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From: David Fetter <david <at> fetter.org>
Subject: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - August 18 2013 ==
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.db.postgresql.announce
Date: Monday 19th August 2013 03:41:00 UTC (over 4 years ago)
== PostgreSQL Weekly News - August 18 2013 ==

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

PostGIS 2.1.0, the industry standard geographic information
system for PostgreSQL, released.

The book "PostgreSQL Server Programming" has been released.

Skytools 3.1.5, a package of tools developed by Skype for replication
and failover including PgQ, a generic queuing framework and Londiste,
a row-based master-slave replication replication system, released:

== PostgreSQL Jobs for August ==


== PostgreSQL Local ==

Postgres Open 2013 will be in Chicago, IL, USA, September 16-18.
The list of talks has been posted on the site.

The Italian PGDay (PGDay.IT) will be held on October the 25th in
Prato, Tuscany, Italy, at Monash University Center.
The International Call For Papers is open:

pgconf.EU 2013 will be held on Oct 29-Nov 1, 2013 at the Conrad Hotel
in downtown Dublin, Ireland.  Registration is open.

PGConf.DE 2013 will be held November 8th, 2013, at the Rhineland
Industrial Museum in Oberhausen.  The CfP is open through September
15, 2013.

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

Planet PostgreSQL: http://planet.postgresql.org/

PostgreSQL Weekly News is brought to you this week by David Fetter

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Please send English language ones to [email protected], German language
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to [email protected]

== Applied Patches ==

Bruce Momjian pushed:

- pg_dump:  avoid schema qualification for ALTER ... OWNER.  We
  already use search_path to specify the schema, so there is no need
  for pg_dump to schema-qualify the name.  Also remove dead code.

- 9.3 release notes:  move foreign table item.  Move item about
  foreign data wrappers supporting inserts/updates/deletes to object
  manipulation.  From Etsuro Fujita

- docs:  document TRIM "comma" syntax.  This syntax is supported by
  the parser, but is non-standard.  _Not_ backpatched to 9.3 in case
  we change our minds.

- pg_upgrade: shut down server after auth failure.  Register atexit()
  server shutdown if pg_ctl successfully started the server, but we
  can't connect to it.  Backpatch to 9.3.  Per bug report from Pavel

- release notes: Update to 9.3 git current.  Backpatch to 9.3, of

- release notes: update 9.3 major feature list.  Backpatch to 9.3.

Tom Lane pushed:

- Emit a log message if output is about to be redirected away from
  stderr.  We've seen multiple cases of people looking at the
  postmaster's original stderr output to try to diagnose problems, not
  realizing/remembering that their logging configuration is set up to
  send log messages somewhere else.  This seems particularly likely to
  happen in prepackaged distributions, since many packagers patch the
  code to change the factory-standard logging configuration to
  something more in line with their platform conventions.  In hopes of
  reducing confusion, emit a LOG message about this at the point in
  startup where we are about to switch log output away from the
  original stderr, providing a pointer to where to look instead.  This
  message will appear as the last thing in the original stderr output.
  (We might later also try to emit such link messages when logging
  parameters are changed on-the-fly; but that case seems to be both
  noticeably harder to do nicely, and much less frequently a problem
  in practice.) Per discussion, back-patch to 9.3 but not further.

- Remove ph_may_need from PlaceHolderInfo, with attendant
  simplifications.  The planner logic that attempted to make a
  preliminary estimate of the ph_needed levels for PlaceHolderVars
  seems to be completely broken by lateral references.  Fortunately,
  the potential join order optimization that this code supported seems
  to be of relatively little value in practice; so let's just get rid
  of it rather than trying to fix it.  Getting rid of this allows
  fairly substantial simplifications in placeholder.c, too, so
  planning in such cases should be a bit faster.  Issue noted while
  pursuing bugs reported by Jeremy Evans and Antonin Houska, though
  this doesn't in itself fix either of their reported cases.  What
  this does do is prevent an Assert crash in the kind of query
  illustrated by the added regression test.  (I'm not sure that the
  plan for that query is stable enough across platforms to be usable
  as a regression test output ... but we'll soon find out from the
  buildfarm.) Back-patch to 9.3.  The problem case can't arise without
  LATERAL, so no need to touch older branches.

