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From: John Hughes <rjmh <at> cs.chalmers.se>
Subject: 1-year postdoc position in Chalmers Functional Programming group
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.haskell.general
Date: Wednesday 5th November 2008 21:03:35 UTC (over 9 years ago)
The Chalmers Functional Programming Group would like to recruit a
post-doctoral researcher for a one-year tax-free stipend funded by
Intel. The funded project will develop a Domain Specific Language
(DSL) for high level modelling, design and analysis of hardware and
microarchitectures. We will concentrate on providing language support
for the abstractions involved. Intel funded the following research
proposal by Mary Sheeran and Koen Claessen from the FP group and Per
Larsson-Edefors from the VLSI group:

Our contact person at Intel is Carl Seger, who is visiting faculty at
our Department. We have been working with Intel for some years, and
find the contact to be very stimulating. Our most recent project was
on Wired, a DSL for low level hardware design, documented in Emil
Axelsson's recent PhD thesis:

We are looking for a researcher with a very strong background and
research record in functional programming, and preferably also in
domain specific languages. We will work in Haskell, given the
expertise available in the group.  We feel that knowledge of
functional programming is most important, but of course an interest in
hardware or architectural modelling would also be an advantage.

We would like to get the project underway on Jan. 1 2009 or as soon as
possible thereafter. For further information about the project, our
group and Chalmers, please contact Mary Sheeran (ms at
chalmers.se). An application, which should be sent by email to both
Mary and Koen Claessen (koen at chalmers.se), should consist of your
CV, a list of publications with links to relevant papers, and a brief
description of your research to date. The deadline for applications is
December 1 2008. To be eligible, you must have a doctorate from a
non-Swedish University. We will plan to interview suitable candidates.

The Chalmers Functional Programming group has as its senior members
John Hughes, Mary Sheeran, Koen Claessen, Patrik Jansson and Björn von
Sydow, as well as around 8 post-docs and doctoral students. Much of
our work has centred on DSLs (QuickCheck, Lava, Wired) and we are
embarking on both this project and a project with Ericsson to develop
a DSL for Digital Signal Processing algorithm design. One of our
doctoral students, Joel Svensson, is developing a DSL for GPU
programming. We provide an excellent research environment, and can
also strongly recommend Göteborg as a great place to live. The project
is initially funded for a year, but we are hopeful of obtaining
continued funding for this work.

John Hughes
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