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From: tierneysean <sean <at> yahoo.invalid>
Subject: are there fun cf jobs left?
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.cms.cold-fusion.user.azcfug
Date: Wednesday 23rd July 2003 21:25:10 UTC (over 15 years ago)
I just now caught up on my reading of azcfug messages since june 1st. 
I tried my hand at a venture involving party bus rentals for the last
3mos but it didn't pan out so I took a CF contact position w/ a 
company monday (that will remain nameless for their sake). 
Bottomline, after two days I realized I am a square peg in a round 
hole and had to gracefully leave. They need peon workerbees to take 
heat from people, kiss management butt and make bug fixes all day 
patching a sinking ship all the while pretending like it's not- 
unfortunately I just don't have that in me. Without venting too much 
to this list and trying to extract something positive from this 
experience, does anyone still have a fun coding job that they enjoy 
(if not daily, at least some of the time) without excessive 
beauracratic crap involved? If so can you post something 
encouraging to this list to reassure me that they still exist? 

I'm not opposed to hard work and long hours, just senseless work. 
I've worked 6 tech jobs over the past 6yrs and they have all been
magnificent companies to work for at one point or another and I got to
invent some really cool things but inevitably something in the mix 
gets screwed up and basically a situation presents itself where 
either you stay and compromise what you believe in or you bail. Are 
others facing these insane environments and if so, how do you cope? I 
was told this morning that I was their best technical interview to 
date and that I should stick it out, but I think it would be a 
disservice to them for me to stay, so i left. The whole environment 
was surreal. Humans weren't meant to bake 8hrs a day under 
flourescent lights surrounded by noiseless high-walled grey cubicles, 
wearing colored badges and entering through a frigging airlock 
security system for security (no joke, think Total Recal - they told 
me it was a concern that a disgruntled ex-employee would come back 
and mow down management). If that's an actual concern, shouldn't 
that be a red flag that something is desperately wrong? When there 
are 10 people on a web team and everyone's doing support rather than 
development and there's no less than 100 error messages and requests 
in your inbox each day, is adding one more team member the solution 
or shouldn't they be rethinking the whole damn business? There's 
this analogy about how if you throw a frog into a boiling pot of 
water, he'll jump right out but if you turn up the heat slowly, he'll 
never know he's cooking. Well maybe I'm just used to the cold 
phoenix air but the numb attitudes and the utter resignation and 
hopelessness of everyone in this building scared me on a very deep 
level today (joan didion 'thin whine of hysteria' style). At this 
point I may be just overwhelmed by being the frog out of water that 
happened to pick a particularly hot pot to jump back into but before 
I hang up the headphones and take a job flipping burgers, I want to 
know if it's this way everywhere or if my experience was just the 
unilateral outlier. 

I have to imagine that the internet boom and subsequent shakedown is
not the end of great development jobs, but I don't know. Are people
doing cool stuff with CFMX, struts, flash integration? Developing new
things, solving problems for a good cause in an interesting way that 
is rewarding? Are there small shops that are making it and having fun 
in the process? The messages I read from this list from the people 
that I know indicate yes- so where do you all work and who has a 
killer job that is hiring progressive, free-thinking individuals? If 
there are no companies like this, does anyone want to start one? At 
this point my strategy is to seek a teaching position of some sort, 
since i have to believe that if I can't actually apply my talents in 
a comercial scenario, there have got to be people that are at least 
interested in LEARNING to do things the right way. Ride the storm 
out, learn stuff and then re-enter the picture when business is 
booming again i guess. Trading your livelihood for a paycheck just 
is not worth it. Too bad there's no meeting tonight, would be cool 
to talk w/ folks about their situations and find out what the 
landscape is like in other companies right now. My roommates are 
facing the same mind-numbing work right now and it drives them crazy 

Hit me back on or offlist if you have anything to say. And sorry to 
vent here but I wanna get some response before I switch occupations 
completely. Cursory internet searching and rummaging through 
newspaper want ads yield nothing so far so I'm interested in the 
lowdown from others on the list (and communication in confidence if 
need be). The headhunter thing proved to be disasterous for this 
situation, has that route worked for anyone else? Has anyone secured 
freelance development work through a service like elance.com? What 
other options am I missing for someone w/ strong 
cf/database/communication skills?


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