- Fix planner problems with LATERAL references in PlaceHolderVars.
  The planner largely failed to consider the possibility that a
  PlaceHolderVar's expression might contain a lateral reference to a
  Var coming from somewhere outside the PHV's syntactic scope.  We had
  a previous report of a problem in this area, which I tried to fix in
  a quick-hack way in commit 4da6439bd8553059766011e2a42c6e39df08717f,
  but Antonin Houska pointed out that there were still some problems,
  and investigation turned up other issues.  This patch largely
  reverts that commit in favor of a more thoroughly thought-through
  solution.  The new theory is that a PHV's ph_eval_at level cannot be
  higher than its original syntactic level.  If it contains lateral
  references, those don't change the ph_eval_at level, but rather they
  create a lateral-reference requirement for the ph_eval_at join
  relation.  The code in joinpath.c needs to handle that.  Another
  issue is that createplan.c wasn't handling nested PlaceHolderVars
  properly.  In passing, push knowledge of lateral-reference checks
  for join clauses into join_clause_is_movable_to.  This is mainly so
  that FDWs don't need to deal with it.  This patch doesn't fix the
  original join-qual-placement problem reported by Jeremy Evans (and
  indeed, one of the new regression test cases shows the wrong answer
  because of that).  But the PlaceHolderVar problems need to be fixed
  before that issue can be addressed, so committing this separately
  seems reasonable.

- Fix thinko in comment.

Peter Eisentraut pushed:

- Update Emacs configuration.  Update emacs.samples with new
  configuration snippets that match pgindent et al. formatting more
  accurately and follow Emacs Lisp best practices better.  Add
  .dir-locals.el with a subset of that configuration for casual
  editing and viewing.  Reviewed-by: Dimitri Fontaine
   Reviewed-by: Noah Misch 

- Improve error message when view is not updatable.  Avoid using the
  term "updatable" in confusing ways.  Suggest a trigger first, before
  a rule.

- Treat timeline IDs as unsigned in replication parser.  Timeline IDs
  are unsigned ints everywhere, except the replication parser treated
  them as signed ints.

- libpq: Report strerror on pthread_mutex_lock() failure

Kevin Grittner pushed:

- Remove Assert that matview is not in system schema from REFRESH.  We
  don't want to prevent an extension which creates a matview from
  being installed in pg_catalog.  Issue was raised by Hitoshi Harada.
  Backpatched to 9.3.

- Don't allow ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW ADD UNIQUE.  Was accidentally
  allowed, but not documented and lacked support for rename or drop
  once created.  Per report from Noah Misch.

- Remove relcache entry invalidation in REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW.
  This was added as part of the attempt to support unlogged matviews
  along with a populated status.  It got missed when unlogged support
  was removed pre-commit.  Noticed by Noah Misch.  Back-patched to 9.3

Magnus Hagander pushed:

- Add tab completion for \dx in psql

Heikki Linnakangas pushed:

- Fix typo in comment.

Robert Haas pushed:

- Move more bgworker code to bgworker.c; also, some renaming.  Per
  discussion on pgsql-hackers.  Michael Paquier, slightly modified by
  me.  Original suggestion from Amit Kapila.

== Rejected Patches (for now) ==

No one was disappointed this week :-)

== Pending Patches ==

Dean Rasheed sent in a WIP patch to extend auto-updatable views to
support views containing a mix of updatable and non-updatable columns.
This is basically the "columns" part of SQL Feature T111, "Updatable
joins, unions, and columns".

Etsuro Fujita sent in two more revisions of a patch to improve the
performance of ORDINALITY.

Andrew (RhodiumToad) Gierth sent in a WIP patch which implements a
method for expanding multiple SRFs in parallel that does not have the
surprising LCM behaviour of SRFs-in-select-list.  (Functions returning
fewer rows are padded with nulls instead.) It then uses this method
combined with a parse-time hack to implement the (intended to be)
spec-conforming behaviour of UNNEST with multiple parameters,
including flattening of composite results.

Robert Haas sent in a PoC patch to allow additional "dynamic" memory

Etsuro Fujita sent in a patch to update the README in
src/backend/optimizer to reflect current realities.

Rushabh Lathia sent in two more revisions of a patch to throw an error
when years with >4 digits are used in a timestamptz type.

Robert Haas sent in a patch to fix a bug where
pgstat_reset_remove_files ignores its argument.

Michael Cronenworth and Andrew Dunstan traded patches to fix Windows
socket error checking for MinGW.

Zoltan Boszormenyi sent in another revision of a patch to implement
ECPG fetch readahead.

Peter Eisentraut sent in a patch to fix an issue with libpq thread
locking during SSL connection start.

Robert Haas sent in another revision of a patch to rearrange the code
for dynamic background workers.

Fabrízio de Royes Mello sent in another revision of a patch to add
support of "IF NOT EXISTS" to the remaining "CREATE" statements where
such a clause would make sense.

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