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From: Lars Windolf <lars.lindner <at> gmail.com>
Subject: Stable Release 1.10.0
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.gnome.liferea.devel
Date: Wednesday 10th July 2013 20:17:25 UTC (over 4 years ago)

This is a new major release replacing the 1.8 line. This release introduces
TheOldReader synchronisation support, an item history navigation, the
possibility to converting external source into local subscription (e.g. to
save your Google Reader items), a music player for attachments, GNOME
keyring support, the usage of XDG compliant paths, improved link handling
in context menus, a default view mode preference, a full screen option,
better dark theme support, improved unread counter display and many smaller

Please also note that 1.10+ requires GTK+3.

Here are the detailed changes against 1.8:

    New Big Features:

    * Added a new item history feature that allows navigating
      through recently viewed items
    * Added GnomeKeyring plugin that stores password in a keyring
      instead of in the exported OPML
    * Added simple media player plugin to play audio and video enclosures
    * Added an option to convert Google Reader subscriptions to local feeds
    * Added experimental sync support for TheOldReader
    * Migration to XDG directory layout in $HOME

    GUI Enhancements

    * Added new preference for default viewing mode
    * Added new "Fullscreen" toggle menu option
    * Added Google Chrome as a browser choice to preferences
    * Added MimeType to .desktop file (Craig Barnes)
    * Added social bookmarking support for Mister Wong
    * Added social bookmarking support for Google Bookmarks
    * Added social bookmarking support for Google Plus
    * Added social bookmarking support for Instapaper.com (SF #3564393)
      (patch by prurigro)
    * Changed unread number rendering to be right bound and non-ellipsized

    GUI Usability

    * For GTK+3: request dark theme variant for better contrast
      between GUI and content. (Jeff Fortin)
    * Change schema defaults for folder display. Now unread
      items are loaded per-default when clicking a folder.
    * Moved tab close button from the URL bar to the right of the tab
    * Smarter browser toolbar: appears now also in the item view when
      browsing external content.
    * Use hint label for manual browser command preference (SF #3129429)
      (patch by Fred Morcos)
    * Only present enclosures of audio and video MIME type
    * Dropping SIGSEGV signal handler to allow distro crash report tools to
      work (as found in Ubuntu)
    * Roughly reordered browser choices after browser market share.
    * Removed shading behaviour for unread items in combined view
      as it doesn't match GTK theming well
    * Removed auto-hide Javascript menu from combined view to simplify
      rendering in 3-pane modes.
    * Removed "pass URL" check box from MIME type dialog.
    * Removed "Save In" entry from "Download" tab in preferences.
    * Removed "curl" choice in download tool preferences.
    * Removed "wget" choice in download tool preferences.
    * Added "steadyflow" choice in download tool preferences.
    * Patch SF #3569056: Use symbolic close buttons and spacing on tabs
like gedit
      (Sebastian Keller)
    * Changing toolbar button order to prevent accidental clicks on
      "Mark All Read" when clicking on more frequent buttons like
      "Next Unread".
    * Merged SF #219: View *.xml files along with *.opml files in file
      (patch by Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    * Merged SF #233: Show feed name in item view when in merged views.
      (patch by Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    * Merged SF #193: Use GtkInfoBar for note in preferences window
      (patch by Fred Morcos)
    * Patch SF #3579177: Change .desktop category to News;Feed;
      (by Stanislav Brabec)
    * Improves all item/link launching menus to consistently provide
      three options: Tab, Browser and External Browser
    * Removed welcome text, restoring last feed/item selection instead
    * Removed 'Update' link in comments display as it is pretty useless
    * Removed 'No Comments' display as it is rather useless
    * Prevent re-rendering item display on setting item flagged


    * Updated Albanian translation (Besnik Bleta)
    * Updated Asturian translation (Iñigo Varela)
    * Updated Basque translation (Mikel Olasagasti Uranga)
    * Updated Catalan translation (Gil Forcada)
    * Updated Chinese/Simplified translation. (Aron Xu)
    * Updated Danish translation (Joe Hansen)
    * Updated Dutch translation (Erwin Poeze)
    * Updated Finnish translation (Jorma Karvonen)
    * Updated German translation (Lars Windolf)
    * Updated Hungarian translation (Gabor Kelemen)
    * Updated Japanese translation (Takeshi Hamasaki)
    * Added Latvian translation. (Rihards Priedītis, Rūdolfs Mazurs)
    * Added Lithuanian translation. (Mindaugas Baranauskas)
    * Updated Polish translation (Piotr Sokół, Wojciech Myrda)
    * Updated Russian translation. (Leonid Selivanov)
    * Updated Swedish translation. (Daniel Nylander)
    * Updated Ukrainian translation. (Yuri Chornoivan)
    * Added Vietnamese translation (Trần Ngọc Quân)


    * Fixes SF #1418701: Remote server pounded into dirt on auto-download
      (reported by anonymous)
    * Fixes SF #1041: Some GPLv2 license headers were outdated
      (reported by Emmanuel Seyman)
    * Fixes SF #1080: segfault opening attachment due to incorrect g_free()
      (reported by Adam Nielsen)
    * Fixes SF #1075: GLib warnings of "string != NULL" assertion failure
      (reported by Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    * Fixes g_strstr_len assertions caused by search folder item matching
      (Rich Coe)


    * Migrate from X session manager to GtkApplication
    * Raising GTK dependency to 3.4 for GtkApplication
    * Storing last window state in GConf now instead in the session command
    * Ensure node ids are in DB node relation on startup.
    * Added missing -a option to manpage
    * Updated manpage to reflect XDG path migration
    * Changes default download thread concurrency from 2 to 3
    * Removing deprecated g_thread_init() call
    * Extended user agent by "AppleWebKit (KHTML, like Gecko)"
      to solve incorrect mobile redirect with zdf.de
    * Patch SF #3407290: Migrate to GSettings
      (by Mikel Olasagasti)
    * autogen.sh now reports errors on missing autoconf or intltool
      (suggested by Scott Kostyshak)

    Customization Support:

    * Added user template CSS that helps users changing the CSS definitions
      and is installed into the cache directory per default.
      (suggested by Jeff Fortin)

    Build Dependency Changes:

    * GIR dependencies are now mandatory
    * Added support for libindicate 0.7 (Chow Loong Jin)
    * Removed support for libnotify < 0.7 (Adrian Bunk)
    * Removed compilation support for GTK2
    * Added GIR plugin system with libpeas
    * Require intltool >= 0.40.4 (Adrian Bunk)
    * Require glib >= 2.28 for GApplication (Adrian Bunk)

I want to thank all those great contributors that added, debugged and
tested so much code for 1.10!


CD: 3ms