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From: Szabolcs Szakacsits <szaka-IyvsvuGDJ8VAfugRpC6u6w <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Stable NTFS-3G 1.2506 released
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.file-systems.ntfs-3g.devel
Date: Monday 5th May 2008 23:48:31 UTC (over 10 years ago)
Good Day,


  *  Important bugfix release, upgrade is strongly recommended
  *  Experimental POSIX ACL support
  *  $100 Logo Design Competition
  *  Credits

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The top priority of the project, above anything else, is reliability. 
Quite a lot of time, resources and engineering is invested to ensure 
quality. The latest NTFS-3G release never has known reliability fault. 

When we receive or see anywhere online or on public forums a bug report 
which is subject to some potential driver reliability defect then we 
immediately start to track down the potential culprit. There was a truly 
long list of root causes in both software and hardware which were 
absolutely unrelated to NTFS-3G. However this time it was different.

During the quality assurance process of the next major driver release 
having a long-waited new feature, we have found a corruption. It can happen

basically anywhere on the partition except the NTFS boot sector. We thought

the bug is in the new feature but it turned out that all stable releases 
have it except, ironically, the 1.0 version.

This stable release includes only the fix for this long time hiding bug, 
besides some minor documentation updates.

How did this bug could survive for so long unnoticed and despite using 
extensive quality testing summarized at http://ntfs-3g.org/quality.html

The true explanation is not so short and somewhat subtle because there are 
many factors. 

Until very recently, FUSE has restricted write block size to 4 KB. It also 
happens that the typical NTFS cluster (block) size is also 4 KB. This means

that basically all write operations ended up allocating only a new, single 
cluster. However the corruption could happen only in some rare cases during

multi-cluster allocations.

But the cluster allocator, which decides where the data goes on the disk, 
is also used internally to place the NTFS metadata. One case again used 
only single cluster allocations but another one didn't. And this could 
result corruption if all the below conditions were also true:

  - last used MFT cluster was "unaligned"
  - there was free space only at the end of a cluster allocation group
  - more space was requested than the free space at the end of CAG
  - the incorrectly read memory had "unlucky" values

Another lucky factor was that the metadata which required multi-cluster 
allocation used a different, exclusive to itself allocation zone unlike 
anything else, so it couldn't mix and corrupt any other allocations ... 
until the volume got close to full disk.

But this is not all. There was another lucky factor which typically 
prevented this to happen. Namely the lack of the below feature which 
at some point completely blocked the metadata multi-cluster allocations:

NTFS volumes using less than 4 KB cluster size (512, 1024, 2048) are in 
much greater risk. The highest risk is for volumes using 512 byte cluster 

We are also __very__ lucky to find this problem just in the last moment. 
The next stable Linux 2.6.26 kernel can send bigger than 4 KB write blocks 
which would have exposed the so far thankfully underutilized bug in NTFS-3G

resulting random NTFS corruptions on large scale.

Thankfully Miklos Szeredi promptly suggested and agreed to implement making
FUSE large write support optional and default to OFF. This means that the
kernel upgrade can not cause NTFS data corruptions, only if the NTFS driver

isn't upgraded to 1.2506 version.

NTFS-3G will enable large block support when the driver passes all our 
general and targeted tests.

The stable NTFS-3G driver can be downloaded from

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Jean-Pierre Andre has implemented two-way mappings between 
NTFS and POSIX ACLs. Please see more information at:


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The NTFS-3G project is pleased to invite graphic designers to a logo 
competition. The contest rules can be found at


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Many thanks to: Jean-Pierre Andre, Miklos Szeredi, Bernhard Kaindl, 
Dominique L Bouix, Erik Larsson, Alejandro Pulver, Leann Ogasawara, 
Carlos Reyes, Roberto Franceschini, Tom Kerremans, Jose Bernardo, 
Bradley Dean, Joshua Weage, JD, Kent Robotti, Jason Perlow, Ralph 
Corderoy, ...

Best regards,

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