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From: =?UTF-8?B?VG9yYWxmIEbDtnJzdGVy?= <toralf.foerster <at> gmx.de>
Subject: found a scenario for BUG at fs/ext4/super.c:804!
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.file-systems.ext4
Date: Thursday 30th May 2013 17:58:43 UTC (over 4 years ago)
With kernel 3.10-rcX there's a big likelihood to observe that issue if I do
the following steps: 

 1. create a 257 MB file /mnt/ramdisk/disk0
 2. create an EXT4 fs onto it
 3. mount it onto /mnt/ramdisk/victims/
 4. create files and directories in /mnt/ramdisk/victims/v1/v2
 5. exportfs the directory /mnt/ramdisk/victims/ via NFS 
 6. start a user mode linux
 7. within UML nfs-mount the exported directory /mnt/ramdisk/victims/ onto
3 different UML directories /mnt/nfsv[234] - just to test all 3 NFS
 8. run trinity within the UML guest using a victims directory
/mnt/nfsv[234]/v1/v2 for a longer period (rather hours)
 9. stop UML, Ctrl-C any running trinity / UML process
10. try to umount mnt/ramdisk/victims/
11. if that attempt fails stop the nfs service and run the umount command
again - it segfaults now
12. if the 1st umount is however successfully then make a :-/

