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From: Rob Weir <robweir <at> apache.org>
Subject: Re: Apache OpenOffice in Fedora 19?
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.apache.openoffice.devel
Date: Wednesday 6th February 2013 22:19:36 UTC (over 5 years ago)
On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 4:12 PM, Marcus (OOo)  wrote:
> Am 02/06/2013 09:13 PM, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>> On 31/01/2013 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>>> It got more coverage than needed, probably. It is just a proposal at
>>> this stage, like dozens of other proposals.
>> It is starting to become something a little bit more official now.
>> Minutes ago, the "FESCo meeting" (Fedora Engineering Steering Committee)
>> approved the feature for Fedora 19 unanimously, 9-0.
> Great news.
>> They will likely publish some minutes, but I copy-paste from the chat.
>> ---
>> Feature is accepted under the condition that the conflicts must be
>> worked out. OpenOffice and LibreOffice packagers get to work them out.
>> There is no FESCo mandate that LibreOffice must change to accommodate
>> OpenOffice at this time. Alternatives is not the way to resolve the
>> conflicts but environment-modules may be looked at as a similar means to
>> achieve that.
>> ---
>> Explanations:
>> - Conflicts are over the "soffice" and "unopkg" aliases, and possibly
>> others, which would be needed by both OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Here I
>> hope that the LibreOffice packagers can agree on some solutions (note:
>> it's really about the packages, since the upstream LibreOffice does not
>> conflict). Stephan Bergmann explained that there is still some usage of
>> the hard-coded "soffice" by external applications and in the SDK. So
>> this really needs to be clarified to see whether OpenOffice will break
>> if it doesn't own the "soffice" alias.
>> - For historical reasons, the "ooffice", "oowriter"... aliases are
>> assigned to LibreOffice. Although we discussed it on the mailing lists,
>> this won't change. So, unless we have the funny idea of squatting
>> "lowriter", "localc"..., we are left with "aoowriter", "aoocalc" and so
>> on.
> I've the idea that both parties are changing to an own naming syntax:
> soffice -> aooffice *and* soffice -> loffice and so on with other names.
> Then both have work to do and nobody is in advantage to profit from old
> stuff.

But I would have trademark concerns if a statement like this installed
anything but OpenOffice:

sudo yum install openoffice.org



> But maybe this just an idealistic way and a naive point of view ;-).
> My 2 ct.
> Marcus
>> Fedora will branch for Alpha on 2 Apr 2013: we must have something
>> decently packaged by that time. At FOSDEM I met the Fedora people
>> together with Herbert and Andre, so we already have some knowledge of
>> the process.
>> More details:
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ApacheOpenOffice
>> Regards,
>> Andrea.
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