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From: David Fetter <david <at> fetter.org>
Subject: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - February 26 2012 ==
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.db.postgresql.announce
Date: Monday 27th February 2012 04:54:16 UTC (over 6 years ago)
== PostgreSQL Weekly News - February 26 2012 ==

Point releases 9.1.3, 9.0.7, 8.4.11 and 8.3.18 will be out soon.  Get
ready to upgrade!

PGDay DC 2012 will be held on March 30.

PGDay Austin 2012 will be held March 28.

== PostgreSQL Jobs for February ==


== PostgreSQL Local ==

PGDay NYC will be held April 2, 2012 at Lighthouse International in
New York City.

PGCon 2012 will be held 17-18 May 2012, in Ottawa at the University of
Ottawa.  It will be preceded by two days of tutorials on 15-16 May 2012.

PGDay France will be in Lyon on June 7, 2012.

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

Planet PostgreSQL: http://planet.postgresql.org/

PostgreSQL Weekly News is brought to you this week by David Fetter

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Please send English language ones to [email protected], German language
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to [email protected]

== Reviews ==

== Applied Patches ==

Andrew Dunstan pushed:

- Fix a couple of cases of JSON output.  First, as noted by Itagaki
  Takahiro, a datum of type JSON doesn't need to be escaped. Second,
  ensure that numeric output not in the form of a legal JSON number is
  quoted and escaped.

- Fix typo, noticed by Will Crawford.

- Correctly handle NULLs in JSON output.  Error reported by David

Tom Lane pushed:

- Don't reject threaded Python on FreeBSD.  According to Chris Rees,
  this has worked for awhile, and the current FreeBSD port is removing
  the test anyway.

- Don't clear btpo_cycleid during _bt_vacuum_one_page.  When
  "vacuuming" a single btree page by removing LP_DEAD tuples, we are
  not actually within a vacuum operation, but rather in an ordinary
  insertion process that could well be running concurrently with a
  vacuum.  So clearing the cycleid is incorrect, and could cause the
  concurrent vacuum to miss removing tuples that it needs to remove.
  This is a longstanding bug introduced by commit
  e6284649b9e30372b3990107a082bc7520325676 of 2006-07-25.  I believe
  it explains Maxim Boguk's recent report of index corruption, and
  probably some other previously unexplained reports.  In 9.0 and up
  this is a one-line fix; before that we need to introduce a flag to
  tell _bt_delitems what to do.

- Cosmetic cleanup for commit a760893dbda9934e287789d54bbd3c4ca3914ce0.
  Mostly, fixing overlooked comments.

- Draft release notes for 9.1.3, 9.0.7, 8.4.11, 8.3.18.

- Allow MinGW builds to use standardly-named OpenSSL libraries.  In
  the Fedora variant of MinGW, the openssl libraries have their normal
  names, not libeay32 and libssleay32.  Adjust configure probes to
  allow that, per bug #6486.  Tomasz Ostrowski

- Stamp 9.1.3, 9.0.7, 8.4.11, 8.3.18.

- Fix the general case of quantified regex back-references.  Cases
  where a back-reference is part of a larger subexpression that is
  quantified have never worked in Spencer's regex engine, because he
  used a compile-time transformation that neglected the need to check
  the back-reference match in iterations before the last one.  (That
  was okay for capturing parens, and we still do it if the regex has
  *only* capturing parens ... but it's not okay for backrefs.) To make
  this work properly, we have to add an "iteration" node type to the
  regex engine's vocabulary of sub-regex nodes.  Since this is a
  moderately large change with a fair risk of introducing new bugs of
  its own, apply to HEAD only, even though it's a fix for a
  longstanding bug.

- Avoid repeated creation/freeing of per-subre DFAs during regex
  search.  In nested sub-regex trees, lower-level nodes created DFAs
  and then destroyed them again before exiting, which is a bit dumb
  considering that the recursive search is likely to call those nodes
  again later.  Instead cache each created DFA until the end of
  pg_regexec().  This is basically a space for time tradeoff, in that
  it might increase the maximum memory usage.  However, in most regex
  patterns there are not all that many subre nodes, so not that many
  DFAs --- and in any case, the peak usage occurs when reaching the
  bottom recursion level, and except for alternation cases that's
  going to be the same anyway.

