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From: Gary Burton <bury_lancs <at> yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Subversion questions
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.genealogy.gramps.devel
Date: Friday 25th April 2008 15:18:48 UTC (over 10 years ago)

>1: I'm confused by the terms "trunk" and "branch."  I know what they
>mean for a tree, but not for a program!  Can someone please explain?

The tree analogy is a good one. The trunk version of gramps is where the
bleeding edge development takes place. This means that trunk is sometimes
unstable, crashes & eats your data. If you are a Debian user then trunk is
like Sid.
As development progresses, trunk will reach a point where is contains all
the features that are intended for the next release. At this point a new
branch will be created - the branch is initially just a copy of trunk. So a
while ago the gramps30 branch was created from trunk when it contained all
the features we wanted for the 3.0 release.
After a branch is created, developers will normally carry on bug fixing and
stabilising the branch to get it ready for release but won't add new
features to it. Bug fixes discovered in the branch will be applied to both
the branch and trunk. Any development on brand new features that will form
part of the next big release will continue in trunk alone. When a branch
has stabilised enough that it's ready to release, the release manager will
"tag" the branch. Tagging marks all of the source code revisions in a
branch that we want to form part of an actual release. So the gramps30
branch was tagged for the gramps 3.0.0 release.
After release, bug fixing work still continues as real users get their
hands on the release and find the more obscure problems that did not show
prior to release. Fixes are developed for these and added to the branch and
trunk. After a certain amount of time or after a major bug has been
discovered it's time to make another release from the branch. Some point
soon we will be ready to do this from the gramps30 branch, which will be
tagged again and released as gramps 3.0.1. The gramps30 branch will
continue to be bug fixed until the next major release has been branched and
released when focus will move to the next branch.

So, any if you have changes to make at the moment you need to decide if
it's a bug fix or new functionality. If it's a bug fix then it should be
applied to both gramps30 and trunk. If it is a new feature then it should
go into trunk and will be released as part of gramps 3.1 (or 3.2 depending
on how we are going to do version numbering in the future).

Hope this helps


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