal build option, which  
will be ignored on MS windows
        * drop the --options-anywhere flag, that is now the default
        * patterns now use not: and desc: prefixes instead of ^ and ^^
        * patterns are now case-insensitive, like ledger
        * !include directives are now relative to the including file  
(Tim Docker)
        * "Y2009" default year directives are now supported, allowing  
m/d dates in ledger
        * individual transactions now have a cleared status
        * unbalanced entries now cause a proper warning
        * balance report now passes all ledger compatibility tests
        * balance report now shows subtotals by default, like ledger 3
        * balance report shows the final zero total when -E is used
        * balance report hides the final total when --no-total is used
        * --depth affects print and register reports (aggregating with  
a reporting interval, filtering otherwise)
        * register report sorts transactions by date
        * register report shows zero-amount transactions when -E is used
        * provide more convenient timelog querying when invoked as  
        * multi-day timelog sessions are split at midnight
        * unterminated timelog sessions are now counted. Accurate time  
reports at last!
        * the test command gives better --verbose output
        * --version gives more detailed version numbers including  
patchlevel for dev builds
        * new make targets include: ghci, haddocktest, doctest,  
unittest, view-api-docs
        * a doctest-style framework for functional/shell tests has  
been added
        * performance has decreased slightly:

                                        || hledger-0.3 | hledger-0.4 |  
          -f sample.ledger balance      ||        0.02 |        0.01  
|       0.07
          -f sample1000.ledger balance  ||        1.02 |        1.39  
|       0.53
          -f sample10000.ledger balance ||       12.72 |       14.97  
|       4.63


        * Simon Michael
        * Tim Docker
        * HAppS, happstack and testpack developers


        * Known errors: 0
        * Commits: 132
        * Committers: 2
        * Tests: 56
        * Non-test code lines: 2600
        * Days since release: 75
CD: 4ms