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From: John Hughes <rjmh <at> cs.chalmers.se>
Subject: PhD position at Chalmers
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.haskell.general
Date: Friday 26th October 2007 08:05:37 UTC (over 10 years ago)
The Functional Programming group at Chalmers is seeking to recruit a PhD
student to work on domain-specific languages embedded in Haskell for
hardware design, and for programming graphics processors. PhD positions in
Sweden are “real jobs”, paying a respectable salary for up to five years.
The official announcement follows.


John Hughes


PhD Position in Functional Programming at the department of Computer
and Engineering

The Department provides strongly international and dynamic research
environments with 76 faculty and 55 PhD students from about 30 countries.
For more information, see http://www.chalmers.se/cse/EN/ 

Knowledge of Swedish is not a prerequisite for application. English is our
working language for research. Both Swedish and English are used in
undergraduate courses. Half of our researchers and PhD students are native
Swedes; the rest come from more than 20 different countries. 

Aim of work The PhD student will pursue research on applying techniques
functional programming to develop novel methods of hardware design and
verification. The PhD student will join the research activities at our
department in applications of functional programming. In particular, we
concentrated on the design and application of Domain Specific Embedded
Languages in Haskell. Two examples of our work are QuickCheck for
specification-guided random testing and Lava for hardware design and
verification. We have also developed Wired, for designing high performance
hardware at the layout level. This project continues the above theme, by
considering higher levels of abstraction, but still aiming to take account
of physical properties, to give good performance and power consumption. We
will even extend our ideas about circuit design to data parallel
programming, including GPU programming. 

Applicants must have a very good undergraduate degree in Computing Science
or in a related subject with a strong Computing Science component. They
also have a strong, documented interest in doing research. The ideal
for the project will be an accomplished functional programmer with an
interest in applied functional programming. 

You may even apply if you have not yet completed your degree, but expect to
do so by 1 January 2008. 

In order to improve gender balance, Chalmers welcomes in particular
applications from female candidates. 

How to apply ------------ 

The full application should contain 

            1. A letter of application, listing specific research interests

            2. A curriculum vitae 

            3. Attested copies of degrees and other certificates 

            4. Copies of relevant work, for example dissertations or
articles, that you have authored or co-authored 


            5. Letters of recommendation from your teachers or employers 


*** You MUST include or e-mail Letters of Recommendation: we typically get
over 100 apps, and it is simply not feasible for us to request individual
letters *** 

The job reference number is: 2007/161. The last date for your full
application to arrive is November 27, 2007 

Send your application electronically in PDF files or by paper-mail to
Registrator, Chalmers University of Technology, Se-412 96 Göteborg,
Phone: +4631 772 1000, Fax: +4631 772 4922, E-mail:
[email protected]

Details about employment The appointee must also have been admitted to
Chalmers Doctoral Program. PhD student positions are limited to five years
and will then normally include 20% departmental work, mostly teaching
duties. Admission and employment are regulated in Chalmers' "Rules of
Procedure for Doctoral Programs", §4 and §5. Salary follows the agreement
for PhD student positions. Further information Research level: Professor
Mary Sheeran e-mail ms'at'chalmers.se Division level: Graduate studies
director Philippas Tsigas, e-mail: tsigas'at'chalmers.se 

Union representatives: SACO Jan Lindér, ST-ATF Marie Wenander, SEKO Ralf
Berndtsson All reachable via Chalmers exchange: +46 31 772 10 00
CD: 4ms