- Merge dissect() into cdissect() to remove a pile of near-duplicate
  code.  The "uncomplicated" case isn't materially less complicated
  than the full case, certainly not enough so to justify duplicating
  nearly 500 lines of code.  The only extra work being done in the
  full path is zaptreesubs, which is very cheap compared to everything
  else being done here, and besides that I'm less than convinced that
  it's not needed in some cases even without backrefs.

- Remove useless "retry memory" logic within regex engine.  Apparently
  some primordial version of Spencer's engine needed cdissect() and
  child functions to be able to continue matching from a previous
  position when re-called.  That is dead code, though, since trivial
  inspection shows that cdissect can never be entered without having
  previously done zapmem which resets the relevant retry counter.  I
  have also verified experimentally that no case in the Tcl regression
  tests reaches cdissect with a nonzero retry value.  Accordingly,
  remove that logic.  This doesn't really save any noticeable number
  of cycles in itself, but it is one step towards making dissect() and
  cdissect() equivalent, which will allow removing hundreds of lines
  of near-duplicated code.  Since struct subre's "retry" field is no
  longer particularly related to any kind of retry, rename it to "id".
  As of this commit it's only used for identifying a subre node in
  debug printouts, so you might think we should get rid of the field
  entirely; but I have a plan for another use.

- Fix some more bugs in GIN's WAL replay logic.  In commit
  4016bdef8aded77b4903c457050622a5a1815c16 I fixed a bunch of
  ginxlog.c bugs having to do with not handling XLogReadBuffer
  failures correctly.  However, in ginRedoUpdateMetapage and
  ginRedoDeleteListPages, I unaccountably thought that failure to read
  the metapage would be impossible and just put in an elog(PANIC)
  call.  This is of course wrong: failure is exactly what will happen
  if the index got dropped (or rebuilt) between creation of the WAL
  record and the crash we're trying to recover from.  I believe this
  explains Nicholas Wilson's recent report of these errors getting
  reached.  Also, fix memory leak in forgetIncompleteSplit.  This
  wasn't of much concern when the code was written, but in a
  long-running standby server page split records could be expected to
  accumulate indefinitely.  Back-patch to 8.4 --- before that, GIN
  didn't have a metapage.

Peter Eisentraut pushed:

- pg_regress: Add application name setting.  Set the PGAPPNAME
  environment variable in pg_regress so that it identifies itself as
  such instead of "psql".

- Add parameters for controlling locations of server-side SSL files.
  This allows changing the location of the files that were previously
  hard-coded to server.crt, server.key, root.crt, root.crl.
  server.crt and server.key continue to be the default settings and
  are thus required to be present by default if SSL is enabled.  But
  the settings for the server-side CA and CRL are now empty by
  default, and if they are set, the files are required to be present.
  This replaces the previous behavior of ignoring the functionality if
  the files were not found.

- Fix build without OpenSSL.  This is a fixup for commit

- Remove inappropriate quotes, and adjust wording for consistency.

- Translation updates

- Add some enumeration commas, for consistency

- Put Debian package list back in alphabetical order

- Remove useless const qualifier.  Claiming that the typevar argument
  to DefineCompositeType() is const was a plain lie.  A similar case
  in DefineVirtualRelation() was already changed in passing in commit
  1575fbcb.  Also clean up the now unnecessary casts that used to cast
  away the const.

- Remove useless cast

Magnus Hagander pushed:

- Avoid double close of file handle in syslogger on win32.  This
  causes an exception when running under a debugger or in particular
  when running on a debug version of Windows.  Patch from MauMau

- Make each pg_stat_ view into it's own table in the documentation
  This makes it easier to match a column name with the description of
  it, and makes it possible to add more detailed documentation in the
  future.  This patch does not add that extra documentation at this
  point, only the structure required for it.  Modeled on the changes
  already done to pg_stat_activity.

- Merge the list of statistics functions into the view documentation
  Most people won't read them individually anyway, it's an easy way to
  find them, and it's a lot of duplicated information if they are kept
  in two different places.