2013-05-30T19:20:28.000+02:00 n22 rpc.mountd[2921]: authenticated unmount
request from for /mnt/ramdisk/victims
2013-05-30T19:20:28.000+02:00 n22 rpc.mountd[2921]: authenticated unmount
request from for /mnt/ramdisk/victims
2013-05-30T19:20:42.569+02:00 n22 kernel: br0: port 1(tap0) entered
disabled state
2013-05-30T19:21:10.000+02:00 n22 rpc.mountd[2921]: Caught signal 15,
un-registering and exiting.
2013-05-30T19:21:10.336+02:00 n22 kernel: lockd: couldn't shutdown host
module for net c161c200!
2013-05-30T19:21:10.338+02:00 n22 kernel: nfsd: last server has exited,
flushing export cache
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: EXT4-fs (loop0): sb orphan head
is 32315
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: sb_info orphan list:
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32315 at e8702158:
mode 102357, nlink 0, next 32173
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32173 at e773a860:
mode 100406, nlink 0, next 32383
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32383 at e93bbd78:
mode 102041, nlink 0, next 32233
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32233 at e7e742e0:
mode 103267, nlink 0, next 32421
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32421 at e84fad10:
mode 100102, nlink 0, next 32155
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32155 at e8700538:
mode 100700, nlink 0, next 32230
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32230 at e77397f8:
mode 102747, nlink 0, next 32313
2013-05-30T19:21:12.227+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32313 at e8701ca8:
mode 102667, nlink 0, next 32244
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32244 at e79b3670:
mode 100353, nlink 0, next 32361
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32361 at e8703b20:
mode 100206, nlink 0, next 32271
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32271 at e79b3b20:
mode 100000, nlink 0, next 32255
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32255 at eb8ec088:
mode 104657, nlink 0, next 32366
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32366 at e8701f00:
mode 105711, nlink 0, next 32281
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32281 at e77382e0:
mode 101637, nlink 0, next 32151
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32151 at e92cce98:
mode 101557, nlink 0, next 32138
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32138 at e932a608:
mode 101327, nlink 0, next 32013
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32013 at e74be158:
mode 101527, nlink 0, next 32012
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32012 at e74be3b0:
mode 102427, nlink 0, next 32110
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32110 at e74bdf00:
mode 101303, nlink 0, next 32112
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32112 at e74beab8:
mode 100000, nlink 0, next 32066
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32066 at e79f9a50:
mode 104607, nlink 0, next 32148
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32148 at e9331ca8:
mode 102507, nlink 0, next 32158
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32158 at e84c31c0:
mode 100000, nlink 0, next 32139
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32139 at e84c1ca8:
mode 101507, nlink 0, next 32115
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: inode loop0:32115 at e93310f0:
mode 104037, nlink 0, next 0
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: ------------[ cut here
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: kernel BUG at
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: Modules linked in: loop nfsd
auth_rpcgss oid_registry lockd sunrpc ip6t_REJECT ip6table_filter
ip6_tables ipt_MASQUERADE xt_owner xt_LOG xt_limit xt_multiport ipt_REJECT
xt_tcpudp xt_recent xt_conntrack iptable_nat nf_conntrack_ipv4
nf_defrag_ipv4 nf_nat_ipv4 nf_nat nf_conntrack iptable_filter ip_tables
x_tables af_packet pppoe pppox ppp_generic slhc bridge stp llc ipv6 tun
fuse dm_mod coretemp kvm_intel kvm aesni_intel i915 xts aes_i586 lrw
gf128mul ablk_helper arc4 hid_cherry hid_generic iwldvm fbcon
snd_hda_codec_conexant cfbfillrect cfbimgblt cryptd i2c_algo_bit sr_mod
cfbcopyarea intel_agp sdhci_pci cdrom intel_gtt evdev mac80211 sdhci
bitblit mmc_core softcursor font acpi_cpufreq mperf psmouse usbhid
drm_kms_helper usblp snd_hda_intel e1000e uvcvideo drm videobuf2_vmalloc
hid agpgart videobuf2_memops videobuf2_core videodev fb 8250_pci
snd_hda_codec ptp i2c_i801 8250
 pps_core processor battery fbdev iwlwifi i2c_core cfg80211 thermal wmi
tpm_tis snd_pcm snd_page_alloc snd_timer tpm tpm_bios thinkpad_acpi video
nvram snd soundcore ac rfkill thermal_sys button serial_core hwmon [last
unloaded: microcode]
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: CPU: 1 PID: 11831 Comm: umount
Not tainted 3.10.0-rc3+ #6
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: Hardware name: LENOVO
4180F65/4180F65, BIOS 83ET73WW (1.43 ) 11/30/2012
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: task: eec69aa0 ti: eb4b6000
task.ti: eb4b6000
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: EIP: 0060:[] EFLAGS:
00010287 CPU: 1
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: EIP is at
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: EAX: 0000003d EBX: eaa3d400 ECX:
eaa3d550 EDX: eaa3d550
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: ESI: eaa3f000 EDI: eaa3d514 EBP:
eb4b7efc ESP: eb4b7ecc
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: DS: 007b ES: 007b FS: 00d8 GS:
00e0 SS: 0068
2013-05-30T19:21:12.228+02:00 n22 kernel: CR0: 80050033 CR2: b6bab000 CR3:
2edc6000 CR4: 000407f0
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: DR0: 00000000 DR1: 00000000 DR2:
00000000 DR3: 00000000
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: DR6: ffff0ff0 DR7: 00000400
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: Stack:
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: c1567fa0 eaa3f1bc 00007d73
e93310f0 0000881f 00000000 00000000 e93310d0
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: eaa3d550 eaa3f000 eaa3f058
c14a06e0 eb4b7f18 c111f771 eb4b7f28 eb4b7f18
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: f1d70400 00000083 eaa3f000
eb4b7f28 c111f819 eaa3f000 c15fde28 eb4b7f38
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: Call Trace:
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: []
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: []
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: []
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: []
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: []
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: []
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: []
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: []
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: Code: 24 a0 7f 56 c1 05 bc 01 00
00 89 44 24 04 e8 d2 f8 2b 00 8b 4d ec 8b 55 f0 8b 09 39 ca 75 b2 39 93 50
01 00 00 0f 84 9a fe ff ff <0f> 0b 66 90 55 89 e5 83 ec 20 66 66 66 66 90
8d 45 18 c7 04 24
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: EIP: []
ext4_put_super+0x2dc/0x2e0 SS:ESP 0068:eb4b7ecc
2013-05-30T19:21:12.229+02:00 n22 kernel: ---[ end trace 2a52a524ae176def

Toralf Förster
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