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From: Ted Gould <ted-9XCe2xY0EOg <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Re: scale
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.graphics.inkscape.devel
Date: Tuesday 14th February 2006 07:18:25 UTC (over 12 years ago)
On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 13:03 -0800, Jon Phillips wrote:
> How did SCALE go? Can someone write up a synopsis? Are there any
> pictures?

No, no pictures.  John and Jon wouldn't let me out of the booth enough
to take any ;)

I think that it went very well.  We got awesome booth placement right
between Google and LTSP, both high draw projects.  Plus the LTSP guy
even had Inkscape on his systems.  Google of course had overflow, which
allowed us to chat them up.

They had almost 1000 people check in at the conference.  I printed 250
copies of each of the fliers I posted here earlier, and judging by how
many we had left I'd say 150-200 people came through the booth.  I had
originally planned on turning each into a little tutorial, but there
really wasn't room in the booth.

We had two computer set up running Ubuntu and Inkscape.  They were both
500 Mhz machines, which I think was a plus because whenever people asked
about performance we could just point to them.  Wacom let us borrow two
Intuos Tablets (which was awesome of them) so that became a draw to the
booth, though I think some people thought that you couldn't use Inkscape
without a tablet.  John Tabor brought a projector, so we used that as
one of the monitors so that we had something more visible for large
groups of people, and also people walking by.  I think that was a huge

I was surprised by how many people hadn't heard of Inkscape.  There was
also a large contingent of people who had heard of it, but weren't
familiar with what it is.  At the same time, we also had people coming
through the booth who were very familiar with Inkscape and wanted to
thank us all for the project existing, though they had a few gripes
(like printing).  Chris DiBona even came to the booth to check on the
Google Summer of Code projects -- he seemed happy with the progress.

Probably the funniest story was from the gal across the hall from us at
Bitrock.  It is a small startup doing installers.  She came over to talk
to us as she had been assigned to do the fliers for their booth, and
given Photoshop to do them in.  The fliers were okay, but when I knew
that they were done in Photoshop, I found them very impressive.  Also,
the copy of Photoshop she was given was a Spanish version, and she
didn't speak Spanish.  So, she was thrilled about Inkscape, and the fact
that we have an English translation :)

I think the most inspiring stories are the educational ones.  There
seems to be several groups of people refurbishing older computers and
giving them out to families who can't afford them.  They're usually
given without software licenses, or if they get any, it's only for
Windows.  So they're looking for applications that are useful for these
machines.  I think that they were all impressed by the abilities of
Inkscape, and excited to integrate them into their projects.

Overall, a good conference.  I think Inkscape was represented well by
John Tabor, Jon Cruz, Josh Andler and myself.  We also had a good time
hanging out together.

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