- Fix some typos and correct wording in the monitoring docs patch Thom

Simon Riggs pushed:

- Correctly initialise shared recoveryLastRecPtr in recovery.
  Previously we used ReadRecPtr rather than EndRecPtr, which was not a
  serious error but caused pg_stat_replication to report incorrect
  replay_location until at least one WAL record is replayed.  Fujii

Alvaro Herrera pushed:

- REASSIGN OWNED: Support foreign data wrappers and servers.  This was
  overlooked when implementing those kinds of objects, in commit
  cae565e503c42a0942ca1771665243b4453c5770.  Per report from Pawel

Bruce Momjian pushed:

- Improve wording of pg_upgrade logfile option: -l, --logfile=FILENAME
  log internal activity to file\n\

- Update src/tools/make_ctags to avoid Exuberant tags option that has
  been renamed and undocumented since 2003;  instead, use the
  documented option.  Add comments.

- Mention original ctags option name.

Robert Haas pushed:

- Fix typo in comment.  Sandro Santilli

- Make EXPLAIN (BUFFERS) track blocks dirtied, as well as those
  written.  Also expose the new counters through pg_stat_statements.
  Patch by me.  Review by Fujii Masao and Greg Smith.

- Don't install hstore--1.0.sql any more.  Since the current version
  is 1.1, the 1.0 file isn't really needed.  We do need the 1.0--1.1
  upgrade file, so people on 1.0 can upgrade.  Per recent discussion
  on pgsql-hackers.

== Rejected Patches (for now) ==

No one was disappointed this week :-)

== Pending Patches ==

Alexander Korotkov sent in another revision of the patch to fix some
slowness and bugs in inserting cubes.

Kyotaro HORIGUCHI and Marko Kreen traded patches to create a new libpq
tuple store and speed up dblink using same.

Etsuro Fujita and Shigeru HANADA traded versions of a patch to add a
PostgreSQL FDW.

Gabriele Bartolini sent in another revision of the patch to allow
array elements to reference keys in another table.

Dimitri Fontaine sent in another revision of the patch to collect and
display accumulated AUTOVACUUM cost.

Alexander Korotkov sent in a patch to fix incorrect behaviour when
using a GiST index on points.

Jan Urbanski sent in another revision of the patch to fix potential
reference miscounts and segfaults in plpython.c.

Greg Smith sent in a patch to add a pg_test_timing tool for EXPLAIN
ANALYZE overhead.

Simon Riggs sent in another revision of the patch to assess the
overall level of freelist lwlock contention.

Greg Smith and Ants Aasma traded revisions of a patch to add timing of
buffer I/O requests.

Peter Geoghegan sent in another revision of the patch to publish
checkpoint timing and sync files summary data to pg_stat_bgwriter.

Timothy Garnett sent in a patch to make it possible to ask pg_dump to
dump tables in clustered index order.

Joachim Wieland sent in another revision of the patch to make it
possible to use pg_dump in parallel.

Daniel Farina sent in another revision of the patch to move CRC tables
to a separate include file and libpg.

KaiGai Kohei sent in another revision of the patch to add a
sepgsql_setcon() function to SE-pgsql.

Peter Eisentraut sent in a patch to fix an issue with incompatible
pointer types for different revisions of zlib.

Alex Shulgin sent in another revision of a patch to add URL support to

Daniel Farina sent in another revision of a patch inteneded to
re-normalize pg_stat_statements.

Peter Eisentraut sent in another revision of the patch to correct
misleading errors on CREATE TABLE ... LIKE.

Simon Riggs sent in a patch to speed up COPY for the case of adding
committed rows.

Dimitri Fontaine sent in three more revisions of the patch to
implement command triggers.

Sergey Burladyan sent in a patch to fix a bug in psql's indent for
inherited tables names with UTF-8

Noah Misch sent in a patch to cut down the noise in psql when there is
an error in a multi-command string.

Jeff Janes sent in a patch to reproduce and fix an issue he's been
seeing around the "moving more work outside the WALInsertLock" patch.

Magnus Hagander sent in a patch to fix xlog location arithmetic.

Simon Riggs sent in a patch to fix certain contentions in CLOG.

Magnus Hagander sent in a patch to create a new stylesheet, assuming
the docs are built locally.

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